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#28. Fried Roll$3.44
Minced pork, shrimp, and vegetables.
#30. Spring Roll$3.54
Salads & vermicelli.
A2. Gyoza$9.54
Potstickers. 10 pieces.
A3. Gyoza and Egg Rolls$10.44
Pot stickers 6 Pieces. Egg rolls 2 pieces.
A4. Calamari$9.94
Deep fried squid.

Pho- Vietnamese Noodle Soup

#01. Pho Tai
#02. Steak & Brisket
#03. Steak and Meatballs
Vietnamese noodle soup. with Ball of seasoned meat.
#04. Meat Balls
Ball of seasoned meat.
#05. Steak & Flank
Cow stomach muscles.
#06. Vegetable and Tofu
Bean curd made from soybeans.
#07. Steak & Tripe
Muscle lining of a cow stomach.
#08. Tendon Only
Connective tissue.
#10. Tendon and Flank
Connective tissue.
#15. Steak, Fatty Flank, Tendon & Tripe
Muscle lining of a cow stomach.
#17. Steak, Brisket, Flank, Tendon & Tripe
Muscle lining of a cow stomach.
#18. Chicken
#20. Brisket
Savory soup made from cow chest.
#21. Brisket and Meat Balls
Savory soup made from cow chest.
#40. Brisket and Flank
Cow stomach muscles.
#33. Seafood
Seafood shrimp, squid and mussel.
#34. Ox Tail$20.04
Ox tail noodle soup.
#44. Brisket, Fatty Flank and Tripe.
Savory soup made from cow chest.
#41. Steak and Tendon
Connective tissue.
#45. Brisket Fatty Flank, and Tendon
Savory soup made from cow chest.
#50. Mushroom Pho
Vietnamese noodle soup.
#00. Vegetables Only
Without meat.

Noodle Salad Bowl

#25. Bun Tom Thit Nuong$15.44
Char-broiled pork, noodles, salad, prawn and sauce with assorted veggie.
#26. Buan Tau Hu$15.04
Tofu, salad, noodle & sauce with assorted veggie.
#27. Carrot Beef Stew$15.94
Choice of noodles, bread or rice.
#31. Bun Ga Nuong$15.04
Char-broiled chicken. Noodles, salad and sauce with assorted veggie.
#32. Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio$15.54
Char broiled pork, noodles, salad, sauce with assorted veggie & fried roll.

Combination Pho

Large Pho and Fried Roll$17.04
Large Pho and Spring Rolls$17.04
Large Pho and Gyoza$17.94
4 pieces gyoza .


T-1 Chicken Teriyaki$15.04
T-2 Beef Teriyaki$15.94
T-4 Chicken and Beef Teriyaki$16.04
T-5 Spicy Mushroom Chicken Teriyaki$15.04
T-6 Yakisoba$16.04
Choice: chicken, beef, pork, or and shrimp.
T-7 Tofu Teriyaki$15.04
T-8 Gyoza Plate$14.54
Gyoza 10 pieces, steamed rice, and salad.
T-9 Chicken Katsu$16.04

Chicken Teriyaki Combo

T-10 Chicken and Fried Roll$17.04
T-11 Chicken and Spring Roll$16.94
T-12 Chicken and Gyoza$17.54
4 pieces.
T-13 Beef and Fried Roll$17.44
T-14 Beef and Spring Roll$17.44
T-15 Beef and Gyoza$17.94
4 pieces.
T-19 Chicken and Beef and Fried Roll$17.94
T-20 Chicken and Beef and Spring Roll$17.94
T-21 Chicken and Beef and Gyoza$18.54
4 pieces.

Fried Rice

F-1 Chicken Fried Rice$14.94
F-2 Shrimp Fried Rice$15.94
F-3 Tofu Fried Rice$15.04
F-4 Combination Fried Rice$16.94
Chicken and Shrimp

Vietnamese Curry and Rice Plates

#47. Char Broiled Chicken & Fried Tofu with Rice$15.94
#48. Panang Curry$15.94
Spicy red curry with chicken breast, coconut milk, bell pepper.
#49. Char-Broiled Chicken & Fried Roll with Rice$15.94
#22. Vietnamese Chicken Curry Breast$15.94
#23. Vietnamese Tofu Curry$15.94
#24. Vietnamese Shrimp Curry$16.94

Banh Mi

B1. B.B.Q. Chicken Sandwich$9.54
B2. B.B.Q. Pork Sandwich$9.44
B3. B.B.Q. Ham & Egg Sandwich$10.04
B4. B.B.Q. Combination Sandwich$9.94
B. B. Q. chicken & pork.
B5. Tofu Bread Sandwich$9.54

Featured Items

W3. Pho Tai Special Combo Tray
Fried rolls, prawn, Vietnamese ham, & char broiled pork, chicken, rice noodles & vegetables.
Frozen Yogurt$6.54


K1. Ribeye Beef Bulgogi$17.94
Marinated sizzling beef with salad & rice.

Specialty Items

W2. Bun Bo Hue - Spicy Noodle Soup$15.94
Pork ham, beef, bun bo vermicelli noodle with vegetable mix.

Bubble Juice

#108. Bubble Juice$6.54


#72. Iced Coffee$5.44
#73. Milk Coffee$5.44
#74. Iced Milk Coffee$5.54

Iced Drinks

#87. Coconut Juice$4.54
#75. Thai Tea$6.04
Bottle Water$2.04

Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks$3.04

Side Orders

Meat Ball Side Order$6.54
Extra Meat Ball$3.54
Extra Tendon$4.44
Extra Tripe$3.54
Extra Brisket$3.54
Extra Flank$3.44
Extra Steak$5.54
Extra Egg$3.04
Extra Shrimp$4.54
4 pieces.
Extra Noodle$2.94
Extra Vegetable$3.54
Extra Rice$3.04
Extra Bread$3.04
Soup Broth$6.44