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The Spooktacular Series Pints | San Francisco Classics Pints | Student Inventor Series Pints

The Spooktacular Series Pints

Creepy Crawly Critters$12.90
1, 2, 10 prickles along your skin. Dozens of critters are hiding in the grass by way of this matcha ice cream with toffee-brittle mealworms and chocolate crickets. Don Bugito in Oakland provided the delicious insects, we delivered the creepy.

San Francisco Classics Pints

Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons$13.00
Our reimagination of the classic. We spike our cream with just enough Guatemalan fleur DE set to bring out its nuances, then drizzle in ribbons of our hand-burned caramel. Made with Bitterman salt.
Salted, Malted, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$13.00
Made with the same malt you'd use to brew amber ale, our housemade cookie dough is perfectly salty thanks to 2 types of salt. Thick malted fudge rounds it all out. Made with Jacobsen's sea salt.
Double Fold Vanilla$12.90
It's called "double fold" for a reason: Our friends at singing dog use twice as many vanilla beans in their extract to pack an incredible punch. This definitely ain't vanilla. Made with singing dog vanilla.
Honey Lavender$12.90
Bliss for lavender lovers. We steep pounds of lavender petals in local honey, bringing out more complex, herbaceous flavors than you've ever experienced.
Chocolate Gooey Brownie$13.00
For anyone who eats brownies warm right out of the pan. We fold our housemade marshmallow fluff into the intensely chocolatey brownie batter so each piece stays fudgy in ice cream.
Strawberry Tres Leches$13.00
A study in strawberries: Roasted strawberry ice cream, vanilla-y strawberry jam, gooey tres leches cake.
Sightglass Coffee Cashew Praline$13.00
Homemade cashew praline amplifies the flavor of this bold, chocolate-y coffee ice cream. The caramelized praline balances the beans' floral notes, while the roasted nuts bring out its juicy, citrusy qualities. Made with sight glass coffee.
Organic Roots Arbequina Olive Oil$13.00
A simple combination thanks to our favorite California olive oil. We love enhancing its tropical, grassy flavors and rich, buttery texture in ice cream. Made with organic roots arbequina olive oil.
Mt. Tam Cheese with Toasted Acme Bread$13.00
3 of the most special ingredients the city has to offer in 1 ice cream. We blend MT tam?rind and all?with cream and sugar, then add homemade sour cherry-apricot jam and ACME bread's walnut levain. Made with cowgirl reamery and ACME bread.
Breakaway Matcha with Koji Fermented Blueberries$12.90
Breakaway matcha, based in San Anselmo, gives us a green tea that we combine with a hint of orange juice. We let the blueberries age in koji for a couple of days to deliver a sweet funk. Made with breakaway matcha.
Old Potrero Rye & Cocoa Nib Sorbet$13.00
Bittersweet hints of burnt caramel. This old potrero single-malt rye whiskey makes for a nuanced sorbet. Made with Hotaling and co. Whiskey.
Dandelion Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies & Cream$13.00
This is the most decadent ice cream you've ever tasted, thanks to the trifecta of Dandelion chocolate, coconut cream, and hazelnut butter. Chunks of our homemade (gluten-free and vegan) "Oreos" make it over the top. Made with dandelion chocolate.
Freckled Mint TCHO-colate Chip$13.00
Coconut and pure Oregon mint oil coalesce into delicate, floral ice cream, freckled with organic chocolate from San Francisco's craft chocolate godfather. Made with TCHO and seely mint.

Student Inventor Series Pints

Royal Butterfly$13.00
Basic ice cream ingredients: Cold milk 1/2 cup, vanilla extract 1 tablespoon, 1 can sweeten condensed milk, 1/8 teaspoon of salt, 1 pined heavy cream. Secret ingredients: Butterfly pea flower 11 flowers, lemon zest, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon honey.