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Bar Snacks | A La Carte

Bar Snacks

Local Farm Radishes & Butter$6.05
Trout Crudo$8.95
With green tea, amaranth and cucumbers.
Bread & Cultured Butter$4.05
With pistachio, mint and arugula.
Bread & Cultured Butter$4.05
Beef Tartare$9.95
With radish and watercress.
Apple Aebleskivers$6.05
With maple and gjetost cheese.

A La Carte

Trout Crudo$7.95
With green tea, amaranth and cucumber.
With salsify, puy lentils, ginger and sunchoke.
Kentucky Beef Tartare$7.95
With radish and watercress.
Black Currant Sorbet$9.95
With hazelnut caramel and vanilla.
Berkshire Pork$24.05
With ramps, potato and honey.
Japanese Cheesecake$9.95
With last year's strawberries, rhubarb and fig leaf.
With grilled endive, celery root and shiitake.
With olive and mint.
Enoki Mushrooms$15.95
With walnut milk, comte and breadcrumbs.
Celery Root Dumplings$15.95
With seaweeds, shiso, onion and sherry.
Eucalyptus Fro-Yo$10.05
With caramelized lime, cocoa and salted meringue.
With kohlrabi, grapefruit and dry vermouth.