California Roll (Surimi) $12.20
Surimi crabcake, avocado cucumber
California Roll (Snow Crab) $14.65
Snow crab, avocado cucumber
Tekka Maki $11.65
Kappa Maki $8.65
Cucumber roll
Negi Hamachi $13.45
Yellowtail and scallions
Sake Kawa $12.20
Grilled salmon with skin
Rock N’ Roll $13.45
Grilled freshwater eel, avocado and cucumber
Saigon Roll $13.45
Spicy tuna roll
Oshinko Maki $9.70
Pickled daikon roll
Futomaki $13.70
Yasai Maki – Vegetarian $12.65
Regular Sushi Moriawase $48.70
Regular – chef’s choice 5 pcs. nigiri 1 tekka maki
Chirashi Don $45.70
Chef’s choice sashimi over sushi rice
Avocado Roll $10.65
Prawn Tempura Roll $11.45
Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll $14.65
Spicy Crunchy Hamachi Roll $14.65

Maguro (Sushi) $9.95
Shiro Maguro (Sushi) $9.95
Albacore tuna
Hamachi (Sushi) $12.70
Sake (Sushi) $12.70
Kani (Sushi) $12.70
Unagi (Sushi) $12.70
Fresh water eel
Ikura (Sushi) $12.70
Salmon roe
Tobiko (Sushi) $12.70
Flying fish roe
Hotate (Sushi) $13.95
Amaebi (Sushi) $14.70
Raw sweet shrimp
Tako (Sushi) $12.70
Ika (Sushi) $12.20
Saba (Sushi) $12.20
Tamago (Sushi) $9.45
Egg omelette
Inari (Sushi) $10.20
Fried tofu pouch
Uzura (Sushi) $2.45
Quail egg, 2 pcs

Broccoli $11.95
With butter
Corn-on-the-Cob $6.15
With butter sweet sake/soy sauce
Asparagus $13.65
With butter
1002. Leeks $8.45
With ponzu sauce. Grilled over the open fire, robata style.
Mushrooms $11.95
With ponzu sauce. Grilled over the open fire, robata style.
1006. Potato $6.70
With butter. Grilled over the open fire, robata style.
Shiitake Mushrooms $15.95
With ponzu sauce. Grilled over the open fire, robata style.

Salmon Teriyaki $32.45
Grilled fresh Atlantic salmon served with vegetables rice
Chicken Teriyaki $31.65
Grilled skinless breast meat served with vegetables rice
Beef Teriyaki New York $36.65
Grilled new york cut with vegetables. Served with rice.
Japanese Steak $40.70
Grilled filet mignon with side of ginger sauce and vegetables. Served with rice.
Tonkatsu $29.45
Breaded pork cutlet, lightly fried with coleslaw. Served with rice.
Chicken Katsu $31.65
Breaded chicken breast, lightly fried with cole slaw rice
Tempura Dinner $30.65
Large prawns vegetables, lightly battered fried rice
Lamb Battayaki $36.65
Sauteed with garlic butter, sake soy sauce, served with grilled broccoli rice
Beef Sukiyaki $30.45
Thinly sliced beef with tofu vegetables rice
Chicken Sukiyaki $29.45
Strips of chicken with tofu vegetables rice
Unajyu $30.45
Grilled freshwater eel over rice with japanese pickles & rice

955. Sake Tataki a la Carte $26.45
Lightly seared salmon sashimi with ponzu and daikon.
Shumai $12.45
Steamed shrimp dumplings
Calamari Yaki $21.70
Grilled giant squid
959. Ika Fry a la Carte $17.45
Battered and fried monterey squid with wasabi tartar.
Scallop Battayaki $23.65
Butter sauteed, served with a spring salad
962. Kaba Yaki a la Carte $21.70
Grilled freshwater eel with broccoli.
Soft Shell Crab $23.65
Lightly fried, served with cole slaw
Tempura Appetizer $18.65
Prawns vegetables
Poki Salad $20.45
Cubes of albacore sashimi with sesame oil, chili sauce, garlic and soy
Shiro Maguro Tataki $20.65
Hamachi Kama Yaki $22.20
Grilled yellowtail collar served with ponzu sauce
Saikyo Yaki $31.65
Broiled alaskan black cod marinated with miso sake

Teba $11.65
Grilled chicken wings
Yakitori $11.65
Grilled skewered chicken scallions with teriyaki sauce
973. Chicken Tatsuta a la Carte $12.20
Bite-size and crispy fried.
Chicken Tataki $16.20
Grilled breast meat with ponzu sauce grated daikon
Beef Asparamaki $14.45
Grilled beef wrapped asparagus with teriyaki sauce
Beef Kushi $12.45
Grilled skewered beef scallions with teriyaki sauce

Miso Shiru $5.15
Bean curd soup with tofu green onion
Miso Deluxe $12.20
With mushrooms, seaweed, tofu green onion

Sunomono $8.95
Cucumber bay shrimp with vinaigrette
Horenso Goma Ae $9.70
Chilled steamed spinach with sesame dressing
997. Robata House Salad $15.70
Assorted lettuce with bay shrimp, cucumber, mushrooms and tomato.
Tsukemono $9.95
Assorted Japanese pickles
Edamame $9.95
Steamed soybeans
Wakame Salad $12.45
Seaweed marinated in sesame dressing

Gohan $3.95
Steamed rice
Riceball $8.45
Grilled with special sauce
986. Zosui $20.65
Rice in broth with shrimp, eel, chicken, vegetables and egg.

987. Grilled Tofu $9.70
Grilled dried tofu with miso sauce.
Agedashi Tofu $11.95
Deep-fried with grated daikon tempura sauce
Tofu Teriyaki $11.95
Fried tofu with teriyaki sauce
991. Hiyayakko $11.45
Cold tofu with dipping sauce.

Yaki Soba $19.65
Pan-fried noodles with bay shrimp or chicken
Soba $19.20
Buckwheat noodle soup with tempura or chicken.
Zarusoba $19.65
Chilled buckwheat or green tea noodles with dipping sauce, served with tempura
Udon $19.65
Thick noodle soup with tempura or chicken

Maguro (Sashimi)
Shiro Maguro (Sashimi)
Albacore tuna
Hamachi (Sashimi)
Sake (Sashimi)
Salmon. Sliced raw fish and shellfish.
Regular Sashimi Moriawase $50.20
Regular – chef’s choice combination, 12 pcs
Large Moriawase Sashimi $75.45
Large – chef’s choice combination, 20pcs

Unaten Maki $20.45
Large tempura prawn rolled in rice seaweed, topped with grilled freshwater eel
Marin Roll $24.45
King crab avocado roll, topped with assorted sashimi cooked shrimp (similar to rainbow roll)
Robata Roll $24.45
Crispy soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber tobiko roll
Caterpillar Roll $24.45
Tempura prawn tobiko roll, topped with grilled eel and avocado
49er Roll $21.70
Avocado and tobiko roll topped with sliced Salmon and lemon
Hella Roll $23.70
Asparagus tempura bits, topped with maguro, avocado tobiko

Crab Hand Roll $12.70
Spicy Scallop Hand Roll $17.20

Shiso Leaf $3.45
Ponzu Sauce $2.45
Teriyaki Sauce $3.20
Ginger $2.20
Side of Wasabi $1.20
Salad Dressing $2.20
Spicy Mayo $1.70
Soy Sauce (Small) $1.20
Soy Sauce (Lg) $1.70