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Flamin Hot Popcorn Chicken$10.30
Add cream cheese dip and rice bowl for an additional charge.
Spam Musubi$3.70
Popcorn Chicken$9.80
Add sauces and rice bowl for an additional charge.
Lumpia Shanghai$6.45
12 pieces; pork and vegetable filling. Add-ons for an additional charge.
Sweet Potato Fries$7.05
Add rice bowl for an additional charge.
Add rice bowl for an additional charge.
Cheeseburger Egg Rolls$8.05
Ground beef seasoned with our house spices, carmelized onions, and monterey jack cheese
Furikake Fries$7.05
Shoestring fries seasoned with furikake topped with miso togarashi aioli and bonito flakes
Musubi Egg Rolls$7.45
Rice, spam, furikake and cheese wrapped into an eggroll


DIY Drinks$5.45
Create your own drink! *BOBA NOT INCLUDED

Specialty Drinks

House Milk Tea$5.95
Contains tree nuts. Loose leaf black tea, non dairy creamer, sweetened with cane sugar. *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Lychee Peach Berry$6.20
Organic strawberry and peach green tea topped with real lychee bits. *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Taro Monster$6.55
Taro flavored sweet milk topped with oreo cookies. *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Tootea Fruity$6.20
Strawberry, peach, and mango organic green tea with strawberry, mango, and pineapple bits. *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Thai Milk Tea$6.20
Authentic Thai iced tea, cane sugar, 1/2 and 1/2. *Non Dairy Creamer available on request. *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Honey Lemon Green$6.55
Organic green tea, lemon slices, sweetened with clover honey and cane sugar. *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Guava Passion$6.20
Passion fruit and guava flavored organic green tea, topped with basil seeds. *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Pineapple Black Tea$6.20
Pineapple flavored black tea with real pineapple bits. *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Taro Milk Tea$6.20
Taro flavored black tea, non dairy creamer. *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Honey Green Milk Tea$6.20
Organic green tea sweetened with honey, cane sugar, topped with fresh milk. *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Organic green tea, honeydew, and melon flavors to replicate the popular melona popsicle. **Sweetness cannot be adjusted *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Vietnamese Coffee$6.45
Sweetened dark roast coffee, condensed milk, non dairy creamer. *BOBA NOT INCLUDED
Lychee Rose Green Tea$5.95
Valentines Day Special! lychee, rose, organic green tea, strawberry jelly hearts topping limited supply! Drink cannot be modified
Pumpkin Pie Milk Tea$6.45
Limited time holiday special! Spiced pumpkin puree, black tea, non dairy creamer, graham cracker *100% SWEET ONLY *BOBA NOT INCLUDED