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Chow Fun and Chow Mein

51. Pho Xao (Ap Chao Mem Thap Cam)$8.05
Chow fun with vegetable, shrimp and squid.
52. Pho Xao Chay$8.05
Chow fun with vegetable.
53. Pho Xao Don Thap Cam$8.05
Crispy noodle with vegetable.
54. Pho Xao Don Bo$8.05
Crispy noodle with vegetable beef.
55. Mi Xao Mem Thap Cam$7.95
Chow mein with vegetable and beef, shrimp and squid.
56. Mi Xao Mem$8.05
Chow mein with vegetable, beef or chicken.
57. Mi Xao Don$7.95
Crispy egg noodle vegetable, beef or chicken.
58. Mi Xao Don Thap Cam$7.95
Crispy egg noodles and vegetable combination.

Rice Plate and Fried Rice

59. Com Xao Thap Cam$7.95
Vegetable and rice combination, beef, shrimp and squids.
60. Com Tit Bo Xao Cai$7.95
Beef vegetable and rice combination.
61. Com Bo Kho$8.05
Beef stew over rice.
62. Com Xao Chay$8.05
Stir fry vegetable and rice.
63. Com Ga$8.05
Chicken chop suey and rice.
64. Com Vit$7.95
Steam duck and rice.
65. Com Thit Nuong$7.45
Charbroiled pork and rice.
66. Com Cha Gio Thit Nuong$8.05
Charbroiled pork, egg rolls and rice.
67. Com Bi Cha Thit Nuong$8.05
Charbroiled pork, shredded pork skin and pork cake and rice.
68. Com Suon Heo$8.05
Pork chop over rice.
68. Suon Bo Nuong$8.05
Charbroiled beef over rice.
69. Com Tom Thit Nuong$8.05
Charbroiled pork or prawns over rice.
70. Long Roi Heo$7.95
71. Cha Gio$4.45
4 pieces. Egg roll.
72. Com Canh Chua Ca Dam Thai La$9.95
Fresh fish soup.
73. Com Chien Tom$6.95
Shrimp fried rice.
74. Com Chien Duong Chau$6.95
Yang chow fried rice.
75. Com Chien Xa Xiu$6.95
BBQ pork fried rice.
76. Com Chien Ga$6.95
Chicken fried rice.
77. Mien Xao Cua$7.95
Fried bean thread, crab and rice.


1. Ca Phe Den NOng$1.95
Espresso black Coffee.
2. Ca Phe Den Da$1.95
Espresso black ice coffee.
3. Ca Phe Sua Da$2.55
Espresso black ice coffee with condensed milk.
4. Ca Phe Sua Nong$2.55
Espresso black hot coffee with condensed milk.
5. Tra Da$0.80
Ice Tea.
6. Tra Da Chanh Duong$1.95
Ice lemon tea.
7. Da Chanh$2.05
Fresh lemonade.
8. Chanh Muoi$1.95
Salty lemonade.
9. Soda Chanh$2.05
Fresh soda lemonade.
10. Sada Xi Muoi$2.05
Salty plum soda.
11. Soda Sua Hot Ga$2.45
Soda with yolk and condensed milk.
12. Xi Muoi$2.05
Salty plum drink.
13. Sua Dau Nanh$1.55
Soy bean milk.
14. Rau Ma$2.05
Pennywort leaves drink.
15. Cam Vat$2.05
Fresh squeezed orange juice.
16. Soda$0.80
17. Sam Bo Luong$2.05
17. Suong Sa Hot Luu$1.95
17. Che Nhan Nhuc$2.05
18. Che Sen$2.05
18. Che Ba Mau$1.95
18. Nuoc Dua$1.95

Noodle Soup

25. Hu Tieu Tom Cua$7.55
Seafood fun noodle soup.
26. Hu Tieu Ga Long Trung Non$6.95
Chicken fun noodle soup.
27. Mi Ga Long Trung Non$7.05
Chicken egg noodle soup.
28. Hu Tieu Bo Kho$7.55
Beef stewed fun noodle soup.
28. Mo Bo Kho$7.45
Beef stewed egg noodle soup.
29. Hu Tieu$6.95
Wonton fun noodle soup.
29. Mi Hoanh Thanh$7.05
Wonton egg noodle soup.
30. Mi Tom Cua$7.45
Seafood egg noodle soup.
31. Miebg Ga$7.05
Chicken bean thread soup.

Rice Vermicelli

32. Bun Thang$6.45
Shredded pork and egg rice vermicelli.
33. Bun Rieu$6.55
Crab meat rice vermicelli soup.
34. Cha Ca La Vong$19.95
35. Bun Ga Sao Mang$6.95
Chicken Bamboo shoot rice vermicelli soup.
36. Bun Bit Sao Mang$6.95
Duck bamboo shoot rice vermicelli soup.
37. Bun Cha Dong Xuan$8.55
House charbroiled pork rice vermicelli.
38. Bun Tom Cha Gio Thit Nuong$8.45
Charbroiled prawn, pork, egg roll rice vermicelli.
39. Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong$8.55
Charbroiled pork, egg roll rice vermicelli.
40. Bun Tom Thit Nuong$7.55
Charbroiled pork, prawn rice vermicelli.
41. Bun Bi Thit Nuong$7.55
Charbroiled pork, shredded pork skin rice vermicelli.
42. Bun Thit Nuong$6.95
Charbroiled pork rice vermicelli.
43. Bun Cha Gio$6.55
Egg roll and rice vermicelli.


44. Chao Long Roi Heo$6.80
Pork offal porridge. Rice soup.
45. Chao Ga$6.55
Chicken Porridge. Rice soup.
46. Chao Bo Dan$6.55
Beef porridge. Rice soup.
47. Chao Vit$6.55
Duck porridge. Rice soup.
48. Chao Tom Cua$6.80
Seafood porridge. Rice soup.
49. Chao Trung Bach Thao$6.45
Preserved egg and lean pork porridge.
50. Chao Tim Gan$6.45
Pork offal and lean pork porridge.

Beef Noodle

1. Dac Biet$7.05
Special combo with rare slices.
3. Tai Nam Gau Gan Sach$6.55
Rare steak, well-done flank, brisket tender tendon and tripe.
4. Chin Nam Gau Gan Sach$6.55
Rare steak, well-done brisket, tendon and tripe.
5. Tai Chin Gau Gan Sach$6.55
Rare steak, well done brisket, tendon and tripe.
6. Tai Nam Gan Sach$6.45
Rare steak, well done flank, tendon and tripe.
7. Tai Nam Gan$6.45
Rare steak, well done flank and tendon.
8. Tai Nam Sach$6.55
Rare steak, well done flank and tripe.
9. Nam Ve Don$6.55
Well done brisket and flank.
10. Tai Gau$6.45
Brisket and rare steak.
11. Tai Chin Nac$6.55
Rare steak, well done brisket.
12. Tai Nam$6.45
Rare steak, well done brisket.
13. Tai Gan$6.55
Rare steak and tendon.
14. Tai$6.45
Rare steak.
15. Tai Bo Vien$6.55
Rare steak and beef ball.
16. Po Bo Vien$6.55
Rare steak and beef ball.
17. Tai Sach$6.55
Rare steak and stripe.
18. Pho Bo Kho$7.20
Beef stewed with tomato.
18. Banh Mi Bo Kho$7.20
Beef stewed with carrot.
19. Tai Pin$6.45
Rare steak and brisket.
20. Pho Tai Dan$6.45
Chopped rare steak ginger soup.
21. Chao Nuco Thap Cam$7.55
Sauteed noodle soup.
22. Pho Ga Long Trung Non$6.45
Chicken noodle soup.
23. Pho Ton Cua$6.95
Seafood noodle soup.
24. Pho Hoanh Thanh$6.55
Wonton noodle soup.