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Boiled soybean.
Mixed Tempura$6.55
Deep fried‏ shrimp and vegetable.
Gyoza Dumplings$4.45
Deep fried or steamed chicken and vegetable dumplings.
Egg Rolls$4.30
Deep fried chopped vegetable spring rolls.
Steamed shrimp or pork dumplings.
Sesame Chicken$5.45
Deep fried marinated chicken with spicy and sweet sauce.
Soft Shell Crab$7.94
Deep fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce.
Fried Tofu$5.55
Deep fried tofu with Midori"s special sauce and bonito flakes.
Hamachi Kma$6.45
Baked yellow tail collar with sweet and citrus sauce.


Chicken Teriyaki$12.04
Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce and vegetable.
Beef Teriyaki$14.04
Grilled beef top sir loin with teriyaki sauce and vegetable.
Salmon Teriyaki$14.04
Grilled Scottish salmon with teriyaki sauce and vegetable.
Grilled Seafood$16.94
Grilled Shrimp, scallop, muscle, and salmon with vege and special sauce.
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura$13.04
Deep fried shrimp and vegetable.
Deep fried pork cutlet with special sauce.
BBQ Short Rib$15.94
Grilled short rib with marinated special Steve's sauce.
Grilled sliced rib eye with marinated special Steve's sauce.

Soup and Salad‏

Steamed Rice$1.55
Miso Soup$1.94
Japanese bean paste soup.
House Salad$4.55
Green and‏ Iceberg lettuce with house ginger dressing.
Seaweed Salad$4.20
Squid Salad$4.94
Sunomono Salad$6.55
Cucumber and‏ crab octopus salad with vinegar dressing.
Salmon Skin Salad$6.45
Baked salmon skin with ginger dressing and vege.
Spicy Tuna Salad$8.94
Chopped fresh‏ tuna with vege and Midori special spicy dressing.
Spicy Salmon Salad$8.94
Chopped fresh salmon with vege and Midori special spicy dressing.
Snow crab and avocado Salad$9.45


Ice Cream$4.45
Green tea and vanilla or red bean Ice cream.
Mochi Ice cream$3.45
Japanese sweet sticky rice cake wrapped around ice cream. Ask server for available flavors.
Homemade chocolate chunk brownie.
Cheese cake$4.95
Homemade vanilla cheesecake with graham cracker crust.


Spicy Tuna Salad$8.85
Spicy Yellowtail Salad$9.04
Snow Crab Avocado Salad$10.04
Seaweed Salad$3.94
Squid Salad$5.04
Salmon Skin Salad$6.04
Sunomono Salad$6.04

Robata Yaki

Chicken Breast$3.04
Strip loin.
Shrimp & Scallops$3.95
Shiitake Mushroom$2.45
Stick Crab$2.94
Quail Egg$3.45

Midori’S Chef Specials‏

Rainbow Roll$9.55
Tuna, salmon,‏ yellowtail, white avocado, and shrimp on top of a california roll.
Ranger Roll$9.45
Baked salmon‏ on top of california roll with special spicy sauce on top.
Summer Roll$1.45
Spicy tuna roll covered with fresh yellow tail; garnished with fresh jalapeno and eggs.
Red Dragon Roll$10.45
Salmon and avocado on top of crawfish, asparagus and spicy crab roll.
Aj’S Baked White Fish$7.94
Cactus Roll$9.45
Fresh water eel (3pcs) and avocado on top of california roll.
Sushi Burrito$6.55
Deep fried roll white crab, and green onions.
Spicy baked scallops on top of california roll.
Tuna Maniac$10.45
Spicy tuna roll wrapped in fresh tuna.
Jewish Roll$8.45
Salmon, asparagus, cream cheese, onions and more salmon on top.
Caterpillar Roll$9.94
Baked fresh water eel roll wrapped in avocado with eel sauce.
Dragon Eyes$6.94
Baked crab meat and white combination.
Spicy Tuna Tower$9.94
Shrimp on top of california roll with eel sauce.
Baby Lobster Hand Roll$5.55
Mike’S Half and Half$11.94
Spicy tuna and salmon sashimi served with rice and toasted seaweed.
Viagra Roll$8.04
Tuna, freshwater eel, avocado and crab it works.
#1. Midori Special$11.94
Baked california roll wrapped in salmon and served with special spicy tuna sauce.
#2. Midori Special$12.04
Tuna, salmon, and yellowtail asparagus wrapped in cucumbe beautiful feature.
Baked Salmon and Asparagus$5.94
4 pieces‏ of baked asparagus wrapped with salmon.


Red Snapper
Super White Tuna
Surf Clam
Stick Crab
Bean Curd$2.55
Smelt Roe$2.95
Wasabi Tobico$3.45
Sea Eel

Premium Sushi

Yellowtail Sushi$5.30
Yellowtail Sashimi$16.30
Smoked Salmon Sushi$4.95
Smoked Salmon Sashimi$14.55
Snow Crab Sushi$6.55
Snow Crab Sashimi$19.54
Sweet Shrimp Sushi$6.95
Sea Urchin Sushi$10.05
Sea Urchin Sashimi$28.05
Freshwater Eel Sushi$4.80
Freshwater Eel Sashimi$16.30
Salmon Roe Sushi$6.05
Quail Egg$2.05

Combination Item‏

Combo A
Combo B

Midori Roll

California Roll$4.20
Spicy California Roll$4.45
Tuna Roll$4.94
Spicy Tuna Roll$5.45
Asparagus Tuna Roll$5.55
Salmon Roll$4.94
Yellowtail Roll$4.94
Spicy Yellowtail Roll$5.45
Snow Crab Roll$7.04
Philadelphia Roll$5.94
Spicy Scallop Roll$5.45
Salmon Skin Roll$4.94
Spicy Shrimp Crab Roll$5.55
Freshwater Eel Roll$6.04
Sea Eel Roll$5.55
Octopus Roll$5.45
Shrimp Roll$4.45

Tempura Roll‏

Shrimp Tempura Roll$5.04
Firecracker Roll$6.04
Chicken Tempura Roll$5.04
Cajun Roll$5.55
Spider Roll$6.94
Lobster Roll$12.04
Calamari Tempura Roll$5.04
Jalapeño Roll$6.94

Vegetable Roll

Cucumber Roll$3.30
Avocado Roll$3.30
Asparagus Roll$3.20
Vege Tempura Roll$5.45
Vegetable Roll$4.55