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Quick Bite

Squid Karaage$8.00
With sweet chili sauce.
Seaweed Salad$5.90
Crispy Bok Choy$7.90
Soy seasoned.
Shrimp Chips$5.90
With pink pao sauce.
Shrimp Lollipop$8.90
With ginger mayo sauce.
Cucumber Salad$6.00
Vinegar, soy, sesame seasoned.

Small Plates

Fried Tofu$6.90
With sweet chili sauce.
Chive Cake$6.90
With chili soy sauce.
Shrimp Tempura$9.00
With sweet chili sauce.
Chicken Karaage$8.90
With house soy sauce.
Soy Nugget$7.90
With sweet chili sauce.
Vegetable Dumplings$6.90
With ginger sauce.
Scallion Pancake$8.00
With ginger mayo sauce.
Chicken Wings$8.00
With sweet chili sauce.
Pork Gyoza$6.90
With ginger sauce.
Soy Nugget$8.00
With sweet chili sauce.


Oba Ramen$15.90
Miso broth, chashu pork, seaweed, egg, Japanese bamboo, corn, scallion.
Bah Kut Teh$14.90
Rice vermicelli, pork, dry shiitake in goji berry herbal broth.
Duck Noodle Soup$17.00
Egg noodle with roasted duck, scallion, cilantro in five-spice broth.
Bbq Pork Sen Pak$14.00
Vegetable noodle, bbq pork, bok choy, scallion, cilantro.
Vegetable Stew Soup$14.00
Sweet potato noodle, a variety of vegetable.
Tofu Nam Daeng$13.00
Egg noodle, five-spice tofu, bean sprout, scallion, cilantro in herbal broth.
Oba Super Noodle$22.00
Wheat noodle, shrimp tempura, squid, mussels, fish balls, culantro in tom yum soup.
Kimchi Udon Soup$15.00
Bacon, egg, carrot, scallion.
Thai Noodle Soup$14.00
Choice of chicken, fish ball, tofu or veggies rice noodle, bean sprouts, scallion, cilantro in clear broth (vegan or gluten-free upon request)
Beef Noodle Soup$17.00
Rice noodle with slow cooked beef, scallion, cilantro in herbal broth.
Dang Dang Noodle$13.90
Ground beef saute with onion, carrot, tomato in special sauce over lomain noodle.
Wonton and Egg Noodle$15.00
(with or without broth) egg noodle, stuffed pork and shrimp wonton, choy, scallion, cilantro.
Crazy Me Duck$21.90
Wheat noodle, roasted duck, bok choy, onion, carrot, bean sprout.


Chashu Pork$5.90
Steamed Wonton$4.90
Steamed Tofu$3.90
BBQ Pork$6.00
Fish Ball$5.00
Steamed Bok Choy$4.00
Shoyu Eeg$2.90

Coconut Sorbet

Coconut Sorbet$8.00
Mango Sorbet$8.00
Pineapple Sorbet$7.90

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea$4.00
Cranberry Juice$2.90
Pineapple Juice$2.90
Hot Tea$3.00
Jasmine tea, green tea, ginger tea, chrysanthemums tea.
Thai Iced Coffee$3.90
Diet Pepsi$3.00
Ginger Ale$2.90
Sierra Mist$2.90
Shirley Temple$2.90