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Rolled Ice Cream | Real Fruit Smothie | Tea and Shakes | Coffee

Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled Ice Cream$6.24
Choose 1 base, choose up to 2 mix-ins. Choose up to 3 toppings. Add whipped cream or toasted marshmallow with no charge.
Peachy Rolls$6.34
Vanilla, peach, mango, cherry.
Cookie Monster$6.24
Vanilla flavor, Oreo.
Morning Call$6.34
Coffee, chocolate chips cookies and biscoff.
Mango Tango$6.34
Mango flavor, mango, and cherry.
Monkey Business$6.34
Vanilla, banana, and Nutella.
Summer Love$6.34
Chocolate, Oreo, and strawberry.
Berry World$6.34
Vanilla, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry.
Strawberry Shawty$6.34
Strawberry flavor, strawberry, Oreo.
Cheesecake Strawberry$6.34
Cheesecake, strawberry, cheese bites.
Chocolate, graham cracker, toasted marshmallow.
Black Forest$6.24
Chocolate, brownie, Oreo.

Real Fruit Smothie

Mango Smothie$6.54
Strawberry Smothie$6.54
Rasberry Smothie$6.54
Pina Colada Smothie$6.44
Banana Mix Strawberry Smothie$6.44
Berry World Smothie$6.54
Peach Smothie$6.54

Tea and Shakes

Bubble Milke Tea
Black or green tea. Hot available. Choice of flavor.
Flavored Tea
Black or green tea. Hot available. Choice of flavor.
Milk Shake
Fruit Slash


16 oz. Latte$3.04
16 oz. Cappuccino$3.04
16 oz. Mocha$2.94