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Sir Round Pizza

Sir Square Pizza

Square Cheese Pizza$8.94
Sir Square Pizza Special$15.94
Pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, green peppers, bacon and onions. Anchovies upon request.
Sir Square Pizza Supreme$17.29
Pepperoni, ham, bacon, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, Italian sausage, onions, and hot peppers. Anchovies upon request.
Sir Square Pizza Meat Lover's$17.29

Sir U-Bake Pizza


Tossed Salad$5.00
Antipasto Salad$10.00
Greek Salad$9.90


Chicken Dinner$10.00
Chicken Snack$7.03
Chicken Strips Dinner$10.54
Chicken Strips Snack$8.03

Chicken Only

Buffalo Wings$9.04
Hot or mild.
Boneless Wings$9.94


Hamburger Deluxe$9.15
Includes slaw and fries.


Turkey Sub$7.00
Chicken Sub$6.90
Italian Sub$6.90
Ham, cheese and 2 salami.
Ham and Cheese Sub$6.90
Pizza Sub$6.90
Pepperoni, ham, cheese, onions and sauce.
Vegetarian Sub$6.90
Cheese, mushroom, green peppers, onions, and black olives.
Meatballs Sub$7.50
Meatballs, cheese and sauce.
Roast Beef Sub$7.50
Roast beef and cheese.
Sub Deluxe$7.40
Ham, roast beef, 2 salami and cheese.

Bar-B-Q Ribs

Whole Slab for 2$22.90
Short End$13.90
Rib Snack$11.90


Spaghetti with Meat Sauce$8.00
Mostaccioli with Meat Sauce$7.90
Spaghetti with Mushrooms$9.00
Mostaccioli with Mushrooms$8.90
Spaghetti with Meatballs$9.90
Mostaccioli with Meatballs$9.90
Spaghetti with Meatballs and Mushrooms$10.00
Bucket of Spaghetti$16.94
Serves 4-6.
Ravioli with Meat Sauce$8.90
Ravioli with Mushrooms$8.90
Ravioli with Meatballs$9.00
Ravioli with meat Sauce, Meatballs and Mushrooms$10.00


21 Shrimp in the Basket$10.00
Includes slaw, fries, breadsticks, and sauce.
7 Pieces Shrimp Dinner$12.00
Includes slaw, fries, breadsticks, and sauce.
4 Pieces Fish and Chips$10.90
Includes slaw, fries, breadsticks, and sauce.
2 Pieces Fish Snack$8.00
Includes slaw, fries, breadsticks, and sauce.
Bucket of 16 Pieces Jumbo Shrimp$16.94
Sauce only.
10 Pieces Cod$19.44
Tartar sauce only.

Combination Plate

Ribs and Chicken Combination Plate$13.04
Ribs and Shrimp Combination Plate$12.94
Sir Pizza Smorgasbord$19.54
Chicken, shrimp, and ribs.

Side Orders

Bread Sticks$4.00
French Fries$4.90
Onion Rings$5.80
Deep Fried Mushrooms$6.90
Breaded Zucchini$6.90
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks$6.90
6 Breaded Poppers$7.50
5 Fried Pickles$7.40
8 Wing Dings$7.90
Include 1 sauce.