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Plato Tipico (Una Pupusa, un Tamal, Yuca, Platano y Chicharron)$8.05
One pupusa, 1 tamal, fried cassava, fried plantain and dried pork.
Desayuno Salvadoreno (Huevos, Frijoles, Crema, Platano y Queso)$7.45
Salvadorian breakfast, scrambled eggs, fried beans, fried plantain with sour cream and cheese.
Pan con Frijol$2.05
Refried beans served in a French roll, topped with sour cream.
Desayuno Tradicional (Huevos, Frijoles, Crema y Queso)$5.45
Traditional breakfast, scrambled eggs, fried beans and cheese.
Huevos Rancheros (Huevos Estrellados con Tomate, Frijoles, Crema y Queso)$5.45
Fried eggs topped with tomato, fried beans and cheese.
Plátano con Frijoles (Platano, Cream y Frijol)$6.55
Fried plantain with refried beans and sour cream.

Tacos & Tamales

Tamal de Elote con Crema (Corn Tamal Topped with Sour Cream)$1.70
Tacos de Barbacoa (Slow Cooked Marinated Beef)$1.45
Tamal de Pollo (Deliciously Seasoned Corn Flour Mixture$1.45
Stuffed with chicken and vegetables, wrapped in a plantain leaf.
Tamal de Elote Frito (Corn Tamal Fried)$1.80
Tamal de Elote (Corn)$1.45
Tacos de Pollo (Chicken)$1.55
Tacos de Lengua (Beef Tongue)$1.70

House Speciality-Especialidad De La Casa

Thick corn tortilla stuffed with delicious mixture of your choice. Slow cooked over grill, there is no rushing this deliciousness.

Traditional Plates-Platillos Tradicionales

Tilapia Frita (Arroz y Ensalada)$9.95
Fresh fried tilapia, served with rice and salad.
Sanguche de Pollo$6.45
Hot chicken sandwich, French roll with seasoned shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.
Carne Asada (Arroz y Ensalada)$9.95
Grilled steak, served with rice and salad.
Yuca Solo$4.05
Fried cassava only.
Pollo Frito (Arroz, Frijol y Ensalada)$8.95
Fried marinated chicken, served with rice, beans and salad.
Fajita Encebollada (Arroz y Ensalada)$9.95
Grilled fajita steak, served over a bed of grilled-fresh onions, rice and salad.
Yuca con Chicharron$7.05
Fried cassava, topped with chunks of fried pork, marinated shredded cabbage and specially seasoned tomato sauce.


Agua Embotellada (Bottled Water)$1.05
Coca Cola$1.95
Mexicana imported from Mexico.
Kolashampan Salvadorian Soda$1.45
Cafe (Coffee)$1.55
Coke, Diet Coke, orange, Sprite, dr pepper.
Chocolate Caliente (Hot Chocolate)$1.45
Uva Tropical$1.95
Jarritos Bottled Fruit Drink$1.55
Tamarind, mandarin, lime, pineapple.
Aguas Frescas$1.45