Vincenzo’s Iceberg Wedge $8.20+
vincenzo’s fresh crisp, cool iceberg lettuce drizzled with bleu cheese dressing and garnished with maytag bleu cheese crumbles, fresh diced tomatoes, kalamata olives, sliced green onions and fresh cracked pepper. topped with perfectly rendered pancetta bacon.
Classic Chef $11.20
garden fresh mixed greens topped with danish ham, breast of turkey, smoked provolone cheese, hard cooked egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives.
Napoli Antipasto $11.65
4th generation antipasto salad from naples, italy. crisp mixed greens topped with julienne molanari salami, fresh breast of turkey, imported danish ham, smoked provolone cheese, a perfect blend of marinated mushrooms and artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and cucumbers. served with italian dressing. (picasso specialty).
Pablo’s Trio $11.65
generous scoops of white albacore tuna (dolphin-safe) salad, california fresh egg salad, and lo fat cottage cheese atop our piled-high bed of mixed greens garnished with tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives. two generous scoops of delicious solid white albacore tuna (dolphin-safe) salad atop a bed of mixed greens garnished with tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives.
Insalata Tonno $11.65
two generous scoops of delicious solid white albacore tuna (dolphin-safe) salad atop a bed of mixed greens garnished with tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives. (picasso specialty).
Classic Caesar $11.65
zesty caesar salad made with picassoʼs own caesar dressing and fresh homestyle garlic herb croutons. topped with reggiano parmesan & pecorino romano cheeses and fresh cracked black pepper (gourmet filet of anchovy available upon request).
Chinese Chicken $12.65
asian inspired fresh breast of chicken atop a bed of napa cabbage, red cabbage and shredded carrots, tossed in our asian sesame ginger dressing. garnished with diced sweet red bell peppers, mandarin orange segments, water chestnuts and crispy rice noodles.
Mario’s Chopped Italian $13.65
diced molanari salami, diced smoked provolone cheese, sliced pepperoni, red onions, artichokes, and roasted red peppers atop a generous bed of romaine lettuce. garnished with grated parmesan reggiano & pecorino romano cheeses and drizzled in our homemade sweet fat free roasted red pepper dressing. (picasso specialty).
Seared Ahi Tuna $14.65
fresh seared hawaiian ahi tuna atop a bed of shredded napa cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, red onions, and scallions tossed in our house sweet soy wasabi dressing topped with crispy rice noodles (seared rare unless specified). (picasso specialty).
Homemade Daily Soup Kettles $5.65+
served with gourmet oyster crackers, (unlimited).
Fresh Organic Garden Salad $5.65+
with choice of dressing.

Imported Danish Ham $7.95+
(97% fat free) & smoked provolone (hot or cold).
Sliced Breast Of Turkey & Smoked Provolone $7.95+
(hot or cold).
Sweet Italian Sausage & Melted Mozzarella $7.95+
Fresh Meatball & Melted Mozzarella $7.95+
Choice Grade Pastrami $7.95+
extra lean local kruse & son pastrami, hand rubbed, with custom blend of locally grown spices & hard wood smoked (hot or cold).
Grade Roast Beef & Smoked Provolone $7.95+
(hot or cold).
Imported Molinari Salami & Smoked Provolone $8.65+
Italian Submarine $8.65+
salami, capicola, mortadella, smoked provolone, lettuce, tomato, oil, and vinegar.
Imported Capicola & Smoked Provolone $8.65+
White Albacore Tuna $9.45+
The Premiere $8.20
choice of imported danish ham & smoked provolone, roast beef & smoked provolone or turkey & swiss on freshly baked all butter croissant with seasonal fruit garnish (hot or cold).
Garden Duet $9.20
large garden salad and large bowl of soup of the day.
Secretary Sandwich $9.45
choice of white albacore tuna (dolphin-safe) salad or housemade chicken salad on freshly baked all butter croissant with choice of cottage cheese or fresh fruit salad.
Picasso’s Due a Piatto $10.65
choice of half a imported danish ham & smoked provolone, roast beef & smoked provolone, or turkey & smoked provolone (hot or cold) on freshly baked french roll with garden salad and choice of dressing.
The Duet $12.45
any regular sandwich and large bowl of soup of the day, extra charge for: capicola, salami, tuna, sub, vegetarian or chicken, wrap or croissant.

Angelina’s Tri-Level Club $11.65
sliced breast of turkey, double smoked applewood bacon, smoked provolone and american cheeses, lettuce, and vine ripened tomatoes on sourdough and squaw breads.
Sizzling Chicken on Ciabatta $11.65
grilled breast of chicken, melted swiss cheese, lettuce, vine ripened tomatoes, red onion, and housemade sun-dried tomato aioli on an italian ciabatta roll.
Fresh Seared Ahi Tuna on Ciabatta $12.65
(seared rare unless specified) fresh ahi tuna with wasabi aioli, vine ripened tomatoes, and dikon sprouts on our freshly baked italian ciabatta roll.

Spaghetti Marinara $9.65
spaghetti with picasso’s traditional housemade marinara sauce, pecorino romano and parmesan reggiano cheeses.
Penne Arrabiata $11.65
imported penne pasta tubes with our famous arrabiata spicy red pepper marinara sauce and roasted garlic.
Penne Al Pomodoro $11.65
imported penne pasta tubes, chopped fresh sauteed tomatoes, chardonnay wine sauce, fresh basil, garlic, chardonnay, and extra virgin olive oil.
Tortellini Mezzo Mezzo $11.65
seven cheese tortellini filled with imported blend of ricotta, asiago, fontina, shredded parmesan, mozzarella, and swiss cheeses in our famous original mezzo mezzo sauce, a spicy masterpiece blend of marinara and alfredo sauces.
Rigatoni Alla Bolognese $12.20
original recipe from the northern italian city bologna, italy. wide pasta tubes with a traditional meat ragu, garlic, and fresh mushrooms.
Spaghetti Manzo Rustico $12.65
spaghetti with picasso’s traditional housemade marinara, one large mouthwatering gourmet homemade meatball and one sweet or spicy italian sausage.
Lasagna Alla Picasso $12.65
housemade lasagna, a picasso specialty, filled with fresh ricotta cheese, fresh ground sirloin, spicy & sweet italian sausage, and garlic layered with our housemade traditional tomato marinara sauce and fresh italian locally grown organic herbs.
Ravioli Alla Picasso $12.65
housemade ravioli filled with three imported cheeses and layered atop a choice of our housemade traditional marinara sauce, creamy alfredo sauce, or pesto sauce.
Create Your Own Pasta! $13.65
choice of imported penne, spaghetti, rigatoni, linguine, or fettuccini pasta; sauteed with your choice of one of our famous sauces: marinara sauce, arrabiata, mezzo mezzo, ponzu picatta, or creamy alfredo.
Linguine Ponzu Picatta Di Pollo $13.65
thin flat pasta strands with fresh breast of chicken in our famous “original” picasso ponzu picatta sauce, an asian citrus flavored ponzu married to a classic french picatta wine sauce. fusion cuisine at it’s best!
Penne Vincenzo $14.65
chef de cuisine, vincent derosa’s fresh penne pasta layered with sun-dried tomato, artichokes, extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh butter, chardonnay wine, toasted pinenuts and organic locally grown italian herbs.
Fettuccini Alfredo Picasso $14.65
(di pollo), original recipe from rome. thin flat pasta spiraled with or without fresh grilled breast of chicken ($2.70) in our famous alfredo cream sauce.

California Turkey Wrap $11.65
sliced breast of turkey, smoked provolone, fresh avocado, vine ripened tomatoes, olives, and sun-dried tomato aioli rolled in our sun-dried tomato basil wrap.
Southwestern Chicken Wrap $11.65
grilled breast of chicken with peppered jack cheese, mojo bbq sauce, vine ripened tomatoes and tumbleweed of sprouts rolled in our jalapeno wrap.
Chicken Caesar Wrap $12.20
classic chicken caesar salad, parmesan & imported pecorino romano cheeses rolled in our sun-dried tomato wrap.
White Albacore Tuna Wrap $12.65
solid white albacore tuna (dolphin-safe) salad, smoked provolone, lettuce and vine ripened tomatoes rolled in our whole wheat wrap.
The Perfect Philly Cheesesteak Wrap $13.65
gourmet, choice shaved midwestern steak, caramelized onions, colorful sauteed bell peppers and blended sharp american & smoked provolone cheeses.

Trieste Turkey Pesto Panini $11.65
inspired from the famous trieste region of italy, we take fresh breast of turkey, smoked provolone cheese, sun-dried tomato, and pesto aioli pressed on an italian panini roll.
Danish Ham And French Brie Panini $11.65
imported danish ham (97% fat free), triple cream french brie, and vine ripened tomatoes pressed on an italian panini roll.
Danish Ham And French Brie Panini $11.65
imported danish ham (97% fat free), triple cream french brie, and vine ripened tomatoes pressed on an italian panini roll.
Panini Italiano $11.65
3 imported meats, grilled to order: mortadella, capicola, and molanari salami topped with shredded mozzarella & chopped pepperoncini pressed on an italian panini roll.
Three Cheese Panini $11.65
imported fontina & gouda cheeses, layered with wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese, topped with fresh vine ripened tomatoes and pesto pressed on an italian panini roll.
Maria’s Grilled Tuscan Chicken Panini $12.65
fresh breast of chicken with smoked provolone and housemade sun-dried tomato aioli pressed on an italian panini roll.
Midwestern Choice BBQ Beef Panini $12.65
mid western choice roast beef smothered in our mojo bar-b-que sauce and melted smoked provolone cheese, pressed on italian panini roll.

Vegetali Misti Sandwich $9.65
mouth watering vegetarian mixed blend of artichokes, mushrooms, vine ripened tomato, avocado, and sprouts with smoked provolone cheese on a french roll or whole weat wrap.
Hot Melted Cheese $9.65
roasted peppers & tomato sandwich. colorful blend of sauteed bell peppers, onions & garlic with melted american cheese and vine ripened tomato on a french roll.

Picasso Alla Luce $8.65
fresh seasonal fruit and lo-fat yoplait yogurt parfait, coupled with picassos’s traditional small green salad with choice of dressing.
Pollo Di Maria $10.65
mouth-watering grilled chicken breast over fresh locally grown vegetables, sauteed to perfection in your choice of one of our world famous sauces: mezzo mezzo, ponzu picatta, arrabiata, or alio olio.

Mezzo Mezzo Pasta Sauce $12.65
picassos signature blend of spicy marinara & alfredo sauce.
Arrabiata Pasta Sauce $9.65
picasso’s favorite gourmet spicy marinara sauce.
Ponzu Picatta Sauce $12.65
picasso’s fusion of citrus soy sauce and classic french picatta.

Classic Continental $7.20
tall starbucks coffee, yoplait yogurt topped with granola, fresh fruit, gourmet muffin or toast.
Continental Crescendo $4.20
tall starbucks coffee, & choice of gourmet muffin.
Assorted Freshly Baked Danish $1.20+
blueberry, apple, apricot cherry, cheese, bearclaws, petite ea, large from ea.
Freshly Baked Gourmet Muffins $1.65+
blueberry, honey bran, low fat bran, lemon poppy, banana nut orange, apple cinnamon, chocolate chip, seasonal, from ea, fat free from ea.
Freshly Baked Bagels $1.45+
whole wheat, onion cinnamon raisin sesame, plain, seasonal, with cream cheese.
Buttery Croissants $1.20+
chocolate, almond cream cheese, all butter, petite ea, large ea.
Assorted Scones $1.65+
blueberry, seasonal chocolate chip, raisin, petite ea, large ea.

Yoplait Yogurt Parfait $3.65
with fresh seasonal fruit and granola.
California Fresh “AA” Ranch Eggs $7.20
(two extra large).
California Fresh “AA” Ranch Eggs 1 $9.20
(two extra large). with thick cut “double-smoked” apple wood bacon (4).
California Fresh “AA” Ranch Eggs 2 $9.20
(two extra large). with extra thick “club link” sausage (2).
Hot Danish Ham & Cheese Croissant $9.20
hot danish ham (97% fat free) and smoked melted provolone cheese on freshly baked all butter croissant, finished with fresh fruit garnish.
.Grilled Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich $9.20
eggs your way, melted american cheese, and choice of sausage, double smoked applewood bacon, or danish ham (97% fat free), grilled to perfection on sourdough and finished with fresh fruit garnish.
Pablo’s Breakfast Wrap $9.65
two extra large california fresh “aa” ranch eggs, potatoes, double smoked applewood bacon, colby cheese, and fresh salsa in our sun-dried tomato basil wrap, served with fresh fruit garnish. (low carb whole wheat wrap available upon request).

Red Rose & Dill Potato Salad $2.70+
Tomato $2.95+
cucumber, feta cheese & kalamata olive salad.
Picasso’s Signature Cold Pasta Salad $2.95+
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad $2.95+
Marinated Mushroom Salad $3.70+
Roasted And Marinated Red Pepper Salad $3.70+
Marinated Artichoke Salad $3.70+
Pickles, Pepperoncinis, Or Roasted Peppers $1.70+

European Pastries $2.65
daily assortment from.
Dessert Of The Week $2.95
Dessert Of The Week $4.65+
lemon key lime fresh fruit.
Freshly Baked Cookies
from $0.69 ea.
Picasso’s Gourmet Cakes $4.95+
seasonal, german chocolate carrot, chocolate symphony from slice, from whole.
Bars $2.20+
lemon, mocha, seasonal from, apricot or raspberry almond.
Brownies $2.95+
regular lowfat.
Teacakes $1.20

Picasso’s Bottled Water $1.70
san pellegrino or acqua.
Panna Water $2.95
San Pellegrino Limonata/ Aranciata $2.65
Arnold Palmer $3.20
henry weinhard’s premium.
Bottled Sodas $2.95
Fresh Fat Free Or Whole Milk $2.20
Assorted Snapples $2.95
Assorted Can Soft Drinks $1.70
Fountain Soft Drinks $2.45
(coke, cherry coke, diet coke, sprite, dr. pepper).
Fresh Brewed “Tazo” Iced Tea $2.45
assorted r. w. knudsen family.
Bottled Juices $2.20
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $3.45
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $2.65