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1. Papa a la Huancafna$7.05
Halved potatoes served on lettuce with delicious Peruvian cheese sauce.
2. Ocopa$8.05
Halved potatoes served on lettuce with a home style sauce.
3. Papa Rellena$5.05
Stuffed potato with seasoned beef, onions, tomatoes and a touch of raisins, served with onions, marinated in lime.
4. Cause Rellena$5.05
Pollo o atun. Fresh mashed potatoes seasoned with Peruvian spices and a hint of lemon. Filled with chicken or tuna salad, served cold on a bed of lettuce.
5. Tamal$4.05
Peruvian corn tamale, seasoned corn paste, a piece of chicken or meat, wrapped in banana leaf and steamed, served with salsa criolla.
6. Ensalada De Casa$6.95
Our fresh rotisserie chicken served on top of a mix of greens, carrots, tomatoes and salsa or choice of dressing.
7. Ensalada Verde$6.05
Fresh greens, tomatoes, green onions, olives and your choice of dressing.
8. Salchipapas$4.95
Sliced fried hotdog with french fries.
9. Ensalada Rusa$5.95
Peruvian style potato salad with beets and carrots.
10. Choritos a La Chalaca$15.05
A dozen mussels marinated in lemon juice with onions and green peppers. Served with corn in the mussel's shell.


11. Caldo de Gallina$7.95
Slow-cooked hen soup and noodles.
12. Sopa de Patazca$10.05
Peruvian style soup.
13. Chupe de Camarones$14.05
Sensational hearty shrimp, rice, mixed vegetables, egg, milk and cheese.
14. Chupe de Pescado$12.05
Sensational hearty fish, rice, mixed vegetables, egg, milk and cheese.
15. Sopa Criolla$6.95
Home made meat soup with noodles.
16. Parihuela$15.05
Full-bodied fish and seafood soup.
17. Chilcano$5.05
Light fish soup.
18. Sopa de Mariscos$14.95
Seafood with noodles.
19. Sopa de Choros$7.95
Concentrated mussel soup.
20. Sopa Minuta$7.95
Home beef soup with thin noodles, mild and egg drop.
21. Sopa Sustancia de Carne$6.95
Pollo. Specially seasoned beef or chicken soup with noodles.

Pollos y Carnes

44. Aji de Gallina$9.95
Little slices of chicken in blended spicy cream sauce, served over boiled potatoes and rice.
45. Milanesa de Pollo$11.05
Fillet of chicken breast, lightly breaded and fried served with rice and french fries.
46. Chicharron de Pollo$10.95
Pieces of boneless chicken, lightly breaded, then fried, served with french fries.
47. Arroz Chaufa de Pollo o Carne$9.95
Peruvian chicken of beef fried rice.
48. Tallarin Saltado de Pollo o Carne$9.95
Spaghetti sauteed in a soy sauce with chicken or beef.
49. Carapulera$10.05
Marinated chicken in Peruvian sauce, that consists of dried potato in spices served with white rice. Traditional Peruvian dish.
50. Seco de Res$13.95
Rib stew in a rich cilantro sauce, with potatoes and spices. Served with white rice.
51. Cau-Cau con Arroz$10.05
Stew with potatoes, herbs, spicesand mondoguito, served with white rice.
52. Mondonguito Italiano c/Arroz$9.95
Sliced mondonguito sauteed with onions, tomatoes and french fries, served with white rice.
53. Bisteck Encebollado$10.95
Steak topped with sauteed onions and tomatoes, served with white rice.
54. Bisteck a lo Pobre$13.05
Sirloin steak to your taste served with rice, french fries, eggs and bananas.
55. Bisteck Apanado$10.95
Steak lightly breaded and deep fried, served with rice and french fries.
56. Tallarin Verde con Bisteck$12.95
Steak over spaghetti on pesto sauce.
57. Tallarin a la Huancaina$12.05
Steak over spaghetti with halved potatoes, served with delicious Peruvian cheese sauce.
58. Lomo Saltado de Pollo o Carne$11.95
Lean beef or chicken breast sauteed with onions, tomatoesand French fries, served with white rice.

Pescado y Mariscos

22. Saltado de Mariscos$16.05
Fresh seafood sauteed in a sauce made with onions, a blend of spices and french fries.
23. Ceviche de Pescado$13.95
Fish marinated in seasoned lime juice served with sweet potato and corn.
24. Ceviche de Mariscos$14.05
Shrimp, fish and assorted seafood marinated in seasoned lime juice served with sweet potato and corn.
25. Ceviche Mixto$15.05
Fish and seafood marinated in seasoned lime juice served with sweet potato and corn.
26. Ceviche de Camarones$15.95
Shrimp marinated in seasoned lime juice served with sweet potato and corn.
27. Ensalada de Mariscos$15.05
Seafood salad.
28. Sudado de Pescado$12.95
Fish fillets steamed with spices in a tomato, onion sauce served with rice.
29. Sudado de Mariscos$14.95
Assorted seafood steamed in a tomato, onion and spices sauce served with rice.
30. Picante de Mariscos$15.05
Assorted seafood steamed in a mild zesty sauce, served with rice.
31. Pescado a lo Macho$15.95
Grilled fresh fillet of fish covered with our zesty sauce made with assorted seafood in onions, garlic and spices served with rice.
32. Pescado a la Chorrillana$13.95
Fillet to fish in chorrillana sauce made with sauteed onionsand spices. Served with rice.
33. Escabeche de Pescado$9.95
Fillet of fish deep fried onions and spices.
34. Pescado Frito o Combinado$14.05
Fillet of fish deep fried and served with steamed rice, yucca and salsa criolla. Combinado comes with fillet of fish deep fried with rice and white beans.
35. Trucha Frita$16.04
Whole trout cooked to perfection, served with potatoes, rice and salsa criolla.
36. Arroz con Mariscos$14.95
Yellow rice cooked with seafood and a blend of spices. Peruvian paella.
37. Chaufa de Mariscos$14.95
Seafood fried rice, Peruvian style.
38. Tallarin Saltado con Mariscos$15.05
Spaghetti tossed with assorted seafood in a tomato, onion, pepper and garlic soy sauce.
39. Jalea$18.04
Seasoned seafood combinated with spices and bread crumbs, deep fried and served with salsa criolla.
40. Chicharron de Mariscos$17.94
Assorted seafood lightly breaded in our mix, spices and bread crumbs. Then deep fried and served with yucca and salsa criolla.
41. Chicharron de Pescado$18.04
Pieces of fillet of fish, lightly breaded, then deep fried and served with yucca and salsa.
42. Chicharron de Camarones$18.04
Deep fried shrimp with french fries and salsa criolla.
43. Chicharron de Calamares$17.94
Deep fried squid.

Pollo A La Brasa

59. Pollo a la Brasa c/ Papas y Ensaladas$22.05
Whole chicken with french fries and home style salad.
60. 1 Pollo Entero Solo$15.95
1 whole chicken.
61. 1/2 Pollo con Papas y Ensalada$11.95
1/2 chicken with french fries and home style salad.
62. 1/4 Pollo con Papas y Ensalada$7.55
Quarter chicken with chicken and home style salad.
63. Porcion de Anticuchos$9.05
Peruvian style kebabs, bite sized morsels delicately marinated in wine, vinegar and spices. Prepared with tender slices of beef heart. Served with grilled potatoes.
64. Porcion de Pancita$10.05
Tummy portion of beef seasoned and cooked to perfection.
65. Choclo Peruano con Queso y Creme de Rocoto$6.05
Peruvian corn with home style cheese sauce.

Sandwiches Peruanos

66. Sandwich de Chicharron
Bread and pieces of fried pork with onions.
67. Sandwich Relleno
Traditional Peruvian sausage sandwich with a special seasoned sauce with onions.
68. Sandwich de Jamon
Peruvian ham style sandwich with onions.
69. Sandwich de Asado
Top sirloin sandwich cooked with onions.
70. Sandwich de Pollo$6.05
Grilled chicken breast sandwich with mozzarella cheese and tomato.
71. Sandwich de Bistek$5.95
Thin sliced steak sandwich with lettuce and tomato.
72. Sandwich Cubano$6.95
Ham, roast beef, mozzarella cheese, onions, lettuce and tomato.


73. Porcion de Arroz$2.94
Portion of rice.
74. Porcion de Papas$2.94
Pieces of halved potatoes.
75. Porcion de Camote$2.94
Portion of sweet potato halves.
76. Porcion de Choclo$2.94
Pieces of corn.
77. Porcion de Yuca$3.04
Pieces of yuca cooked to perfection.
78. Porcion de Cancha$3.04
Corn nuts.


79. Mazamorra Morada$3.95
Bits of prunes and pineapples in a pudding made from purple corn, sweetened and spiced with cinnamon and cloves.
80. Arroz con Leche$3.95
Classic rice pudding.
81. Picarones$7.05
Peruvian donuts glazed with home-made honey.
82. Leche Asada$3.95
Peruvian baked milk dessert.
83. Crema Volteada$4.05
Peruvian flan with caramel.


Inka Kola$1.85
Chicha Morada
Jugos Naturales
Natural drinks (Juice). Papaya, fresa, mango, maracuya.
Jugo Especial$4.05
Special juice. Fresa, papaya, platano, huevo y leche.