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Fried Chicken Sandwiches Meal

The Tweety Bird Sandwich Meal$16.54
Honey mustard, house pickles and jalapeno sweet heat slaw.
Flaming Mo$18.04
Smoky ghost pepper cheese, pickled jalapenos, jalapeno swqeet heat slaw, Zapp's potato chips, Pluck sauce
Basic Chick$15.04
Pluck sauce, pickles
The Rooster Sandwich Meal$18.04
Sharp cheddar, applewood bacon, cage free over easy and house pepper jelly.
The Club Chick Meal$18.04
all natural grilled chicken breast, applewood bacon, arugula, roma tomato, chipotle ranch, avocado crema - comes with your choice of sidekick and fountain drink.
The Sticky Chicky Sandwich Meal$16.44
Asian sticky sauce, jalapeno sweet heat slaw, pickled jalapenos, spicy mayo and toasted sesame seeds.
The Naughty Nash Sandwich Meal$17.94
Nashville hot pepper oil, jalapeno sweet heat slaw, Pluck sauce, pickles.
The Buff Chick Sandwich Meal$16.44
Buffalo sauce, blue cheese queso and house pickles.
Chicken and Waffle Sandwich Meal$19.54
Maple hot sauce reduction, over easy egg, applewood smoked bacon and sharp cheddar. Served with brown sugar cinnamon butter.


5 Piece Wings Meal with 1 Flavor$15.04
Comes with choice of side and fountain drink.
9 Piece Wings with 1 Flavor$15.74
9 Piece Wings Meal with 1 Flavor$21.54
Comes with choice of side and fountain drink.
10 Piece Wings Meal with 2 Flavors$21.94
Comes with choice of side and fountain drink.
15 Piece Wings Meal with 3 Flavors$28.04
Comes with choice of side and fountain drink.

Other Pluckers

The Cali Chick Salad$15.54
all natural grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, applewood bacon, blue cheese, roma tomato, avocado, green apple, balsamic vinaigrette
Blueffalo Chicken Fries$15.94
Fried chicken bites, house Buffalo sauce, blue cheese queso and green onion.
Fried Chicken Taco$17.94
Lettuce, pico de gallo, queso fresco, avocado crema, fresh jalapeno and chipotle lime ranch.
Chicken Tenders Meal$14.04
Served with house honey mustard or ranch.
Valley Chick$15.44
Fried chicken, black beans, roasted corn, roma tomato, avocado, roasted red pepper and queso fresco. Served with chipotle lime ranch.
Fried Chicken Nacho Fries$16.04
fried chicken bites, queso, bacon, pickled jalapenos, green onions, chipotle ranch


Waffle Cut French Fries$5.04
White Cheddar Mac and Cheese$4.94
Watermelon Salad$5.04
Served with arugula and queso fresco.
Jalapeno Sweet Heat Coleslaw$5.04
Buffalo Blue Fries$6.94
Blue cheese queso, Buffalo sauce and green onion.
Nacho Fries$7.04
queso, bacon, pickled jalapeno, green onion, chipotle ranch


Glazed Apple Hand Pie$6.44
Glazed Mini Donuts$5.04
Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.64

Kids Chicken Littles

Kids Chicken Strips$9.34
2 pieces. Served with house honey mustard or ranch and choice of waffle fries, mac n cheese or watermelon.
Kids Mac N Cheese and Fries$9.44
House mac and cheese and waffle.


Fountain Drinks$2.64