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Regular Coffee

100% Colombian$5.30
Columbian Decaf$5.30
Dark Guatemalan$5.20
French Roast$5.20
House Blend$5.20
Pre-Packaged Colombian Coffee Bags$29.45
42 count boxes.
Pre-Packaged Decaf Coffee Bags$29.95
42 count boxes.
Pre-Packaged Regular Coffee Bags$28.45
42 count boxes.
Tuscan Blend$5.20
Venetian Blend$5.30

Flavored Coffee

Blueberry Cobbler$5.20
Caramel Vanilla$5.20
Chocolate Mint$5.20
Chocolate Raspberry$5.30
Coconut Cream$5.30
English Toffee$5.30
French Vanilla Decaf$5.30
French Vanilla$5.30
Hazelnut Decaf$5.20
Irish Cream$5.30
Pumpkin Spice$5.20
Southern Toasted Pecan$5.30
Strawberry Cream$5.20
Toasted Nut Fudge$5.20
Valencia Orange$5.30
Vanilla Nut Cream$5.30

Specialty Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain$10.45


Decaf K-Cups$16.05
Flavored K-Cups$16.05
Regular K-Cups$15.95
Tea and Hot Chocolate K-Cups$15.95


Bigelow Herbal Tea Caffeine Free and All Natural$3.90
28 Ct. box.
Bigelow Tea$3.90
28 Ct. box.
Oregon Chai Tea Latte Mix$14.95
24 and 1.1 oz. packets.


Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans - Dark Chocolate$12.05
Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans - Milk Chocolate$11.95
Fowler's Milk Chocolate Sponge Candy$11.95
Fowlers Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy$12.05