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Double Hamburger$5.95
Double Cheeseburger$6.55
Big Red Burger$6.45
Big Blue Burger$6.45


BLT Sandwich$4.05
Hot Dog Sandwich$2.20
Sausage Dog Sandwich$4.55
Chicken Filet Sandwich$4.45
Barbeque Sandwich$4.55
Country Ham Sandwich$4.70
Flounder Filet Sandwich$4.45
Chuckwagon Sandwich$3.45
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$2.55
Ham and Cheese Sandwich$4.05
Bacon and Cheese Sandwich$4.05
Triple Decker Club Sandwich$4.05

Meal and Dinner

Chef Salad$6.05
Hamburger Steak$7.45
Beef Liver and Onions$5.45
Barbeque Plate$6.55
Chicken Filet Plate$6.45
Shrimp Basket$7.55
Filet of Flounder$8.55
Fish and Shrimp Combo Platter$10.20

Seasonal Selections

Home-made Vegetable Soup with Cornbread$4.45
Home-made Vegetable Soup with Hot Dog$5.95
Home-made Vegetable Soup with Grilled Cheese$6.05
Tuna Salad Cold Plate$7.05

Week-Day Special

3 Vegetable Plate$5.20
4 Vegetable Plate$6.05
Meat and 2 Vegetable Plate$7.05
Meat and 3 Vegetable Plate$7.05

Family Size Meal

16 oz. Potato Salad$4.45
16 oz. Coleslaw$3.95
8 oz. Hot Dog Chille$7.95


French Fries$2.70
Chilli Cheese Fries$6.05
Potato Salad$2.05
Onion Rings$3.45
Hush Puppies$2.05
House Salad$3.45
Salad Dressing$0.55
Sliced Cheese$0.55


Hot Chocolate$1.80
14 oz. Milk$2.30
14 oz. Orange Juice$2.30
Soft Drinks$1.60


Grit's and Toast$2.45
Grits and Toast with 1 Egg$2.95
Grits and Toast with 2 Egg$3.65
Bacon with 1 Egg$4.55
Bacon with 2 Egg$5.15
Sausage with 1 Egg$4.55
Sausage with 2 Egg$5.15
Liver Mush$4.05
Liver Mush with 1 Egg$4.55
Liver Mush with 2 Egg$5.15
Grilled Bologna$4.05
Grilled Bologna with 1 Egg$4.65
Grilled Bologna with 2 Egg$5.15
Buffet Ham$4.05
Buffet Ham with 1 Egg$4.65
Buffet Ham with 2 Eggs$5.15
Fat Back$3.95
Fat Back with 1 Egg$5.00
Fat Back with 2 Eggs$5.60
Smoked Sausage$4.70
Smoked Sausage with 1 Egg$5.30
Smoked Sausage with 2 Eggs$6.00
Country Ham Slab$6.20
Country Ham Slab with 1 Egg$6.90
Country Ham Slab with 2 Eggs$7.40
Cheese Omelet with 2 Eggs$4.55
Meat and Cheese Omelet with 2 Eggs$5.95
Super Meat and Cheese Omelet with 2 Eggs$7.45


Jelly Biscuit$1.45
Gravy Biscuit$2.55
Sausage with Egg$2.90
Sausage with Egg and Cheese$3.40
Buffet Ham$2.20
Buffet Ham with Egg$2.90
Buffet Ham with Egg and Cheese$3.30
Bacon with Egg$2.80
Bacon with Egg and Cheese$3.40
Smoked Sausage$2.55
Smoked Sausage with Egg$3.15
Smoked Sausage with Egg and Cheese$3.55
Country Ham$2.65
Country Ham with Egg$3.25
Country Ham with Egg and Cheese$3.75

French Toast Special

2 Piece French Toast, 2 Piece Bacon and 2 Piece Links$6.30
French Toast with no Sides$3.95


1 Pancake with Syrup$2.75
2 Pancake with Syrup$3.95
1 Pancake with Bacon and Sausage$4.55
Extra Pancake with Pancake Order$1.80
1 Egg with Pancake$0.55

Breakfast Sandwiches

Fried Egg$2.55
Fried Egg with Cheese$2.95
Fried Bologna$3.05
Fried Bologna with Cheese$3.55
Fried Bologna and Egg$3.55
Fried Bologna and Egg with Cheese$4.05
Sausage with Cheese$3.45
Sausage and Egg$3.65
Sausage and Egg with Cheese$4.15
Buffet Ham$2.95
Buffet Ham with Cheese$3.55
Buffet Ham and Egg$3.65
Buffet Ham and Egg with Cheese$4.05
Bacon with Cheese$3.55
Bacon and Egg$3.65
Bacon and Egg with Cheese$4.05
Liver Mush$3.05
Liver Mush with Cheese$3.45
Liver Mush and Egg$3.55
Liver Mush and Egg with Cheese$4.05
Smoked Sausage$3.85
Smoked Sausage and Egg$4.55
Smoked Sausage and Egg with Cheese$4.95
Country Ham on Bun$4.70
Country Ham on Bun with Cheese$5.30
Country Ham and Egg on Bun$5.30
Country Ham and Egg on Bun with Cheese$5.80

Breakfast Side

Fat Back$3.05
Bacon, Sausage, Buffet Ham$2.55
Smoked Sausage$3.55
Country Ham slab$4.70
Grits with Cheese$1.95
Toast and Jelly$1.55
Home Fries$2.95
Hash Browns$2.45
Slice Tomatoes$2.05