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Combo Special

Chicken Bowl and Drink$5.45
Crunch Roll Plate and Drink$9.55
California Roll Plate and Drink$8.70


Small Chicken Teriyaki Bowl$4.70
Large Beef Teriyaki Bowl$7.00
Shrimp Bowl$5.40
Veggie Bowl$4.40
Large Combo Bowl$6.70
Small Beef Teriyaki Bowl$5.20
Small Combo Bowl$5.10
Large Chicken Teriyaki Bowl$6.44


Chicken Udon$5.94
Vegetable Udon$5.34


Chicken Yakisoba$6.44
Beef Yakisoba$6.74
Vegetable Yakisoba$6.00

Side Order

Side of Chicken$2.30
With meal.
Garden Salad$2.04
With Asian sauce.
Fresh steamed soy bean.
Bowl of Rice$1.44
Shrimp Tempura (2pcs)$3.20
Theresa's Chicken Salad$6.40
With sweet sour sauce.
Egg Roll$2.10
Miso Soup$1.44
6 Piece Gyoza$4.45
6 Piece Vegetable Tempura$4.54
Chicken Katsu$6.64