Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen may specialize in fried chicken, but that doesn’t mean they cannot produce some awesome burgers. These Popeyes burgers/sandwiches are quite limited in their selection, but what’s available certainly tastes amazing.

In fact, it’s not only Popeyes burgers that offer a great alternative to their classic chicken selection, as you can find a great-tasting Popeyes wrap is well worth trying! Granted these burgers from Popeyes don’t feature any beef, but that’s to be expected given its Popeyes!!

1) Chicken PO’ Boy (660 calories)

Sandwich Price: $3.99

Meal Price: $6.49

Description: 2 chicken tenders placed on french baguette with lettuce pickles and mayo.

2) Seafood PO’ Boy (690 calories)

Sandwich Price: $4.19

Meal Price: $6.99

Description: choose a french baguette stuffed with shrimps or whole fillet fish with lettuce, pickles and tarter sauce.

Popeyes Burgers

Popeyes burger consist of the Chicken Po’Boy and the Seafood Po’Bo. The first of these is essentially Popeye’s answer to a chicken burger, featuring two handcrafted chicken tenders on a French baguette served with lettuce, pickles and mayo, and is also available with Blackened tenders!

The Seafood Po’Boy is much the same, being Popeyes answer to a seafood burger. You select from shrimp or premium whole-fillet fish, which is then served on a French baguette with lettuce, pickles and tartar sauce.

Loaded Chicken Wrap

Popeyes Loaded Chicken Wrap is definitely worth checking out; it’s almost Tex-Mex in style but keeps that famous Popeyes taste!

The only wrap available from Popeyes, it consists of a Handcrafted Tender, red beans, and rice all wrapped in a warm cheddar tortilla.