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Chicken Tempura Udon$8.25
cold - hot
Shrimp & Mochi Tempura Udon$8.95
cold - hot
Grated Radish Udon$7.45
cold - hot
Tororo Udon$7.95
cold - hot. udon topped with grated yam potato
Tororo Udon With Beef$9.45
cold - hot. udon topped w/beef, grated yam potato & dou ban jang
Natto Udon With Kimchee And Okra$8.35
cold - hot
Sweetened Deep Fried Tofu Udon$7.95
Sesame Flavored Chicken Breast And Cucumber$8.95
cold - hot
Sesame Flavored Chicken Tempura Udon$9.45
cold - hot
Sesame Flavored Shrimp Tempura Udon$9.85
cold - hot


Curry Udon$8.95
Curry Udon$10.95
with shrimp & mochi tempura
Curry Udon$10.45
with vegetable tempura & lettuce
Shrimp And Mochi Tempura Udon$8.95
Beef Udon$8.25
Chicken Udon$7.75
Egg Flowered Chicken Udon$8.95
Sweetened Deep Fried Tofu Udon$7.85
Egg Flowered Udon$7.25
Wakame Seaweed Udon$7.35
Plain Udon$6.05
Make It Large Size$1.45

Half-Size Udon

Plate Udon (Hot Or Cold), Soup Udon$3.95

Lunch Set

Mini Beef Bowl$2.85
Mini Tororo (Grated Yam Potato) Bowl$2.75
Mini Tomato Salad$2.45

Combination Bowl

Simmered Chicken Tempura And Egg Bowl & Mini Udon$12.45
Beef Bowl$9.95
with soft boiled egg & mini udon
Shrimp Tempura And Egg Bowl & Mini Udon$14.55
Beef And Egg Bowl & Mini Udon$12.55


Rice Set$2.35
rice, pickles, soft boiled egg
Soft Boiled Egg$1.15

Udon-Suki & Chiri

Udon-Suki & Chiri (Pot)$28.05
beef and vegetables cooked in tajin pot, traditional moroccan utensil. adding neither oil nor water when cooked. served with ponzu dipping sauce. udon noodle is stewed and cooked at your table with choice of either "udon-suki" or "udon-chiri." "udon-suki" is udon noodle and ingredients cooked in pot with udon broth. "udon-chiri" is cooked with plain soup with two different types of dipping sauce: sesame flavored sauce, and ponzu sauce.
Curry Udon-Suki (Pot)$24.95
udon-suki with curry soup. if you like curry and vegetable, please try
Petite Udon-Suki$7.95
pot udon can be enjoyed alone with your own individual pot at your table.

Side Dish

Beef And Vegetables Cooked In Tajin Pot (For Two)$14.65
beef and vegetables cooked in tajin pot, traditional moroccan utensil. adding neither oil nor water when cooked. served with ponzu dipping sauce.
Grilled Salmon With Lemon & Grated Radish$8.05
Scallop Tataki With Wasabi$5.55
Chicken Tempura$7.05
Assorted Tempura$12.05
shrimp, chicken & zucchini
Jumbo Kakiage Tempura$8.95
Corn Tempura$4.95
Fried Garlic Chicken Wing$9.05
Simmered Chicken Tempura$10.05
with egg and onion
Japanese Eel$8.45
with cucumber
Cold Tofu$3.05
Soft Boiled Egg$1.25
fish cake with wasabi
Homemade Fried Tofu$4.45
Vinegared Dried Baby Sardine$3.95
with seaweed
Crispy Dried Baby Sardine$3.05
with grated radish
Salted Squid Intestines$4.55
Hot Tofu Topped$4.95
with beef
Tofu Salad$6.45
with tofu and crispy dried jako
Chicken Salad$9.05
with chicken tempura
Daikon Salad$7.05
with ume dressing
Mizuna (Japanese Mustard Greens) Salad$7.45
with crispy dried jako
Tomato Salad$5.55
with chopped onion and celery
Beef Shabu-Shabu Salad$9.55


Vanilla Ice Cream$3.45
with shiratama and azuki beans


Kirin Draft$3.95
Asahi Dry$3.85

Hot Sake

Hot Sake In Kansuke$3.95

Cold Sake

Tamano Hikari$21.95
Kubota Hekiju$59.95




House Wine (Red, White)$4.95

Soft Drink $1.5

Oolong Tea
Diet Coke