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A1. Edamame$4.20
Broiled soybean with a hit of salt.
A2. Gyoza$4.50
6 Pieces pork and vegetable filled dumplings, steamed on pan fried.
A3. Shu Mai$4.40
Steamed shrimp sumai dumpling.
A4. Harumaki$4.30
Oriental vegetable egg roll.
A5. Agedashi Tofu$4.30
Deep fired breaded bean curd.
A6. Fried Calamari$6.40
Lightly battered fried squid rings.
A7. Krab Rangoon$4.20
6 Pieces fried krab cheese wonton.
A8. Veggie Tempura$4.30
Light battered and deep fried.Vegetarian.
A9. Three pieces Chicken Tempura$5.90
With veggie tempura.
A10. Three pieces Shrimp Tempura$7.00
With veggie tempura.

Appetizer From Sushi Bar

A11. Five Pieces Sushi Appetizer$7.50
A12. Six Pieces Sashimi Appetizer$8.50
A13. Tuna Kobachi$8.50
Chopped tuna, masago, scallion.
A14. Tuna Tataki$8.40
Lightly seared sliced tuna served.
A15. Sunomono$7.50
Conch, shrimp, krab, octopus, seaweed salad.
A16. Seafood Martini$8.90
Tuna, escolar, salmon, red snapper.


1. Clear Soup$1.45
Clear scallion soup with mushrooms.
2. Miso Soup$1.55
Soybean soup with cubes of tofu, dried seaweed and scallion.
3. Seafood Soup$6.00
Clear broth with jump shrimp, scallop, krab, veggie.


1. House Salad$2.20
Fresh lettuce with ginger dressing.
2. Nori Salad$4.20
Marinated seaweed tossed with sesame seed and oil.
3. Ika Salad$5.90
Spicy squid salad.
4. Kani Salad$5.20
Spicy krab with avocado.
5. Avocado Salad$4.40
Fresh lettuce with sliced avocado.
6. Spicy Tuna Seaweed Salad$6.90

Entrees From Sushi Bar

S1. Sushi Dinner$15.00
7 Piece sushi 7 California roll.
S2. Sushi Regular$17.00
10 Pieces sushi and California roll.
S3. Sushi Deluxe$20.00
13 Pieces sushi and California roll.
S4. Sashimi Dinner$20.00
16 Pieces sashimi served with rice.
S5. Chirashi$17.90
13 Pieces assorted sashimi served over a bowl of rice.
S6. Sushi and Sashimi Combo$20.90
5 Pieces sushi and 9 pieces sashimi.
S7. Two Love Boat$43.90
5 Pieces sushi and 9 pieces sashimi, California roll, rainbow roll and monster roll.
S8. Three Dragon Boat$59.90
8 Pieces sushi and 12 pieces sashimi, California roll and spicy tuna roll, rainbow roll and monster roll.

Side Order

Side Steamed Rice$2.20
Side Plain Fried Rice$3.30
Side Plain Noodle$3.30
Side Vegetable$4.00
Side Chicken$5.00
Side Steak$6.00
6 Pieces Side Shrimp$6.00
Side Scallop$6.00
Side Salmon$5.40
Side Filet Mignon$6.90
Side Fried Rice$6.90
Side Noodle$7.00

Children Menu

C1. Chicken Hibachi Kids$7.00
Served with soup, vegetable, 1 piece shrimp, steamed rice.
C2. Steak Hibachi Kids$8.20
Served with soup, vegetable, 1 piece shrimp, steamed rice.
C3. Scallop Hibachi Kids$8.20
Served with soup, vegetable, 1 piece shrimp, steamed rice.
C4. Shrimp Hibachi Kids$7.90
Served with soup, vegetable, 1pc shrimp, steamed rice.
C5. Salmon Hibachi Kids$7.90
Served with soup, vegetable, 1 piece shrimp, steamed rice.

Lunch Hibachi

L1. Veggie Hibachi Lunch$7.50
L2. Chicken Hibachi Lunch$8.50
L3. Steak Hibachi Lunch$10.00
L4. Salmon Hibachi Lunch$9.40
L5. Shrimp Hibachi Lunch$9.40
L6. Scallop Hibachi Lunch$9.50
L7. Filet Mignon Hibachi Lunch$11.90

Lunch Tempura

L8. Veggie Tempura Lunch$7.40
L9. Chicken Tempura Lunch$9.00
L10. Shrimp Tempura Lunch$9.90

Lunch Katsu

L11. Chicken Katsu Lunch$9.00
L12. Pork Katsu Lunch$8.50

Lunch From Sushi Bar

L13. Sushi Lunch$10.00
Slices of raw fish in sushi rice, 5 pieces sushi and California roll.Served with soup and salad.
L14. Sashimi Lunch$11.00
Slices of raw fish, sushi rice on side, 10 pieces sashimi.Served with soup and salad.
L15. Sushi and Sashimi Combination Lunch$11.40
3 Pieces sushi and 7 pieces sashimi.Served with soup and salad.
L16. Any Two Rolls Lunch$9.50
Served with soup and salad.
L17. Any Three Rolls Lunch$13.00
Served with soup and salad.

Raw Sushi Roll

15. Tuna Roll$4.45
16. Salmon Roll$4.45
17. Spicy Tuna Roll$5.45
Raw. With crunchy.Spicy.
18. Spicy Salmon Roll$5.55
Raw. With crunchy.Spicy.
20. Yellowtail Roll$5.00
Raw. With scallion.
22. Spicy Yellowtail Roll$5.90
23. Philadelphia Roll$5.90
Raw. Salmon, avo, cheese.
17. Snow Roll$12.90
Raw. Yellowtail, tuna, salmon, avo and masago, soy paper.
18. Osaka Roll$9.90
Raw. Tuna, yellowtail, scallion, avo masago.
19. Cold Roll$9.90
Raw. Salmon, krab, cheese, masago, cucumber, no rice.
20. Crazy Roll$8.90
Raw. Shrimp tempura roll, top with salmon.
21. Super Crunch Roll$10.00
Raw. Tuna, cheese, top with spicy tuna, crunchy.
22. Rainbow Roll$9.90
Raw. California roll top with tuna, salmon, tai, avo, masago.
38. Thai Ji Roll$9.90
Raw. Spicy tuna roll and spicy salmon roll.
40. Sunset Roll$10.00
Raw. Salmon and avo roll, top with tuna.
41. Hawaii Roll$11.00
Raw. Shrimp tempura and q roll, top with salmon, avo.
42. Christmas Tree Roll$10.90
Raw. Tuna, escolar, scallion, avo, outside, with masago.


1. Kani Sushi$3.45
Krab stick. 2 pieces.
2. Tamago Sushi$2.95
Egg cake. 2 pieces.
3. Saba Sushi$3.90
Mackerel. 2 pieces.
4. Maguro Sushi$4.30
Tuna. Raw. 2 pieces.
5. Sake Sushi$4.20
Salmon. Raw. 2 pieces.
6. Smoked Salmon Sushi$4.30
2 pieces.
7. Ebi Sushi$3.90
Shrimp. 2 pieces.
8. Shiro Maguro Sushi$4.30
Escolar. Raw. 2 pieces.
9. Tai Sushi$3.90
Snapper. Raw. 2 Pieces.
10. Hokkigai Sushi$4.20
Surf clam. 2 Pieces.
11. Conch Sushi$4.30
2 Pieces.
12. Unagi Sushi$4.80
Eel. 2 pieces.
13. Tako Sushi$4.20
Octopus. 2 pieces.
14. Ika Sushi$3.90
Squid. 2 pieces.
15. Hotategai Sushi$4.80
Scallop. Raw. 2 pieces.
16. Hamachi Sushi$4.80
Yellowtail. Raw. 2 pieces.
17. Masago Sushi$3.90
Smelt roe. 2 pieces.
18. Tobiko Sushi$4.55
Flying fish roe. 2 pieces.
19. Ikura Sushi$4.55
Salmon roe.2 pieces
20. Amaebi Sushi$5.90
Sweet shrimp. Raw. 2 pieces.


1. Kani Sashimi$3.45
Krab stick. 2 pieces.
2. Tamago Sashimi$3.05
Egg cake. 2 pieces.
3. Saba Sashimi$4.00
Mackerel.2 pieces.
4. Maguro Sashimi$4.20
Tuna. Raw.2 pieces.
5. Sake Sashimi$4.30
Salmon. Raw.2 pieces.
6. Smoked Salmon Sashimi$4.30
2 Pieces.
7. Ebi Sashimi$4.00
Shrimp.2 pieces.
8. Shiro Maguro Sashimi$4.30
Escolar. Raw.2 pieces.
9. Tai Sashimi$4.00
Snapper. Raw.2 pieces.
10. Hokkigai Sashimi$4.30
Surf clam. 2 pieces.
11. Conch Sashimi$4.30
2 pieces.
12. Unagi Sashimi$4.80
Eel. 2 pieces.
13. Tako Sashimi$4.30
Octopus. 2 pieces.
14. Ika Sashimi$4.00
Squid. 2 pieces.
15. Hotategai Sashimi$4.70
Scallop. Raw. 2 pieces.
16. Hamachi Sashimi$4.70
Yellowtail. Raw. 2 pieces.
17. Masago Sashimi$4.00
Smelt roe. 2 pieces.
18. Tobiko Sashimi$4.55
Flying fish roe. 2 pieces.
19. Ikura Sashimi$4.45
Salmon roe. 2 pieces.
20. Amaebi Sashimi$5.90
Sweet shrimp. Raw. 2 pieces.


1. Kani Nigiri$3.55
Krab stick. 2 Pieces.
2. Tamago Nigiri$3.05
Egg cake. 2 Pieces.
3. Saba Nigiri$4.00
Mackerel. 2 Pieces.
4. Maguro Nigiri$4.20
Tuna. Raw. 2 Pieces.
5. Sake Nigiri$4.30
Salmon. Raw. 2 Pieces.
6. Smoked Salmon Nigiri$4.30
2 Pieces.
7. Ebi Nigiri$3.90
Shrimp. 2 Pieces.
8. Shiro Maguro Nigiri$4.20
Escolar. Raw. 2 Pieces.
9. Tai Nigiri$3.90
Snapper. Raw. 2 Pieces.
10. Hokkigai Nigiri$4.30
Surf clam. 2 Pieces.
11. Conch Nigiri$4.20
2 Pieces.
12. Unagi Nigiri$4.80
Eel. 2 Pieces.
13. Tako Nigiri$4.20
Octopus. 2 Pieces.
14. Ika Nigiri$4.00
Squid. 2 Pieces.
15. Hotategai Nigiri$4.70
Scallop. Raw. 2 Pieces.
16. Hamachi Nigiri$4.70
Yellowtail. Raw. 2 Pieces.
17. Masago Nigiri$3.90
Smelt roe. 2 Pieces.
18. Tobiko Nigiri$4.55
Flying fish roe. 2 Pieces.
19. Ikura Nigiri$4.45
Salmon roe. 2 Pieces.
20. Amaebi Nigiri$5.90
Sweet shrimp. Raw. 2 Pieces.

Deep Fried Sushi Roll

1. Jagvar Roll$8.00
Eel, avo, deep fried.
2. Fuji Roll$11.40
Tempura California roll, top with baked krab and scallop.
3. Dynamite Roll$8.90
Salmon, krab, asparagus, deep, fried.
4. Casina Roll$11.50
Escolar, avo, scallion, deep fried, top with spicy krab.
5. Florida Roll$11.40
Dynamite roll, top with baked scallop.
6. Sumo Roll$10.00
Tuna, salmon, krab, cheese, avo, cucumber deep fried.
7. Sushi Pizza$11.90
Krab, cheese, shrimp, avo, green peper.
8. Manhattan Roll$10.00
Escolar, krab, avo, cheese deep fried outside with rice seaweed.
9. Jimmy Smith Roll$9.00
Smoked salmon, cheese, and krab deep fried.

Cooked Sushi Roll

1. Asparagus Roll$4.40
2. Avocado Roll$3.55
3. Cucumber Roll$3.55
4. Veggie Roll$5.50
Avocado, q, aspragus, lettuce, mix green.Vegetarian.
5. Futomaki Roll$6.40
Krab, egg, and veggie.
6. Chicken Teriyaki Roll$4.90
7. Chicken Tempura Roll$5.50
8. Shrimp Tempura Roll$5.70
9. Eel and Cucumeber Roll$6.50
10. Eel and Avocado Roll$6.40
11. California Roll$4.90
Krab, avo and cucumber.
12. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll$4.40
13. Boston Roll$5.00
Shrimp, lettuce and spicy mayo.
14. Salmon Skin and Q Roll$4.90
15. Conch Roll$5.50
16. Spicy Conch Roll$6.40
17. Jb Roll$5.90
Smoked salmon, avo, cheese.
19. Banana Roll$4.50
Seaweed salad and emcura banana.
20. Tai Roll$6.00
Tempura snapper and seaweed salad.
22. Butterfly Roll$8.90
Escolar tempura, avocado. Cucumber. Top with kiwi and strawcerry.
23. Green Dragon Roll$9.50
Eel roll, top with avocado.
24. Dancing Eel Roll$11.00
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, top with eel.
25. Rock and Roll$9.90
Shrimp tempura, eel, krab, avocado and masago.
26. Monster Roll$11.00
Shrimp tempura, cheese, avocado, top with tempura krab.
28. Sexy Lobster Roll$13.90
Tem lobster, tem shrimp, avo, asparagus, masago, mayo.
29. Spider Roll$9.90
Soft shell krab, avo asparagus, masago, mayo.
30. Volcano Roll$11.50
California roll, top with spicy baked scallop and conch.
31. Crunchy Krab Roll$6.40
Spicy krab with crunchy.
32. Emperor Roll$7.00
Salmon tempura, avo, mayo.
33. Yummy Yummy Roll$7.00
Spicy krab with avo outside w. crunchy.
34. Mexican Roll$6.50
Shrimp tempura, avo jalapeno.
35. Veggie Volcano Roll$8.00
Asaragus, cucumber, krab, baked.Vegetarian.
36. Heaven Roll$9.00
Spicy krab salad, avo top with salmon, lemon.
37. Alaska Roll$8.90
Krab, cheese, avo top with smaked salmon.
38. Ichiban Roll$10.90
Krab, scallop, tempura krab, masago, pressed.
39. Mercedez Roll$10.00
Crunchy krab roll, top with eel, avo, smoked salmon.
40. Kimono Roll$9.90
Shrimp tempura and cheese, top with steamed shrimp, avocado.
41. Godzilla Roll$9.90
Spicy krab salad, smoked salmon top with eel, avo.
42. Crystal Shrimp Roll$13.00
Shrimp tempura, krab, mix green, cucumber, avocado asparagus, top with cheese, steamed shrimp.
43. Angry Dragon Roll$14.50
California roll, top with whole eel.
44. Happy Roll$12.00
Shrimp tempura and avocado roll, top with eel and crunchy krab.
45. Lover's Roll$13.90
Tempura lobster and cucumber, top with smoked salmon, soy paper.


H1. Veggie Hibachi$12.00
H2. Chicken Hibachi$13.90
H3. Steak Hibachi$18.00
H4. Shrimp Hibachi$17.40
H5. Scallop Hibachi$18.90
H6. Salmon Hibachi$17.00
H7. Filet Mignon Hibachi$21.00
H8. Lobster Tail Twin Hibachi$26.90
H9. Filet and Lobster Hibachi$24.90


T1. Veggie Tempura$11.90
T2. Chicken Tempura with Veggie$14.40
T3. Shrimp Tempura with Veggie$16.00


K1. Pork Katsu$12.90
K2. Chicken Katsu$15.00
K3. Salmon Katsu$17.00


1. Two Scoops Ice Cream$3.00
2. Tempura Ice Cream$5.00
3. Tempura Banana$5.20
With vanilla ice cream.
4. Tempura Cheese Cake$5.90
With vanilla ice cream.
5. Chocolate Cake$4.90
With vanilla ice cream.