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Garden Salad Small$6.04
Chicken Salad Small$8.04
Chicken Salad Large$10.04
Gyro Salad Small$8.04
Garden Salad Large$8.04
Gyro Salad Large$9.94

Sandwich & Fries

Chicken Teriyaki$10.04
Gyro Platter$18.04
Chicken Gyro$9.94
Turkey Burger$8.94
Cheese Burger$6.94
Philly Steak$9.94
Buffalo Chicken Philly$9.94
Philly Chicken$10.04
Double Cheeseburger$9.04
Fish Sandwich$9.04
It comes with 1 piece of fish of your choice.
Chicken Sandwich$8.04

Chicken Meals - Family Meals

Wings (40 Pcs.)$47.94
Wings (50 Pcs.)$57.94
Wings (30 Pcs.)$37.94
Wings (20 Pcs.)$28.04

Chicken Party Wings Meals - Family Meals

Party Wings with Fries (10 Pcs.)$10.04
Party Wings with Fries (30 Pcs.)$26.04
Party Wings with Fries (20 Pcs.)$19.04
Party Wings with Fries (50 Pcs.)$45.04
Party Wings with Fries (40 Pc)$34.94

Chicken Tenders - Family Meals

Chicken Tenders (20 Pcs.)$37.04
Chicken Tenders (15 Pcs.)$28.94

Fish - Family Meals

Catfish Fillet (12 Pcs. )$44.94
Mixed (12 Pcs.)$38.04

Fish Dinners

Catfish Nuggets (25 pc)$11.94
Catfish Fillet (3 pc)$12.94
Tilapia (3 pc)$12.04
Cod Fish (3 pc)$12.94
Shrimp (15 pc)$15.04
3 Perch (3 pc)$12.04
Whiting (3 pc)$11.94

Chicken Dinners

Chicken Tenders (6 Pc)$14.04
Chicken Tenders (4 Pcs.)$10.04
Whole Wings (6 Pcs.)$9.94
Chicken Nuggets (10 Pcs.)$8.04
Whole Wings (10 Pcs.)$14.94

Side Orders

Pizza Puff Beef$3.94
BBQ Sauce$0.94
Hush Puppies (10 Pcs.)$4.04
Macaroni Cheese$3.50
Small French Fries$2.94
Cup Of Hot Sauce$1.04
Blue Cheese$1.04
Lemon pepper$0.94
Mushroom (10 Pcs.)$4.04
Hot BBQ Sauce$1.04
Cheese Sticks (6 Pcs.)$4.94
Large French Fries$4.94
Buffalo Sauce$0.94
Onion Rings (10 Pcs.)$4.04
Spicy Garlic Sauce$0.94
Zucchini Sticks (10 Pcs.)$3.94
Jalapenos Wicheese (4 Pcs.)$3.94

Kids Meals

Kids Catfish Nuggets (6 Pcs.)$5.04
Kids Chicken Tenders (2 Pcs.)$5.94
1 Kids Cheese Burger with Fries$6.94
Kids Chicken Nuggets (6 Pcs.)$4.94


We offer plain and strawberry cheesecake, please choose your favorite.
We offer many flavors; chocolate, lemon, strawberry, birthday, German chocolate, carrot, white ice, chocolate on vanilla...... please choose your favorite.
Banana Pudding$4.04