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Lunch & Dinner

22. Child's Plate$6.04
Choice of carne asada taco or cheese enchilada.
23. Chicken Strips Plate$5.94
Three chicken strips served with French fries, salad, and toast.
24. Club Sandwich$6.44
Three layer sandwich made of ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.
25. Mexican Enchiladas$8.04
Three red enchiladas stuffed with Mexican cheese. Served with tortillas.
26. Cheese Enchiladas$7.44
Three cheese enchiladas served with rice, beans, and tortillas.
27. Beef Enchiladas$7.94
Three beef or chicken enchiladas served with rice, beans, and tortillas.
28. Green Chicken Enchiladas$7.94
Chicken enchiladas topped with green sauce and white cheese.
29. Shrimp Enchiladas$8.04
Two shrimp enchiladas topped with ranchero sauce and white cheese.
30. Texas Plate$10.04
Two cheese enchiladas. Came guisada, guacamole. Rice. Beans and tortillas.
31. Mexican Plate$8.44
Two cheese enchiladas, one ground beef crispy taco.
32. Tampiquena Plate$11.94
8 oz. T-bone steak. One Cheese enchilada, guacamole, rice, and beans.
33. Deluxe Plate$8.94
Two cheese enchiladas, one crispy taco, one bean and cheese chalupa. Served with rice &. Beans.
34. Santa Rosa Chicken Fiesta$7.54
Chicken, shrimp, stir-fry vegetables, served with charro beans.
35. Super Burrito$8.54
With choice of meat, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream, covered with chili gravy and cheese.
36. Carne Guisada Plate$8.44
Carne guisada plate served with rice, beans, salad, and tortillas.
37. Crispy Taco Plate$7.94
Three crispy tacos served with rice and beans.
38. Chicken Flautas$7.70
Three chicken flautas served with guacamole, sour cream, rice, and beans.
39. Taco Salad$7.54
With choice of meat, beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole.
40. Santa Rosa Salad$7.54
Chicken fajita salad with lettuce, tomato, white cheese, and sliced avocado.
41. Sincronizada$8.04
Two grilled flour tortillas stuffed with white cheese and choice of meat.
42. Taquitos Mexicanos$11.59
Four mini-tacos with choice of meat, cilantro, grilled onions, and charro beans.
43. Chicken Fried Steak$6.80
Topped with white gravy, served with French fries, toast, and salad.
44. Tripas Plate$8.54
Tripas plate with rice, beans, pico de gallo and tortillas.
45. Ribeye on a Hot Plate$9.90
Ribeye steak with bell peppers, onions, and monetary jack cheese. Served with rice, charro beans and tortillas.
46. Costillas Plate$9.54
Grilled beef ribs with rice, charro beans, potato salad, pico de gallo.
47. Fajita Plate$8.54
Thin fajita steak topped with grilled onions. Served with charro beans and tortillas.
48. Beef Fajita Plate$9.04
Beef fajita strips grilled with bell peppers onion and tomato.
48. Chicken Fajita Plate$9.04
Chicken fajita strips grilled with bell peppers onion and tomato.
49. Mix Fajita Plate$9.44
Chicken and beef fajita strips grilled with bell pepper, onion, and tomato.
50. Al Pastor Plate$7.94
Marinated pork meat served with charro beans.
51. T-Bone & Shrimp$10.04
T-bone steak 8 oz. served with three fried shrimp.
52. Porkchop Plate$8.54
Two pork chop topped with grilled onions. Served with tortillas.
53. Santa Rosa Plate$10.04
Grilled sausage, chicken fajita and beef rib. Served with charro beans.
54. Parrillada$9.54
Grilled chicken and beef fajita and sausage, served with charro beans and rice.
55. Hamburger Meal$7.04
Served with mayo, lettuce, and, and tomato.
56. Beef Soup$6.94
Beef soup with rice.
56. Chicken Soup$6.44
Chicken soup with rice.
57. Menudo$7.04
58. Seafood Soup$11.04
Seafood soup made with fish, shrimp, and octopus. Served with rice.
59. Grilled Shrimp (12)$7.94
Grilled with pepper, onion, and tomato.
60. Fried Fish$8.04
Breaded fish filet.
61. Fried Shrimp$8.04
Six breaded shrimp.
62. Fried Fish & Shrimp$9.04
One fried fish and four breaded shrimp.
63. Devil Shrimp$8.04
63. Ranchero Shrimp (12)$7.94
La diabla o rancheros. Shrimp plate.
64. Coctel de Mariscos$7.44
Seafood cocktail with shrimp, octopus or mix sencillo.
65. Ceviche Tostadas$4.04
Queso Dip$5.20
With ground beef and chips.

Antojitos Mexicanos

Carne Asada$2.44
Small chopped fajita.
Marinated pork meat.
Slow cooked meat.
Shredded chicken.
Ground beef.
Pork leg.
Frijol y Queso$2.44
Bean and cheese.
Carne Guisada$2.84
Meat chunks in gravy.
Fajita de Pollo$2.94
Chicken fajita.
Fajita de Res$2.94
Beef fajita.
Beef tripe.
Beef tongue.
Chicken sweet breads.


Iced Tea$2.54
Milk (16 oz.)$1.94
Orange Juice (10 oz.)$1.54
Bottled Water$1.30
Mexican Sodas$2.44
Glass bottle.
Coca-Cola Drinks$1.94
Plastic bottle.
Soft Drinks$2.64
Hot Chocolate (16 oz.)$1.70
Coffee (16 oz.)$1.70
Hot Tea (16 oz.)$1.70
Cup of Water$0.55
Cup of Ice$0.45