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Pimento Toast$5.95
Piquillo peppers, widmer cheddar, charred radishes, 3 sisters garden pea shoots and cornichon vinaigretteand toasted baguette.
Texas Toast$3.05
Pain de mie and butterand spices.
Baked Beans$4.05
Navy beans, brown sugar molasses and cider vinegarand San Marzano tomatoes.
Werp Farms Salad$10.05
little gem lettuce, mustard greens, olive oil - poached shrimp, oranges, goddess dressing and croutons veg.
Southern Creamy Slaw$2.95
Carrots and red onionsand creme fraiche.
Vegetable Club with House Made Potato Chips$9.05
Pickled beets, radishes, cucumbers, herbed cream cheese, 3 sisters garden pea shoots and greensand sherry vinaigrette.
Grilled Amish Chicken Skillet$29.95
Citrus, scallions, rum and habaneroand spices. Includes slaw and Texas toast.


Parson's Hot Chicken Sandwich with House Made Chips$12.45
Chef Hunter Moore's Nashville style-hot chicken -- in SANDWICH FORM: a fried chicken breast topped with slaw, American cheese, aioli, North Star picklesand plenty of Chef Hunter's secret recipe hot sauce
Fish Fry$7.95
Choice of 3, 6, or 9 pieces.
Fish Fry Basket$27.95
9 pieces, slawand Texas toast.
Hush Puppies$4.95
Slagel family farms ham hock, scallion, cream cheese, 3 sisters garden cornmealand Harissa aioli.
Fried Amish Chicken Skillet$29.95
Whole Amish chicken, slawand Texas toast.
Fried Amish Chicken$5.95
Choice of 2 pieces, 1-2 chickenand whole chicken. (Specifications on pieces not available for 1-2 or whole chicken orders.)
Parsons Hot$7.95
2 pieces fried chicken, white breadand pickles.
Chicken Sandwich with House Made Potato Chips$11.05
Boned out fried Amish chicken thigh, slaw, aioli, American cheese, Northstar picklesand hot sauce.
Fish Sandwich with House Made Potato Chips$11.05
Beer-battered fish, slaw, American cheese, hot sauce, aioliand Northstar pickles.
Cheese Curd Fritters$5.05
Potatoes, cream, confit garlic, aged cheddar, jalapenoand buttermilk dressing.


Bang Bang Pie$5.95
Slice of the day!

Beverage & More

The Original Negroni Slushy$9.95
Letherbee Gin, Luxardo Bitter, Sweet Vermouth, Citrus
San Pellegrino Pompelmo$3.95
Hot Sauce$7.05
Red or yellow.

Can Beer!

Half Acre Seasonal IPA$7.05
Stiegl Radler$6.95
Marz Jungle Boogie$7.05
Tocayo White Ale$5.95
Vander Mill Seasonal Cider$6.95
Whiner Le Tub$5.95
Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout$7.05
Glutenberg American Pale Ale$7.05

The Original Negroni Slushy

The Original Negroni Slushy$9.95
Letherbee Gin, Luxardo Bitter, Sweet Vermouth and Citrus.