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Egg Salad & Chive$2.30
Lettuce & Hearty English Mustard.
Smoked Salmon Slices$2.30
16 piece min. Red salmon slices with lemon butter.
Mature English Cheddar$2.30
with Irish Whiskey Mustard and garnished with a cherry tomato
Slices of crisp cucumber with mint butter, garnished with a cucumber swril.
Chicken Salad - Please ask for this months choice$2.20
Roast Beef$2.20
with butter lettuce & horseradish chives.


Lemon Curd Tart$2.45
A tart filled with our shopped made Lemon curd.
Sticky Toffee Pudding$2.55
w/ sticky toffee sauce
Chocolate sponge$2.45
Chocolate Sponge filled with Raspberry Jam and topped with a Chocolate Buttercream
Strawberry Sponge$2.55
filled with Strawberry Jam and topped with a Fruit Buttercream
Elderflower Lemon Sponge with Elderflower Buttercream$2.45
Elderflower Lemon Sponge, lemon curd filling and Lemond Elderflower buttercream.
Butterscotch Tart$2.45
Treacle Tart$2.55
Harry Potter's favourite dessert, Golden treacle with lemon zest in a tart shell.
Cherry Bakewell Tart$2.55
Tart shell filled with almond Sponge, raspberry jam, white icing and topped with a cherry slice.


Mini Sausage Roll$0.75
Vegetarian Sausage Roll$0.90
Shortbread / Tea Biscuit$0.60
Scone (Raisin, Plain)$2.20
Devon / Clotted Cream
6 oz. Jar. Shoppe Price
Jams / Curds$4.55
Branston Pickle
Goes w/ sausage roll & Scotch egg. Shoppe Price
Scotch Egg$4.90
Can be cut into 4 or 6 slices if wanted.


Raspberry White Chocolate
Blackberry Cream
Strawberry Vanilla
Lemon Coconut
Cherry Almond
Gluten Free - Orange & Coconut$3.05
Orange & Stem Ginger$2.95
Vegan Scones - Lemon Coconut$2.95


Cheese & Onion
Beef Curry
Vegetable Curry
Grandma's Cornish Pastry
Chicken Tikka Masala Curry Pasty


Cream Tea To Go$9.00
Scone, Double Devon Cream, Strawberry Jam, Fruit, & your choice of Tea


Afternoon Tea To Go$24.90
This month's menu and tea of your choice. Can be served hot or tea to brew at home. Each order gets its own box.
Dessert Box To Go$13.00
Includes Scone, Cream, Jam, Lemon Curd, sponge cake, tart & a tea biscuit. Strawberry & edible flower garnish.
Savoury Box To Go$14.00
Includes cheese loaf with Irish whiskey mustard, three of this months tearoom sandwiches, slice of quiche, mini sausage roll, branston pickle, grape stab, rosemary garnish.
Iced Tea Pouch To Go$25.05
Let us brew your favourite tea, easinly good for 10 people. (8oz plus ice = 16oz glass)
Hot Tea Carrier$34.95
Enough for 40 tea cups, piping hot for 3 hours. Half carrier option also available, please ask for price.


Personal Setting$6.95
Includes cup & saucer, demitasse spoon, knife & plate.
4 to 6 cup Teapot$10.05
Creamer & Sugar Pot$5.05
Milk jug & Sugar Pot
Cream & Jam Pot$2.95
Cake Stand$12.05
Three tiered cake stand with three glass plates, with doillies.

AFTERNOON TEA - Variations

Afternoon Tea$36.00
Assortment of Finger Sandwiches, Mini Quiche, Fresh Baked Sausage Roll w/ Branston Pickle, Scone w/ Double Devon Cream, Strawberry Jam & our signature Lemon Curd, Cake Medley, Biscuit (cookie), Fruit & Never ending Pot of Tea. Please see our monthly menu page for a description of this month's actual menu. Please Note: Our menu changes monthly.
Child's Afternoon Tea (12 And Under)$24.90
Harry Potter or Princess options! Each Child will receive a fairy wand or magician's wand. Cheese Straw, Fresh-baked Sausage Roll, Assortment of finger sandwiches, Scone with Double Devon Cream & Jam, Cakes & Biscuit, Fruit, Pot of Tea, Cadburys Hot Chocolate, Juice or Milk.
Cream Tea$12.90
Pot of Tea, Shoppe Baked Scone with Double Devon Cream & Jam, Fruit. Reservations or walk ins on the day only please. A double cream tea is also available, two scones cream and jam. In addition to our cream teas on the day we can also offer a variety of baked pies, pasties and sausage rolls from our warmer
Afternoon Tea To-Go$28.00
Having a picnic, office meeting, or friends over? Why not order our Afternoon Tea To Go! Each Afternoon Tea comes individually boxed: pick your favourite tea and we can brew or bag for you, also Iced Tea available. Utensils, hand wipe and napkins provided if needed. Our Afternoon Tea menu is the same as our To go menu except for one or two items that do not travel we replace.

Black Teas

PG Tips
Britain's number one tea, strong English breakfast, a house favourite
Rich malty flavored tea from the Bramaputra Valley, India. This tea is selected only from superior teas from the second flush season Assam region.
Blend of decaffeinated African teas using a natural carbon dioxide process.
Premium black teas blended from three regions Assam, Kenya & Rwanda, super smooth.

Flavoured Black Teas

Across a Crowded Room
Black tea infused with Vanilla and sweet pomegranates with safflower and candy hearts
Baroness Grey
A black tea with citrus, rose petals and bergamot running through it, delicious
Black Forest Gateaux
Great chocolate flavour with cherry and cream notes
Christmas Spiced
China Congou black tea is blended with tangy lemon peels, fruity orange peels and warming cinnamon pieces, with a decorative sprinkling of safflower petals
China Rose Petal
China Congou black leaf tea is layered with pink rose petals to give a mellow, sweet-tasting tea with a wonderfully perfumed aroma
Coconut Cacao
A unique concoction of chocolate, vanilla, mixed with Roobios and a smidgening of coconut. A black tea, not quite decaffeinated but close.
Distinct floral aroma. This tea is selected from the highest gardens in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains at the peak of the growing season .. Only then does the tea have the subtle muscatel flavor, the result of a unique combination of cool misty climate, high altitude, rich soil and careful plucking and handling
Earl Grey
The best China black tea, blended with natural oil of bergamot to give a citrus flavour
Cream Earl Grey
Amazing tea like the original but creamy overtones which slightly mellow the bergamot
Queen Elizabeth
A combination of Assam and Darjeeling with lemongrass, giving it a very fresh taste, royally suited for afternoons
Mango Mist
This a great flavourful tea with mango pieces
Marv Queen of Scots
A shop blend of Decaf English Breakfast, Rooibos, Lemongrass & Lavender. No caffeine, but truly delightful.
Peach & Apricot
Finally a great decaffeinated fruit tea, so refreshing
A blend of finest quality black tea is complemented by the deliciously sweet aroma of vanilla

British Character Teas

Rooibos and black tea dance with strawberries, pomegranate and mango in a sweet, topsy-turvy fruity blend. With a cup of this “it’s always tea-time”.
Straight from the garden, pure goodness in every cup, just like Peter Rabbit would love. A caffeine free herbal & rooibos blend with fresh fruit and vegetables.
Charlie would have loved this tea with white and milk chocolate pieces floating around with oranges, maple syrup and blueberries “in a world of pure imagination”.
In true Dowager fashion, a robust black tea with a punch of green gunpowder is sprinkled with the sweetness and acidity of blackcurrants. Of course, a stiff upper lip of bergamot oil cannot be missed.
Black tea & rooibos blend, with butterscotch, chocolate and almonds. Just like you would taste in Hogsmeade. *Contains Nuts*
He was originally Scottish, so our Scottish Caramel Pu-erh blends with suavely smooth vanilla, sprinkled with rose petals for the ladies’ man, making this an intriguing tea blend. *Contains Nuts*
The nanny liked calm so this 2% caffeine tea is perfect; blended with Cherry Blossoms, oranges, peaches & ginger with a splash of Rosehips for added Vitamin C.
As Paddington Bear will tell you, everything tastes better with marmalade. A deep blood orange black tea with mangoes from deepest, darkest Peru will make any bear happy.
Mr Darcy’s good breeding comes through in this crisp Darjeeling, with his deep nature reflected in the malty Assam & his sharp directness highlighted in the lemon green tea.
Dr Who - Tardis Tea
A green tea blended with blue pea flowers, blue cornflowers & hawthorne fruit truly "out of this world"
A dark, foreboding mix of lapsang souchong and sweet vanilla black tea, give way to chocolate, citrus and caramel notes. This mysterious tea has a smoky edge with hints of hidden sweetness.*Contains Nuts*
As vibrant as Ginger Spice. Black tea & rooibos is blended with tangy lemon & orange peel, warming cinnamon, cardamom & safflower petals. Showcasing her spectacular hair are the spicy ginger and OUTLANDER caramel highlights.
Blending a variety of highland plants and Claire’s love for herbs, this mix reflects a bonny brew which calms and refreshes. With a touch of rose and sunflower petals to reflect their love story.
A white tea with a cacophony of flavours, pomegranate, cocoa, hibiscus, rosehips and vanilla making this a happy raincloud for Pooh.
The Hobbit - Bilbo's Blend
An earthy blend abounds with garden flowers & fruits transporting you back to the Shire.


It started out as a green tea but goes through a natural fermentation process causing its red colour. This tea is like dessert in a cup the earthiness of the pu-erh fuses with caramel for a sweetly decadent finish. Great health benefits aids digestion and metabolism.
A very earthy fermented tea with coffee notes and smooth vanilla.

Green Tea

Cherry Sencha
Sencha is a classic green tea grown in Japan and Indonesia enhanced with the light delicate aroma of maraschino cherries
Green Jasmine
Green tea from China accentuated by jasmine flowers give this tea a captivating floral character
Sicilian Lemon Love
Traditional Chinese green tea with the tartness of Scillian lemons
Cucumber Melon
Crisp & clean this green tea with cucumber & hibiscus equals refreshing.


Chamomile Flowers*
made using the plant leaves, wonderfully soothing and sweet
A tisane of pure peppermint leaves it has a clean, refreshing, and aromatic flavor

White Tea

White Coconut Creme
White tea blended with coconut, safflowers, and cornflowers. A sweet creamy texture with a light body, and all the goodness of white tea
White Orange Ginger Peach
White peony tea blended with orange & peaches with a hint of ginger, this tea has a pleasant rich scent.
White Cream Earl Grey
White tea blended with coconut safflowers and cornflowers. A sweet, creamy texture with a light body and all the goodness of white tea.

Children's Tea & Rooibos

Tutti Fruitti*
A candied like caramel flavour gives sweetness with berries, apples, oranges & rose petals rich in Vitamin C, best served without milk. This is also a favourite with our adult customers
Cedarlife Roobios*
This rooibos is organically grown in the Cedarberg region of the Western Cape of South Africa, its name means "red bush" in Afrikaan, it is a naturally decaffeinated tea low in tannins and high in antioxidants. It has a light, slightly sweet flavour
Mellow Rooibos, almonds, caramel pieces & calendula petals, decadence in a cup.


Orange Blossom Oolong
A fruity oolong with toasty notes and a sweet finish. Green tea, black tea, jasmine flowers, orange zest.


Spincach salad with parmesan, a strawberry vinaigrette & a mature english cheddar cheese straw


Ham, butter lettuce, real ale chutney finger sandwich
Egg salad & chive finger sandwich
Cucumber & Irish Whiskey Mustard Cream Cheese Finger Sandwich
Coronation Chicken Salad Vol-Au-Vent
Fetta, Olive & Honey Quiche
Mini Sausage Roll
With Branston Pickle


Raisin Scone
With Double Devon Cream, our signature strawberry & apple jam and lemon curd
Blackcurrant Sponge with Blackberry Buttercream
Chocolate Coconut Macaroon
Rhubarb & Gooseberry Crumble

Monthly Tea

Mowgli's Man Cub Blend
Black tea with mango, papaya, ginger, lime leaves and calendula.