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Khai Vi

Gao Cnon$5.00
Summer rolls shrimp and rice vermicelli.
Chai Guio$4.00
Vietnamese eggplant pork and veggie.
Canh Ga Chiena$5.90
Fried chicken wings.
Ga Lui$6.00
Chicken skewers.
Lom Chiee Cha Gio$7.00
Baby shrimp rolls.
Bamh Lom Thie Quat Uat$6.90
Fried or steamed dumpling.
Muc Lan Bol$6.90
Fried calamari with teriyaki sauce.


Bin Ga Nuong Cha Gio$9.05
Vermicelli with grilled chicken and eggplant.
Bim Ujee Nunog Cha Gio$8.95
Vermicelli with grilled pork and eggroll.
Bin Bo Xao Sa$9.45
Vermicelli with stir-fried lemongrass beef.
Bun Bo Nung Chai Gino$9.55
Vermicelli with grilled shrimp and pork.
Bin Cha Gio$9.30
Vermicelli with pork eggrolls.

Com Dia

Com Ga Nuomg Cha Gio$8.95
Steamed rice nad with grilled lemongrass pork chop.
Com Snon Nunong Sa$8.95
Steamed rice with grilled lemongrass pork chop.
Con Snin Nuong BI UNiong$9.05
Steamed rice with grilled pork and eggroll.


Fired Egg$1.45
1 Extra Eggplant$1.95
Extra Grilled Beef$2.45
Extra Tofu$1.05
Extra Grilled Pork$2.30
Side Order Grilled Pork$4.00
Side Order Grilled Chicken$4.00
4 Side of Grilled Shrimps$3.45


Pho Uai$9.55
Steak pho.
Pho Lai Chin Nac$9.55
Pho Lai Bo Uien$9.55
Steak, meat balls and pho.

Specialty Items

PHo Ga$9.55
Chicken pho.
Pho Hai San Chau Cay$10.40
Hot and sour seafood pho.
Pho Hai San$10.40
Seafood pho.
Bin Bo Hue$9.45
Hue's spicy noodle soup.
Bin Run Cna$9.70
Beef stew with rice and noodle pho.
Mi Bo Kho$10.30
Beef stew with egg noodle.
Pho Ran Cai DIn Thi$7.80
Plain pho (no meat).
Cari Ga$9.95
Spicy curry chicken with vermicelli or rice.
Hoachn Unaj Soup$9.05
Wonton soup with vegetables.
Mi Heanh Thanh Soup$9.45
Wonton egg noodle soup with vegetables.


Crembe Brulee Cheesecake Slice$3.80
Key Lime Pie Slice$3.70
Tres Leches Cake Slice$3.55
Chocolate Mousse Cake Slice$3.55
Tiramisu Cake Slice$3.55
Oreo Mousse Cake Slice$3.45

Tra Sua

Tra Thai Tran chan$4.31
Thai tea with tapioca.
Tra Xamh Lran Chan$4.20
Green tea with tapioca.
Lra slra Lrain Chan$4.20
Milk tea with tapioca.
Taro with Tapioca$4.30
Dva gang Train Chain$4.30
Xoai Train Chain$4.20
Strawberry with tapioca.