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Appetizers from Kitchen

Age Tofu$7.00
Deep fried bean curd.
Hiya Yakko$6.45
Cold bean curd.
Haru Maki$5.95
Egg roll.
Pork or vegetable dumpling.
Ebi Gyoza$7.55
Shrimp dumpling.
Pork, shrimp, and wasabi.
Fried corn cake.
Tori Kara-Age$6.90
Fried chicken.
Soft Shell Crab$12.55
Shrimp and Veg Tempura$8.45
Chicken and Veg Tempura$8.45
Shrimp Skewer$8.55
Chicken Skewer$7.70
Ika Maruyaki$13.45
BBQ squid.
Ika Gesoage$13.45
Fried calamari
Ika Holenso$8.55
Sauteed squid and spinach.
Enoki Butter$7.55
Sauteed mushroom.
Hamachi Kama$17.45
Broiled jaw with salt.
Salmon Kama$16.45
Broiled salmon jaw with salt.
Kaki Fry$9.45
5 piece. Fried oyster.
Nasu Miso Itame$7.45
Eggplant with miso sauce.
Oshi Dashi$5.55
Cold spinach with bonito flake.
Beef Tataki$14.00
Seared beef with special sauce.
Rock Shrimp$12.45
11. Tempura$5.20
Deep fried shrimp and vegetables.
Eroki Butter Yaki$6.70
Sauteed Japanese enoki mushroom with butter sauce.
17. Hotate Try Appetizer$8.55
Breaded deep fried scallop.
19. Nasu Miso Itame Appetizer$6.95
Sauteed Japanese eggplant with miso sauce.
2. Hijiki$3.95
Cooked seaweed.
Kuruma Ebi$5.05
Broiled whole jumbo shrimp with salt sauce.
Naruto Roll$6.45
Cucumber sushi roll with choice of crab stick or salmon.
Fresh raw fish, seaweed and cucumber with sweet vinegar sauce.
Wasabi Shumai$5.05
Spicy steamed dumpling.
Broiled chicken on a skewer.
Steam Broccoli$7.00
Veggie tempura$8.55
Cheese sticks$6.55

Appetizers from Sushi Bar

Japanese pickles.
Yellowtail Jalapeno$16.55
5 pieces.
7 pieces.
Tuna Tataki$16.45
Salmon Tataki$16.55
Spicy Ika$15.45
Raw squid mix with cucumber and spicy mayo.
Tuna Sashimi$10.05
7 pieces.
Salmon Sashimi$9.95
7 piece.
Yellowtail Sashimi$9.95
7 piece.
Wakame Kyuri Su$4.55
Seaweed and cucumber with vinegar sauce.


Miso Soup$2.95
8oz paper cup
Japanese Mushroom Soup(Pt)$6.55
Clam Miso Soup$6.55
Yasai Soup$6.55
Vegetable soup.
Seafood Soup(large)$11.45
Shrimp, crab, fish, cake, white fish and scallop.
Miso soup$5.45
16oz pint
Miso soup$7.45
32oz quart


House Salad$3.55
Seaweed Salad$6.80
Avocado Salad$8.55
Kani Salad with Avocado$8.45
Kani Salad with Cucumber$8.55
Tuna Avocado Salad$12.55
Seafood Salad$12.55


Seaweed and scallion.
Fried bean curd, spinach and fish cake.
Chicken, egg, vegetable, and fishcake.
Seafood Nabeyaki$17.45
Thinly sliced beef, vegetable, tofu with rice and salad.
Yaki Udon$14.45
Stir fried noodle with chicken and vegetable.
Yaki Soba$14.45
Stir fried noodle with chicken and vegetable.
Beef Yaki$16.55
Choice of noodle.
Shrimp Yaki$16.55
Choice of noodle.
Seafood Yaki$17.45
Choice of noodle.
Cold noodles. Choice of noodle.
Vegetable udon soup$12.90
Beef udon soup$16.45
Shrimp udon soup$16.55
Chicken udon soup$14.55

Chef's Special from Kitchen

Salmon Kama Appetizer$9.05
Salmon with salt or teriyaki sauce.

Oki Dinner Special

Sushi and Sashimi a la Carte

Crab Stick$3.05
Bean Curd$3.00
Flying Fish Roe$3.05
Salmon Roe$5.00
Spicy Squid$5.00
Stripe Bass$3.55
Surf Clam$3.80
Sweet Shrimp$4.05
Smoked Salmon$3.45
E14. Sea Trout$1.95
E5. Spanish Mackerel$2.05

Roll and Hand Roll

Tuna Jalapeno$6.45
Tuna Avocado$6.45
Tuna Roll$6.45
Salmon Roll$6.45
Yellowtail and SC Roll$6.45
Salmon Avocado Roll$6.45
Alaskan Roll$6.45
Spicy Tuna Roll$6.90
Spicy Salmon Roll$7.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll$7.00
Spicy White Tuna Roll$7.00
Avocado Roll$6.20
Vegetable roll.
Cucumber Roll$6.20
Vegetable roll.
California Roll$6.55
Cooked roll.
Boston Roll$7.00
Cooked roll.
Eel Avocado Roll$6.45
Cooked roll.
Eel Cucumber Roll$6.55
Cooked roll.
Spicy Crab Roll$6.55
Cooked roll.
Shrimp Avocado Roll$6.90
Cooked roll.
Shrimp Tempura Roll$7.55
Cooked roll.
Squid Tempura Roll$7.45
Cooked roll.
Chicken Tempura Roll$7.45
Cooked roll.
Oshinko Roll$5.95
Cooked roll.
Kanpyo Roll$5.95
Cooked roll.
Avocado and Cucumber Roll$6.45
Cooked roll.
Penut Avocado$6.45
Cooked roll.
Sweet Potato Tempura Roll$5.95
Cooked roll.
2 Rolls Combo$15.90
Served with choice of side.
3 Rolls Combo$21.45
Served with choice of side.
R13. Vegetable Roll$5.20
Lettuce, cucumber, avocado and carrot.
R15. East Roll$6.55
Eel, egg, cucumber, tobiko and avocado.
R3. Japanese Pickles Roll$3.55
R5. Tuna Tekka Roll$4.45
R7. Yellowtail with Scallion Roll$4.95
Rainbow Roll$9.55
Avocado and cucumber topped with fresh fish and tobiko.
Yellowtail Jalapeno$5.55
Tuna mango$6.90
Salmon mango$6.90

Special Roll

Pink Lady Roll$17.00
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado wrapped with soy paper.
Volcano II Fried Roll$15.55
Whitefish, cream cheese, crabmeat, and avocado.
Dragon Roll$15.45
Eel, cucumber roll top with avocado, spicy mayo, eel sauce and tobiko.
Woodside Roll$15.55
Crunchy spicy crab topped with eel avocado and eel sauce.
Black Dragon Roll$17.00
Crunchy spicy tuna with eel avocado on top.
Lobster Roll$15.55
Shrimp tempura, cucumber and spicy mayo topped with Japanese lobster salad.
Red and White Roll$15.45
Crunchy spicy salmon topped with red tuna, white tuna and scallions.
Oki Roll$16.45
Spicy tuna tempura roll topped with avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo, and tobiko crunch.
Rainbow Roll$15.45
Avocado, cucumber with fresh fish and tobiko on top.
Valentine Roll$16.45
Shrimp tempura, eel and avocado inside with tuna, avocado and spicy mayo on top.
Volcano Roll$15.55
Crunch spicy salmon with avocado and tobiko on top.
Spider Roll$10.55
Soft shell crab, avocado, lettuce and mayonnaise, tobiko top with eel sauce.
Happy Roll$10.55
Crunch tuna, fluke, salmon, yellowtail and avocado mixed with spicy mayo.
Philadelphia Roll$9.45
Smoke salmon, avocado, cream cheese and tobiko.
Rock'n Roll$15.55
Lightly fried white fish, salmon, crab meat, with tobiko, eel sauce, special mayo and scallion on top.
2018 Roll$15.55
Shrimp tempura top with crab, avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo, tobiko and crunchy.
Calamari Dragon$19.90
Broiled squid with eel, avocado, seaweed salad inside topped with chef's special sauce, scallion and tobiko.
2020 Roll$15.55
Shrimp tempura inside top with eel avocado and eel sauce
Salmon Lovely Roll$15.55
Crunchy spicy salmon inside top with salmon
Sunshine Roll$16.00
Tuna avocado inside with salmon mango on top
Golden Dragon Roll$15.90
Eel Avocado Cucumber inside with Mango and eel sauce on top

Sushi and Sashimi Entrees

Sushi Regular Entree$24.55
8 pieces sushi and tuna roll.
Sushi Deluxe$29.55
10 pieces sushi with tuna roll.
Sashimi Regular$27.45
20 pieces sashimi and rice.
Sashimi Deluxe$31.55
25 pieces sashimi and rice.
15 pieces sashimi over rice.
Tekka Don$28.45
12 pieces tuna over rice.
Salmon Don$27.45
12 pieces salmon over rice.
Red and White Don$27.45
3 pieces tuna, 3 pieces salmon, 3 pieces fluke, 3 pieces yellowtail.
Red and White Sushi$27.45
2 pieces tuna, 2 pieces salmon, 2 pieces fluke, 2 pieces yellowtail, 3 pieces salmon roll and 3 pieces tuna roll.
Sushi and Sashimi Combo$31.45
7 pieces sushi, 7 pieces sashimi and tuna roll.
Lover Boat for 2$60.00
10 pieces sashimi, 14 pieces sushi and 3 rolls.
Lover Boat for 3$79.90
15 pieces sashimi, 21 pieces sushi and 4 rolls.

Dinner Box

Dinner Box$26.00
California roll, shrimp shumai, miso soup, salad, shrimp tempura and rice. Choice of 1 item.

Dinner Special

Hibachi Dinner

Steak Hibachi$26.45
Chicken Hibachi$21.45
Shrimp hibachi$23.45


Chicken Teriyaki$17.70
Dark meat or white meat.
Pork Teriyaki$17.70
Beef Teriyaki$23.45
Salmon Teriyaki$21.00
Shrimp Teriyaki$21.00
Tuna Teriyaki$20.90
Vegetable Teriyaki$16.45
Tofu Teriyaki$16.70
Seafood Mix Teriyaki$24.55
Shrimp, scallop, squid and choice of protein.
Pork Ginger Teriyaki$18.90
Saba Shio Yaki$16.55
Salmon Shio Yaki$21.00
Scallop teriyaki$18.45


5 Pieces Shrimp and 5 Pieces Vegetable Tempura$20.45
5 Pieces Chicken and 5 Pieces Vegetable Tempura$20.55
10 Pieces Vegetable Tempura$15.45
7 Pieces Shrimp Tempura$20.55
7 Pieces Chicken Tempura$20.55


Chicken Katsu$17.80
Shrimp Fried Katsu$20.55
White Fish Katsu$20.45
Salmon Fried Katsu$14.45
Served with rice, miso soup and salad.


Kastu Don$15.90
Choice of meat and egg over rice.
Oyako Don$15.90
Chicken, onion and egg over rice.
Yakiniku Don$17.45
Beef onion over rice.
Unaju Don$19.55
Eel over rice.
Seafood Fried rice$16.55
Shrimp fried rice$16.45
Beef fried rice$16.55
Chicken fried rice$13.55
Vegetable fried rice$13.55
Smoke salmon fried rice$16.45

Side Order

Spicy Mayonnaise$1.05
Eel Sauce$0.95
White Rice$1.55
Brown Rice$2.05
Sushi Rice$1.95
Teriyaki Sauce$0.95
Salad Dressing$0.95

Lunch Box Combo Special

Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Box Combo$16.55
Dark or white meat. Served with gyoza, miso soup, salad and rice.
Pork Teriyaki Lunch Box Combo$16.45
Served with gyoza, miso soup, salad and rice.
Beef Teriyaki Lunch Box Combo$16.45
Served with gyoza, miso soup, salad and rice.
Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Box Combo$16.45
Served with gyoza, miso soup, salad and rice.
Tofu Teriyaki Lunch Box Combo$16.55
Served with gyoza, miso soup, salad and rice.
Chicken Katsu Lunch Box Combo$16.55
Served with California roll, miso soup, salad and rice.
Ton Katsu Lunch Box Combo$16.45
Pork. Served with California roll, miso soup, salad and rice.
Salmon Fried Lunch Box Combo$16.55
Served with California roll miso soup, salad and rice.
White Fish Fried Lunch Box Combo$16.55
Served with California roll, miso soup, salad and rice.
Croquette Lunch Box Combo$16.55
Knead potato. Served with California roll, miso soup and salad.
Tempura Lunch Box Combo$16.55
3 pieces shrimp and 3 pieces vegetable. Served with California roll, miso soup, salad and rice.
Kara Age Lunch Box Combo$16.45
Fried chicken. Served with California roll miso soup ,salad and rice.

Lunch Noodles

Lunch Rice

Oyako Don Lunch$9.00
Chicken and egg.
Katsu Don Lunch$8.90
Choice of meat.
Yakiniku Don Lunch$11.90

Sushi Bar Lunch

Sushi Lunch$16.55
5 pieces sushi and California roll.
Sashimi Lunch$18.90
15 pieces sashimi and rice.
Salmon Sushi Lunch$16.90
5 pieces salmon sushi and salmon roll.


Ice Cream$3.45
Choice of flavor.
2 Pieces Mochi Ice Cream$4.45
Choice of flavor.
Fried Bananas$5.00
Ice cream$3.90
Green tea


Diet Coke$2.00
Iced Tea$2.00
Ginger Ale$1.90
Asahi beer$7.70
Cold sake$12.45
Apple juice$1.90
Sapporo beer$7.80
20 OZ
Japanese soda$3.45
Strawberry flavor

Party Tray

Party Tray A$51.45
20 pieces sushi and 3 rolls.
Party Tray B$61.55
25 pieces sushi and 4 rolls.

Side order

White rice$2.55
Spicy mayo sauce$1.45
Eel sauce$1.55
Sushi rice$2.55
Teriyaki sauce$1.30