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Planet Lite Smoothies

Lunar Lemonade Smoothie$5.54
Strawberries, lemonade and bananas.
Berry Bada-Bing Smoothie$5.44
Peaches, raspberries, bananas and frozen yogurt.
Strawberry Colada Smoothie$5.44
Pineapple, coconut, strawberries, nonfat milk and vanilla.
2 Piece Bikini Smoothie$5.54
Strawberries, bananas, vanilla and nonfat milk.
Leapin Lizard Smoothie$5.54
Peaches and strawberries.
Mediterranean Monster Smoothie$5.54
Strawberries, bananas and orange juice.
Crazy Bee Smoothie$5.54
Mango, strawberries and honey.

Energy Smoothies

Matcha Libre Smoothie$5.44
Matcha green tea, passion fruit and frozen yogurt.
Road Runner Smoothie$5.44
Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, orange juice and energy blast.
Java the Nut Smoothie$5.54
Coffee, cocoa, peanut butter, bananas, frozen yogurt and nonfat milk.
Mango Passion Smoothie$5.44
Mango, passion fruit, strawberries and energy blast.
Chocolate Elvis Smoothie$5.54
Cocoa, peanut butter, bananas, frozen yogurt, nonfat milk and energy blast.
Grape Ape Smoothie$5.44
Grape juice, strawberries and energy blast.

Superfood Smoothies

Nutty Brazilian Smoothie$5.94
Acai, peanut butter and bananas.
Chia the Greek Smoothie$5.94
Strawberries, bananas, Greek yogurt and chia seeds.
Amazon Kick Smoothie$5.94
Acai, blueberries, strawberries and bananas.
Pineapple Tropi-Kale Twist Smoothie$6.04
Almond milk, leafy greens, passion fruit and pineapple.
Acai Original Smoothie$5.94
Acai, apple, strawberries and bananas.

Protein Smoothies

Big Bang Smoothie$5.94
Strawberries, bananas, vanilla and whey protein.
Chocolate Chimp Smoothie$5.94
Cocoa, bananas, vanilla, honey and whey protein.
Lean Green Extreme Smoothie$6.04
Pineapple, mango, bananas, leafy greens, orange juice and pea protein.
Peanut Butter Power Up Smoothie$5.94
Peanut butter, bananas, whole grain oats, chia seeds and frozen yogurt.
Mr Mongo Smoothie$5.94
Strawberries, bananas, frozen yogurt, nonfat milk, vanilla and whey protein.
Orange Push Up Smoothie$5.94
Orange juice, pineapple, peaches, frozen yogurt, orange sherbet and whey protein.

Planet Favorites Smoothies

The Last Mango Smoothie$5.54
Mango, peaches, bananas and orange sherbet.
Captain Kid Smoothie$5.44
Strawberries and orange sherbet.
Twig and Berries Smoothie$5.44
Strawberries, bananas and frozen yogurt.
Vinnie del Rocco Smoothie$5.44
Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and orange sherbet.
PBJ Smoothie$5.44
Peanut bitter, strawberries, bananas, frozen yogurt, non fat milk and vanilla.
Shag-A-Delic Smoothie$5.44
Blueberries, strawberries, bananas, frozen yogurt, nonfat milk and vanilla.
Mountain Man Crunch Smoothie$5.54
Peanut butter, bananas, granola, honey and frozen yogurt.

Protein Your Way

Protein Your Way$6.94


Nutty Brazilian Bowl$8.94
Acai, peanut butter, bananas topped with granola and bananas.
Amazon Kick Smoothie Bowl$8.94
Acai, blueberries, stawberries, bananas, topped with granola and bananas.
Rio Bowl$8.94
Acai, apple, bananas topped with chia seeds and bananas.
Daybreak Crunch Bowl$9.04
Strawberries, bananas, Greek yogurt, whole grain oats topped with chia seeds and granola.
Two To Mango Bowl$8.94
Mango, blueberries, passion fruit, bananas, topped with coconut and granola.