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1. Ca Phe Den Nong$4.45
Hot coffee with sugar.
2. Ca Phe Den Da$4.45
Ice coffee with sugar.
3. Ca Phe Sua Nong$4.45
Hot coffee with condensed milk.
4. Ca Phe Sua Da$4.55
Ice coffee with condensed milk.

Giai Khat

5. Nuoc Dua Tuoi$5.00
Fresh young coconut juice.
6. Chanh Day$4.45
Passion fruit.
7. Soda Chanh$4.45
Fresh lemon with soda.
8. Soda Chanh Muoi$4.45
Salty lemon with soda.
9. Soda Xi Muoi$4.45
Preserved plum with soda.
10. Cam Vat$4.45
Fresh orange juice.
12. Tra Thai$4.45
Thai ice tea.
13. Tra Nong$0.90
Hot tea.
14. Tra Da$1.90
Ice tea.
16. Soda$2.30


17. Suong Sam Dac Biet$4.70
Special jelly with coconut milk.
18. Sam Bo Luong$4.80
Herbal dessert with ice.
19. Che Ba Mau$4.70
3 colors dessert with ice.
20. Che Dau Xanh$4.70
Red bean with ice.
21. Che Dau Xanh$4.70
Mung bean with ice.
22. Suong Sa Hot Luu$4.70
Jelly tapioca seed with ice.

Sinh To

23. Rau Ma Dau Xanh$4.90
Pannywort and mung bean.
24. Sinh Yo Bo$5.00
25. Sinh To Dau$4.90
26. Sinh To Xoai$5.00
27. Sinh To Dau Xanh$4.90
Mung bean.

Pho Bo

1. Pho Dac Biet$10.00
Rare steak, well done brisket, flank, tendon, fat brisket and well done flank.
2. Pho Tai$9.90
Rare steak.
3. Pho Tal and Ve Gion$9.90
Rare, steak and well done flank.
4. Pho Thai and Chin$10.00
Rare steak and well done brisket.
5. Pho Tai and Nam$10.00
Rare steak and flank.
6. Pho Tai and Gau$9.90
Rare steak and fat brisket.
7. Pho Tai, Nam and Gau$10.00
Rare steak, flank and fat brisket.
8. Pho Tai, Nam and Gau$10.00
Rare steak, flank and tendon.
9. Pho Chin$10.00
Well done brisket.
10. Pho Chin and Ve Gion$10.00
Well done brisket and well done flank.
11. Pho Chin Nam$10.00
Well done brisket and flank.
12. Pho Chin, Nam and Gau$9.90
Well done brisket, flank and fat brisket.
13. Pho Chin, Nam and Gan$10.00
Well done brisket, flank and tendon.
14. Pho Chin, Nam, Gau and Gan$10.00
Well done brisket, flank, fat brisket and tendon.
15. Pho Bo Vien$10.00
Beef balls and noodle soup.
16. PHo Khong Thit$7.50
Noodle soup only.
Pho Duoi Bo$11.00
Oxtail noodle soup.
Chen Duoi Bo Only$6.00
Oxtail soup only.

Side Order

Dia Tai$3.70
Rare steak.
Chen Bo Vien$4.55
Beef balls soup.
Chen Thit$4.45
Chin, nam, gau ane ve gion. Bowl of meat. Well done brisket, flank, fat brisket, tendon and well done flank.
Them Bo Wien$0.80
Add beef balls to the bowl.
Hanh Dam$0.80
White onion with vinegar.
Tai De Rieng$0.70
Separate rare steak from the bowl.
Chen Banh Pho$4.20
Bowl of noodle. No togo.
Them Chen Soup$2.55
Bowl of the soup. No togo.
Hop Nuac Soup$4.70
Soup togo.
Hanh Tran and Hanh Beo Togo$0.70