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Kid's Menu

Kids Chicken Nuggets & Fries$6.05
Choice of housemade dipping sauce.
Kids Cheese Quesadilla & Fries$5.95
Cheddar cheese, stuffed in a grilled flour tortilla, served with buttermilk dressing.
Kids Mac N Cheese & Fries$6.05
Housemade pimento mac and cheese topped with breadcrumbs.
Kids Grilled Cheese & Fries$6.05
Sourdough bread with melted cheddar.
Kids Grilled Chicken Skewers & Fries$6.05
Choice of housemade dipping sauce.

Starter Baskets

Chicken Wings$12.05
Served Buffalo, dry rub or glazed with big daddy's candied bacon, choice of dipping sauce.
Chicks in a Blanket$12.05
Chicken nuggets wrapped in waffle batter, Big Daddy's candied bacon dipping sauce.
Myrtle's Tomato Pie$7.05
Housemade with flaky crust and Parmesan cheese.
Cheddar Drop Biscuits$7.95
Myrtle's secret recipe.
Fried Pickles$7.95
House pickles, buttermilk dressing.
Chicken Nugget Basket$9.95
Served with choice of 2 housemade dipping sauces.
Southern Quesadilla$8.95
Fresh pulled chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, stuffed in a grilled tortilla and served with buttermilk dressing.

Myrtle's Famous Fried Chicken

Bone-in Plate$9.95
Hand-Breaded Jumbo Tenders$10.95
Tenders available grilled upon request.

Housemade Dipping Sauces and Dressings

Sampler of 4 Housemade Dipping Sauces and Dressings$1.95
6 Pack Housemade Dipping Sauces and Dressings$3.05

Myrtle's Chicken Sandwiches

Myrtle's Original Fried Chicken Sandwich$12.05
Fried chicken, Uncle John's slaw, Neyland's aioli, house pickles.
Frank & Maple's Fried Chicken Sandwich$13.05
Fried chicken, Frank & Maple's K-Town hot sauce glaze, pickled red onion, mayo, romaine, fried pickle. Available southern good - mild, damn good - noticeable heat, or hot damn - "bring it on" heat.
Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich$12.05
Fried chicken served with honey butter and house pickles.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$10.95
Grilled chicken, honey mustard, lettuce, pickled onions, cheddar.
Chicken Salad BLT Sandwich$11.05
Myrtle's family recipe chicken salad with applewood smoked bacon, fresh Roma tomatoes, and romaine lettuce served on toasted sourdough.

Southern Comfort Specialties

Signature Chicken Pot Pie Combo$12.95
Signature chicken pot pie with cup of soup or side salad.
Big Daddy's Rotisserie Chicken$15.05
1/2 chicken slow roasted and basted in our signature Big Daddy's candied bacon sauce served with mac & cheese and collard greens with cheddar drop biscuit.
Chicken & Waffle with Pure Maple Syrup$14.05
Fried chicken, ricotta waffle, maple syrup.

Salads, Soups and Wraps

Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad$10.95
Crispy chicken, Benton's bacon, egg, avocado, blue cheese, cherry tomato, cucumbers, carrots, buttermilk dressing.
Rotisserie Chicken Salad$11.05
Rotisserie chicken, avocado, Benton's bacon, pickled red onion, cherry tomato, cucumbers, carrots, choice of dressing.
Chicken Caesar Salad$9.95
Choice of rotisserie or crispy chicken mixed with romaine hearts, Parmesan cheese, croutons with classic Caesar dressing.
Chicken Tortilla Soup$3.95
Housemade chicken tortilla soup topped with cilantro sour cream and tortilla strips.
Spicy BBQ Chicken Wrap$12.05
BBQ fried tenders with coleslaw, house pickles, Benton's bacon, and diced serranos, served with seasoned fries.
Chicken Salad Wrap$10.95
Myrtle's family recipe chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, and Neyland's aioli stuffed in a spinach tortilla served with seasoned fries.
Soup & Salad Combo$10.95
House salad with choice of dressing and bowl of chicken tortilla soup.

Soulful Sides

Pimento Mac N Cheese$6.05
Myrtle's pimento mac 'n cheese topped with toasted breadcrumbs.
Myrtle's Tomato Pie$7.05
Housemade with flaky crust and Parmesan cheese.
Sweet and Smokey Corn$3.95
Sauteed with peppers and onions, seasoned with Benton's bacon.
Country Style Collards$3.95
Seasoned Myrtle's way with fatback and special seasonings.
Big John's Slaw$4.05
Creamy dressing, black pepper.
Triple "B" Baked Beans$4.05
Slow-cooked baked beans seasoned with Benton's bacon and bourbon.
Pat's Potato Salad$4.05
Homemade southern classic.
Sweet Potato Waffle Fries$3.95
Seasoned Fries$3.95
Seasonal Fruit Salad$4.05

Sinful Sweets

Southern Fudge Pie$5.45
Buttermilk Chess Squares$4.95
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich$4.05

Weekend Brunch

Ricotta Waffle$9.95
Maple syrup, fresh cream.
Myrtle's Tomato Pie Combo$11.05
Housemade with flaky crust and Parmesan cheese served with choice of small cobb salad or cup of tortilla soup.
Chicken & Waffle with Pure Maple Syrup$14.05
Fried chicken, ricotta waffle, maple syrup.
Biscuits & Gravy$10.95
Benton's bacon, buttermilk cathead biscuit, fried egg, Benton's bacon fat gravy.
Nashville Hot Chicken Biscuit$13.05
Hot chicken tenders on a buttermilk cathead biscuit with fried egg, cheddar cheese with stone-ground cheese grits.
Chicks in a Blanket$12.95
Chicken nuggets wrapped in waffle batter, apple butter, stone ground cheese grits.
Myrtle's Brunch Wrap$13.05
Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, served with salsa and fruit salad.
Breakfast of Champions$14.05
Home fries with peppers and onions covered with applewood smoked bacon and cheddar cheese topped with eggs your way.
The Standard Brunch$14.05
Fried chicken tenders, poached eggs, halved buttermilk cathead biscuit, Benton's bacon fat gravy, stone-ground cheese grits.