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Big Will's Biscuits and Gravy
Made with pork sausage
Country Comfort Platter$5.45
1meat,2 eggs,1 side,2 toasts,and 1 bisquit
Hungry Man Platter$7.70
1meat,2 eggs,1 side,2 toasts,and 1 bisquit
The Easy BLT$2.95
Lil' Wimpy Sandwish$3.20
1 meat,1 egg and cheese on Texas toast
Big Boy Sandwish$4.80
1 meat,2 egg and cheese on Texas toast
T's Favorite Omelet$6.30
2 eggs,1 meat, peppers,onions,tomatoes,2 toasts
The Garden Omelet$5.70
2 eggs,cheese,bell peppers,onions,tomatoes,2 toasts

Country Plates

Pork Chop and Pork Steak Plate$8.00
Salmon Croquette$8.00
Salisbury Steak Plate$7.90
Meatloaf Plate$7.90
Polish Sausage Plate$5.80

Chicken Plates

2-Piece Leg and Thigh$6.00
2-Piece Mixed$6.55
Leg,thigh and wing
2-Piece Breast and Wing$7.00
3-Piece Dark$7.20
3-Piece Mixed$7.55
Leg,wing and thigh
Substitute breast$1.70
3-Piece Breast and 2 wings$8.45
4-Piece Wings$7.45

Mama's Quick Fixes

Pork Chop,Pork Steak, and Salmon Croquette
Liver,Rice and Gravy$5.30
2 pieces of liver served with rice and 2 slices of bread
The Big Chris 4 oz Burger
Lettuce,tomatoes,pickles,onions,ketchup,mayo,mustard on Texas Toast
The Lil'Chris 1 oz Burger
3 Golden Fried Chicken Wings$5.80
With fries and drink
Hot Diggety Dog Polish
Buddy's Grilled Cheese

Grandma's Favorites

Soup of The Day$2.95
One size