Garlic Breadsticks $4.19
Four warm, melt-in-your-mouth breadsticks served with hearty alfredo sauce for dipping.
Garlic Bread With Cheese $4.19
Four pieces of french bread brushed with garlic butter, loaded with mozzarella, oven-toasted and served with marinara for dipping.
Garlic Bread Without Cheese $3.49

Shoppe House Salad $2.69
Crisp green salad with bacon bits, mozzarella and two slices of pepperoni. Add chicken: $0.69, other additional ingredients: $0.19.
Big Shoppe Salad $6.19
A meal-size version of our shoppe house salad, plus chopped ham and black olives.
Classic Chicken Salad $6.19
A bed of crisp lettuce with seasoned grilled chicken, bacon, mozzarella, red onion, roma tomatoes and feta.
Italian Salad $6.19
A meal-size masterpiece with genoa salami, ham, pepperoni, black olives, pepperoncinis, mozzarella and cheddar.
BLT Salad $6.19
A new twist on a classic taste with plenty of bacon, lettuce and roma tomatoes, topped with shredded cheddar and mozzarella.

Meatball & Mozzarella Sub $5.99
Our classic meatballs, zesty marinara and melted mozzarella nestled in a submarine roll.
Chicken Pepper Jack $5.99
Sourdough bread layered with pepper jack, loaded with seasoned chicken and finished with fresh red onion.
Hot Ham & Cheese $5.99
A generous helping of ham and mozzarella with a dash of pizza sauce on a sesame-seed bun.
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $5.99
Sliced chicken and melted mozzarella, topped with blue cheese crumbles and bold buffalo sauce. Served on toasted sourdough bread with lettuce, tomato and a side of ranch dressing.
Classic Corned Beef & Kraut $5.99
Corned beef sliced thin and heaped high with melted mozzarella on rye, served with a generous side of sauerkraut.
Hearty Roast Beef $5.99
A mountain of roast beef for the heartiest appetite topped with melted mozzarella and served on a sesame-seed bun.
Italian Super Sub $5.99
Genoa salami, ham and pepperoni layered with cheddar and mozzarella, served open-face on a hoagie roll with lettuce, tomato, red onion and italian dressing on the side.

Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo $6.69
Fettuccini noodles tossed with alfredo sauce, sliced grilled chicken and parmesan cheese, served with two breadsticks.
Spaghetti With Meatballs $6.69
Smothered in zesty italian meat sauce, topped with three meatballs and melted mozzarella, served with two pieces of garlic toast.
Manicotti $6.69
Manicotti noodles smothered in zesty meat sauce and topped with mozzarella. Served with two pieces of garlic toast.
Lasagna $6.69
A delicious italian classic layered with ricotta and topped with rich meat sauce and perfectly toasted mozzarella, served with two pieces of garlic toast.

Original Roundtable $9.29+
Hamburger, pork sausage, canadian bacon, pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, onion and extra mozzarella.
Chicken Margherita $9.29+
Fresh mozzarella and grilled chicken with marinara, olive oil, basil, garlic and roma tomatoes.
Majestic Chicken $9.29+
Chicken, red onion, roma tomatoes, bacon, pepper jack, feta and mozzarella.
Barbeque Chicken $9.29+
Zesty barbeque sauce, grilled chicken, bacon, pineapple, jalapenos, red onion and cheddar cheese.
Garden Supreme $9.29+
Black olives, green pepper, mushrooms, red and white onion, artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes, feta and mozzarella.
Butcher Block $9.29+
Canadian bacon, pork sausage and italian sausage, bacon, hamburger, pepperoni and extra mozzarella.
Hawaiian Jack $9.29+
Canadian bacon, pineapple, green peppers, mushrooms and pepper jack cheese.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza $7.69+
Bold buffalo sauce, sliced oven-roasted chicken, blue cheese crumbles and mozzarella, topped with even more buffalo sauce.
Margherita $7.69+
Robust marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella with olive oil, basil, garlic and roma tomatoes.
Cheese Deluxe $7.69+
Perfect blend of fresh mozzarella, feta, cheddar, romano and mozzarella.
Alfredo Chicken Pizza $7.69+
Rich alfredo sauce and grilled chicken with mushrooms, red onion and mozzarella.
3-Cheese Bacon & Roma $7.69+
Mozzarella, cheddar and romano topped with bacon and sliced roma tomatoes.

Create Your Own $5.49+
King – single topping $1.49 each additional topping, queen – single topping $1.19 each additional topping, prince – single topping $0.89 each additional topping, gluten free 8″-6 slices, single topping $0.89 each additional topping.
Alfredo, bbq sauce, marinara, pizza sauce.
Cheddar, feta, mozzarella, pepper jack, fresh mozzarella, blue cheese, crumbles.
Anchovies, bacon, canadian bacon, chicken, corned beef, genoa salami, hamburger, italian sausage, meatballs, pepperoni, pork sausage.
Fruits & Veggies
Artichoke hearts, dill pickles, green peppers, jalapeños, mushrooms, olives (black & green), onion (red & white), pepperoncinis, pineapple, roma tomatoes, sauerkraut.

Mini Pizza Deal $6.89
Single-topping mini pizza served with shoppe house salad and drink. Mini single-topping only: $4.19, additional toppings: $0.19 each.
Mini Pizza Deal – Specialty $8.19
Mini Pizza Deal – Popular Combo $7.89
Big Sandwich Special $6.69
Enjoy any of our oven-toasted sandwiches, served with potato chips, dill pickles and drink. Substitute shoppe house salad for chips $1.69.
Big Salad Special $6.69
select one of our signature salads – the big shoppe, classic chicken, italian or blt – served with a drink.
Lunch Pasta Special $6.69
A lunch-size portion of your choice of chicken fettuccini alfredo, manicotti or spaghetti & meatballs. All served with your choice of bread, a shoppe house salad and a drink. Add chicken to any pasta dish: $1.69.

Mini Pizza $3.69
7″ Pizza with choice of single topping.
Spaghetti With Meatball $3.69
Served with a piece of garlic bread.
Manicotti $3.69
Served with a piece of garlic bread.
Mac & Cheese $3.69
Served with a piece of garlic bread.
Chicken Alfredo $3.69
Served with a piece of garlic bread.
Kid’s Finger Bowl Ala Carte $1.69
Served in a snack bowl: mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, ham, black olives or pineapples served with crackers.