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First Course

Fresh Scallop On The Shell$8.95
Beijing Oyster$18.05
Marinated oyster on shell with special sauce.
Chicken Satay$5.55
Original recipe.
Squab with Lettuce$18.05
Vegetarian available. Diced chicken and vegetable.
Scallion Pancake$11.95
Chicken Curry Puff$12.55
Pastry puff filled with chicken curry.
Turnip Puff$12.45
Served with ham.
Salt & Pepper Calamari$19.05
Prawn Toast$13.95
Served with gambei.
Salt & Pepper Prawns$18.95
Glazed Prawns$20.05
Served with walnuts.
Minced Beef Pancake$13.05
Crispy Duck Roll$13.95
Shrimp Roll$12.95
Veal Tomato$17.95
Pepper Fritto$11.45
Gambo with Goodies$11.55
Mr Chow Spareribs$15.95


Pot Stickers$12.95
A classic from Beijing. vegetarian available.
Water Dumplings$12.05
For celebration.
Fresh Sole Water Dumplings$12.45
Shrimp Water Dumplings$12.55
The Box$12.05
Traditional Beijing meat dumplings.
Shanghai Little Dragon$11.95
Classic steamed dumplings.
Mr Chow Noodles$17.05
Served with lobster.
Squid Ink Rice Noodles$18.95
Fresh Clam with Rice Cake$19.05
Vegetarian Dumplings$11.55


Corn & Crabmeat Soup$13.95
Shark's Fin Soup$17.95

From The Sea

Drunken Fish$35.95
Fresh sole poached in wine.
Steamed Sea Bass$38.05
Served with ginger and cilantro.
Emperor's Crab$30.05
Once upon a time an emperor of china insisted on having fresh crab out of season. Therefore we use seabass.
Dressed Live Dungenes Crab$41.95
Off the shell folded into a cloud of egg whites.
Squid In Xo Sauce$27.95
Sauteed with asparagus.
Fresh Live Lobster$45.05
Green Prawns$29.95
White Prawns$29.05
Black Prawns$29.05
9 Seasons Prawns$29.05
9 Seasons Prawns with Three$30.05

From The Sky

Beijing Chicken$27.05
Served with walnuts.
Joanna Chicken$29.05
Chicken breast sauteed with wine and garlic.
Velvet Chicken$19.95
Gamblers Duck$34.95

Semi Prix Fixe

2 course dinner.
Mr Chow$58.05
2 course dinner choice of fresh lobster and fresh crab or steamed seabass.
Beijing Duck$64.95
3 course dinner: roasted to order in authentic Beijing duck oven for 40 min.

From The Land

Ma Mignon$41.95
Filet mignon tender and delicious our recipe since 1975.
Fiery Beef$38.05
Filet mignon.
Crispy Beef$27.95
Served with oyster sauce.
Beef Filet$38.05
Served with shepeherds purse.
Spicy Beef Casserole$31.95
Served with dried red chili.
Served with sweet potato.
Spicy Pork$26.95
Served with chili.
Served with spring onion.
Lamb Shank$33.95
On the bone.
Lamb Filet$32.05
Served with beijing spice.
Tofu Casserole$21.95
Served with vermicelli.
Mapo Tofu$23.95
Spicy, vegetarian.

Vegetable & Rice

Sauteed Baby Bok Choy$6.05
4 Fresh$5.95
Fresh yellow chives and asparagus.
Lily Bulb$5.95
Served with mountain yam.
Mixed Vegetables$6.05
Sauteed Brown Rice$6.05
Served with mushrooms.
4 Color Cauliflower$5.95
Quartet of Exotic Mushrooms$6.05
Fresh seasonal mushrooms with fresh bamboo shoots.
String Beans with Xo Sauce$5.95
Steamed Rice$6.05
Sauteed Rice$6.05