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Le First Chomp™

Choose Chicken & Sausage or Seafood
Fried Pickle Chips$6.95
Deep fried dill chips, Cajun buttermilk dip
Boudin Balls$9.05
Traditional Cajun pork & rice sausage with spicy sauce
Rat Toes®$8.05
Our famous seafood stuffed jalapeños
Canal Street Combo$9.05
Combination of our fried pickle chips, boudin balls and Rat Toes served with Cajun buttermilk for dipping
Cajun Fondue$10.95
Your choice of shrimp, crawfish or chicken in a creamy cheese sauce, served with garlic toast
Firemouth Chicky Dipperz™$9.95
Hand Battered, perfectly fried Chicken Dippers, Cajun Buttermilk
Crispy Fried Gator Tail$11.95
Seasoned fries, cocktail sauce
Popcorn Shrimp$9.95
French fries & dipping sauce

Shucked & Shelled

Oysters on the ½ Shell*$12.05
Raw & Salty on the shell
Grilled Oysters*$13.95
Garlic butter & Parmesan

Rabbit Food

Hurricane Glazed Salmon Salad$20.95
Greens, red onion, tomato, walnuts, cucumber, with choice of dressing
Chopped House Salad$9.95
Greens topped with crispy bacon, shredded cheese, seasoned garlic croutons, diced egg, tomato, & cucumbers
Crispy Chicken Club Salad$15.05
Greens tossed with bacon, egg, cheese, cucumber & tomatoes topped with slices of buttermilk fried chicken breast
Caesar Salad$10.05
Chopped romaine, seasoned garlic croutons, parmesan, caesar dressing

Cajun Favorites

Blackened Plates$14.95
Cajun seasoned over buttery meuniere sauce. Dirty rice, green beans, & garlic toast
Stuffed Shrimp$16.95
Topped with seafood stuffing & lemon butter sauce. White rice, green beans & garlic toast
Stuffed Fish$15.95
Grilled tilapia over seafood stuffing & white rice. Topped with lemon butter sauce. Green beans, garlic toast
Chicken Tchoupitoulas$15.95
Grilled breast over potatoes, andouille sausage & mushrooms. Green beans, garlic toast, & lemon butter sauce
Crawfish Étoufée$16.95
Crawfish in a rich, dark roux sauce. Dirty rice & garlic toast
Fish Ah Yee!®$14.95
Flaky fried white fish smothered in a shrimp cream sauce. White rice, green beans, & garlic toast
Cajun Tricky Fish$16.95
Blackened tilapia served over dirty rice & topped with crawfish étoufée. Green beans & garlic toast
Grilled Alligator$18.05
Over jambalaya rice with bbq "ouch" sauce. Green beans & garlic toast
Lake Charles Creole Chicken$17.05
Grilled chicken breast topped with blackened jumbo shrimp and rich & zesty Creole sauce. White rice, green beans & garlic toast
Creole Fish Pontchartrain$17.05
Grilled tilapia topped with blackened shrimp and rich & zesty Creole sauce. White rice, green beans & garlic toast
Cajun Étoufée$15.95
Choose Chicken or Shrimp. Served in a rich, dark roux sauce. Dirty rice & garlic toast
Hurricane Salmon$21.05
Grilled salmon fillet brushed with sweet & spicy hurricane glaze. Mashed potatoes, green beans, & garlic toast
Zydeco Pasta™$15.95
Blackened Chicken or Sautéed Shrimp. Penne pasta, tomato, mushroom & green peppers in Creole cream sauce. Garlic toast
Jambalaya Pasta$16.05
Andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp & fish tossed in a spicy tomato cream sauce with penne pasta, vegetables & garlic toast

Po'Boys & Such

Toasted French roll with all the fixings. Fried Shrimp, Blackened Fish Fillet, Blackened Chicken Breast, Fried Catfish
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich$12.95
Southern-fried chicken breast with honey mustard sauce
Big Easy Cheeseburger*$13.05
Half-pound patty, smoky sauce, bacon & cheese

Fried Baskets

Butterflied Shrimp$13.95
Fried Catfish$13.95
Shrimp & Catfish Combo$15.05
Two favorites
Seafood Combo Platter$19.95
Shrimp, catfish & crawfish
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tender Basket$13.05


Hush Puppies
Corn Cob
Green Beans
Dirty Rice
Red Beans N Rice
Mashed Potatoes

Bubba's Specials

Cajun 2-Ways$16.05
Choice of crispy shrimp or crawfish tails with étoufée & dirty rice. Fries & hush puppies
Cajun Combo Skillet$15.95
Taste it all! Grilled andouille, shrimp Creole, crawfish étoufée, red beans, & garlic toast
Jalapeño Catfish or Chicken$11.95
Fried fillets over white rice with creamy jalapeño cheese sauce. Green beans & garlic toast
Andouille Sausage Over Red Beans & Rice$12.95
A Cajun sausage tradition. Garlic toast
Cajun Fried Chicken$13.05
Topped with andouille cream gravy. Mashed potatoes, green beans, & garlic toast
Cajun Fried Steak$15.05
Topped with andouille cream gravy. Mashed potatoes, green beans, & garlic toast


Southern Bread Pudding$7.05
Made fresh daily. Peaches, walnuts, served warm, topped with dark rum sauce
Zydeco Dancer®$7.05
Cheesecake filling & strawberry on a candied walnut graham cracker crust
Crescent City Mud Sundae®$6.95
Warm brownie with ice cream, walnuts, whipped cream & chocolate sauce


Chicken Strips
Popcorn Shrimp
Fried Fish
Grilled Chicken

French Quarter Sips

Beer & Wine

Draft Beers

Bud Light
Michelob Ultra
Miller Lite
Shiner Bock
TX & OKC only
Sam Adams Seasonal
Voodoo Ranger IPA
Modelo Especial
Stella Artois

Not on Draft

Bud Light$4.05
Abita Amber$5.05
Corona Premier$5.05
Coors Light$4.05
Dos XX Lager$5.05
Angry Orchard Hard Cider$4.95
White Claw Black Cherry Hard Seltzer$5.05


Chloe Pinot Grigio$10.05
Josh Cellars 'Craftsman Collection' Chardonnay$9.95
Josh Cellars 'Craftsman Collection' Cabernet Sauvignon$10.05
Robert Mondavi 'Private Selection' Merlot$10.05

Frozen Drinks

Hurrycane Hell™$9.05
Light & Dark Rums mixed with our house Hurrycane recipe
Mardi Rita™$9.05
Silver Tequila & our house Mardi Rita™ recipe
Swomp Thang™$10.05
Hurrycane Hell™ & Mardi Rita™ side by side, topped with DeKuyper Raspberry & Melon liqueur

Mason Jar Chillers

Bayou Breeze$9.95
Don Q Pasión Fruit Rum, Beso Del Sol White Sangria, mango, pineapple, Sprite
Peach Mambo$10.05
Deep Eddy Peach Vodka, DeKuyper Peachtree, Beso Del Sol White Sangria, orange juice, Sprite, peaches
Watermelon Crawler™$10.05
Skyy Infusions Watermelon Vodka, DeKuyper Watermelon, Beso Del Sol White Sangria, fruit juices, Sprite

Signature Cocktails

Bloody Voodoo Marie™$9.95
Absolut Peppar Vodka with Razzoo's Firemouth™ hot sauce & our house Bloody Mary recipe
Margarita Rocks$9.05
Sauza Hacienda Silver Tequila, DeKuyper Triple Sec & our house Margarita mix
Nola Tea™$10.05
Skyy Vodka, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Beefeater Gin, Kraken Spiced Rum, Finest Call Citrus Sour topped with a splash of Coke

Bayou Bigs

Strawberry Coconut Sunrise$9.95
Half Rocks & Half Frozen Margarita, Silver Tequila, Malibu Coconut Rum, Finest Call Strawberry Puree & pineapple juice
Hurrycane Rocks™$10.05
Cruzan Aged Dark & Light Rums with Don Q 151 Rum, grenadine, pineapple & orange juices
The Gator Punch™$9.95
Killer trashcan punch with Svedka Vodka, Cruzan Aged Light Rum, Kraken Spiced Rum, Southern Comfort, Skyy Infusions Citrus Vodka, DeKuyper Banana, Finest Call Grenadine, pineapple & orange juices

Whatcha Drinkin'?

Cajun Concoctions

Magnolia Sunrise Tea™$10.95
Svedka Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Cruzan Aged Light Rum, DeKuyper Triple Sec, Finest Call Premium Citrus Sour, cranberry juice
Ragin' Rita$12.05
1800 Reposado Tequila, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, DeKuyper Triple Sec, Finest Call Premium Citrus Sour
Blackberry Crush$10.95
Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, Blackberry Reàl, fresh lemon juice, club soda
Swamp Water$11.05
Sauza Hacienda Silver Tequila, Finest Call Lime Juice, club soda
Second Line Sour Martini™$11.05
Skyy Infusions Citrus Vodka, DeKuyper Triple Sec, Finest Call Bar Syrup & Citrus Sour
Southern Peach$12.05
Hennessy VS Cognac, DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps, DeKuyper Triple Sec, Finest Call Peach Puree & Grenadine, Sprite
The Worm Burner™$12.95
Warning! Extra Strong. Southern Comfort, Tito's Handmade Vodka, Don Q 151 Rum, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, Finest Call Grenadine. Topped with Gummy Worms & Don Q 151 Rum
Big Easy Mojito$10.05
Bacardi Superior Rum, Monin Mojito Syrup, fresh lime juice, club soda. Flavor Options: mango or peach



Absolut Peppar
Deep Eddy Grapefruit
Deep Eddy Peach
Grey Goose
Skyy Infusions Citrus
Skyy Infusions Watermelon
Tito's Handmade


Sauza Hacienda Silver
1800 Reposado
Patrón Añejo
Patrón Silver




Glenlivet 12yr. Single Malt
Johnnie Walker Black

Cordials & Cognac

Dekuyper Flavors
Goldschläger Cinnamon
Grand Marnier
Hennessy VS Cognac
Rémy VSOP Cognac
Rumple Minze


Cruzan Aged Light
Bacardi Superior
Captain Morgan Spiced
Cruzan Aged Dark
Don Q 151
Don Q Pasión Fruit
Kraken Black Spiced
Malibu Coconut


Jim Beam Bourbon
Crown Royal
Fireball Cinnamon
Jack Daniel's
Jameson Irish
Maker's Mark Bourbon
Southern Comfort
TX Blended
Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon
Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Woodford Reserve Rye


Flavored Tea & Lemonade$3.05
Strawberry, Peach, Watermelon, Raspberry, Mango

Soft Drinks

Diet Coke
Dr Pepper
Famous Olde Tyme Barq's Root Beer
Minute Maid


Jalapeño Catfish
Hand-battered, fried fillets with jalapeño cheese sauce over rice. Green beans & garlic toast
Jambalaya Pasta
Andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp & fish tossed in a spicy tomato cream sauce with penne pasta, veggies, & garlic toast
Mid-Day Étoufée
Choose Chicken or Shrimp. Served in a rich, dark roux sauce. Dirty rice & garlic toast
Popcorn Shrimp Basket
Popcorn shrimp, jalapeño hushpuppies, & cherry mustard with choice of one side
Gumbeaux & Salad Combo
Cup of our famous gumbo Choose Seafood or Chicken & Andouille Sausage paired with a side salad


Cajun Straws & Pickles
Deep-fried pickles, onion straws and jalapeño slices. Served with Cajun buttermilk
Pups & Pops
Jalapeño hushpuppies and fried popcorn shrimp. Served with cocktail sauce
Hot Honey Pups
Jalapeño hushpuppies dusted with Cajun spice and drizzled with honey. Served with butter

All Day, Every Day Sips

Miller Lite$3.05
Bud Light$2.95
Frozen Hurrycane Hell$4.95
Frozen Mardi Rita$5.05
Pinot Grigio$5.05