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Le Frenchie Galette$11.20
Gruyere and onion on buckwheat crepe.
Eggs Benedict with Salmon$13.45
Toasted, brioche, eggs smoked salmon sauce, hollandaise with side salad and potatoes.
Pain Perdu$11.90
French toast, served with berry salad, plain yogurt, granola and maple syrup on side.
Eggs Benedict with Veggies$13.45
Toasted brioche, eggs and baby spinach sauce hollandaise, with side salad and potatoes.
Le Trad Galette Egg, Gruyere$12.20
Prosciutto, on buckwheat crepe.


Nicoise Salad$12.30
Green beans, mixed greens, cucumber, radish, cherry tomato, egg, cornichon, black, anchovies, vinaigrette.
Caesar Salad$12.55
Romaine, chicken, anchovies, Gruyere, croutons and cherry tomatoes.
Cafe Salad$12.00
Spinach, apples, carrot, radish, roasted red pepper, onion confit, croutons, feta and honey mustard vinaigrette.


Cuban Sandwich$13.55
Pulled pork, ham, pickle pepper jack and mustard on a French roll.
Veggie Sandwich$12.20
Eggplant, mushroom, roasted red pepper, cucumber, tomato, spinach, onion, confit, pesto aioli, on focaccia.
BLT Sandwich$12.45
Bacon, chicken, tomato, mixed greens, cucumber, Gruyere, pesto aioli on focaccia.


Le Frenchie$11.20
Gruyere, onion, confit, mushrooms, bacon and sour cream.
Le Trad$12.30
Egg, Gruyere and prosciutto.
Baby spinach, roasted, red pepper, mushroom, egg and onion confit.
Les Patates$12.20
Potato, onion confit and Gruyere.
La Bay$13.23
Salmon, spinach, garlic, bechamel and lime juice.