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Sides and Appetizers

Awesome Fries$5.30
Double order of fries topped with cheesy sauce, bits of bacon and chopped green onions.
Brew City Mushrooms, Cauliflower and Zucchini$5.45
Whole button mushrooms coated in beer batter. Oval-cut zucchini and cauliflower pieces dipped in our crisp draft beer batter. Served with dipping sauce.
Mild jalapeno peppers stuffed with rich cream cheese and submerged in a light potato breading.
Side Salad or Potato$2.40
Choose any of our delectable homemade salads or potato choice a la carte.
8 Mozzarella Sticks$5.20
Creamy mozzarella cheese coated with a crispy batter served with a side of marinara sauce.
Brew City Onion Rings`$4.55
Onion slices double-dipped in a premium draft beer batter. Served with dipping sauce.
Cracked Black Pepper Fries$4.30
Crushed black peppercorns create a unique taste.
Texas Toothpicks$4.20
Fresh cut onions and jalapeno peppers dipped in a light batter seasoned with cayenne and black pepper with ranch dressing for dipping.

Soups and Salads

Soup in a Bread Bowl$4.20
Soup & Salad Bar$5.55
Large Salad Bar$5.54
Chef Salad$5.94
Bowl of Soup$3.80
With zwiebach
Cup of Soup$2.30
Small Salad Bar$3.55
One trip.
Small Salad Bar$2.20
With meat.
Raspberry Chicken Salad$6.55
Tossed baby greens, strips of seasoned grilled chicken diced tomatoes, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, fresh sliced avocado, served with raspberry walnut vinaigrette.


Fried Shrimp$9.69
Smoked Brisket$9.99
Ground Beef Steak$8.24
Chicken Fried Steak$8.99
Chicken Tenders$8.54
Teriyaki Grilled Chicken$9.79

House Specials

Delicious home baked almost wheat roll stuffed the traditional way with beef and steamed cabbage. Served with or without brown gravy. Comes with one of our tasty side salads.
German Sausage Sandwich$5.74
Our best-tasting local german sausage blend on a wheat bun with mustard. Comes with one of our tasty side salads.
Sausage and Verenika$7.74
Locally crafted german sausage, fresh verenika from our kitchen and wonderful homemade zwiebach with a side on our seasoned fried potatoes.

Lunch Specials

Towne Burger$5.20
A third pound of lean ground beef with everything on a wheat bun. Add cheese for $0.35.
Bacon Cheeseburger$6.24
Third pound of lean ground beef topped with melted american cheese and top quality smoked bacon.
Western Burger$6.14
A third pound of lean ground beef with guacamole, jack cheese, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato on a toasty wheat bun.
Bacon BQ Burger$6.24
A third pound lean ground beef topped with melted swiss cheese, onion ring, bacon, BBQ sauce.
Barbecued Beef$6.14
Shredded brisket seeped i our own unique sauce on a toasty wheat bun.
Chicken Pita$5.95
Tasty white meat breaded and fried, served on greek-style pita with lettuce and tomato.
Grilled Breast of Chicken on Pita$6.54
Char broiled chicken sliced, served atop greek-style pita with lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayo.
West Coast Chicken$6.54
Marinated chicken breast covered with melted swiss, jalapenos, black olives, green onion, tomato and lettuce.
Grilled Cheese$4.50
Sliced american and swiss cheese melted inside two toasty slices of homemade bread.
The BLT$5.14
Crisp black label bacon with fresh tomato, lettuce and mayo on toasted homemade bread.
Towne Club$6.84
Piled high with savory ham, turkey, bacon, swiss cheese, fresh tomato and lettuce on toasted homemade bread.


Cream Puff$1.90
Pie A La Mode$3.20


Cains Coffee or Cain's Decaf Coffee$1.24
Cain's Iced Tea$1.05
Soft Drinks$1.54
IBC Root Beer with Frosty Mug$1.80
Authentic Mexican Soft Drinks$1.80
Strawberry Fresa and sangria.