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Brunch Menu

In House Charcuterie Board: Rabbit Rillette$15.95
Chicken liver parfait, bacon, duck proscuitto, salami, pickles, mustard, deux chats crackers
Lemon Crepes$9.95
Peaches, strawberry coulis, yogurt, candied ginger brittle
Shrimp N' Grits: Corn Meal Dusted Shrimp$13.05
Bacon, cheddar, grits, chives, lime
The Smithfields: 2 Eggs$12.95
Bacon, sausage pattie, duck fat fried potato cake, bbq beans, toast
Fm Frittata: 3 Eggs$11.95
Portobello mushroom, zucchini, spinach, rosemary cheddar, fromage blanc, toast
Gravadlax Benedict: 2 Eggs$13.05
Watercress, rice flour muffin, preserved lemon hollandaise
Flat Iron Steak Benedict$14.05
2 Eggs, arugula, rice flour muffin, bearnaise
Buttermilk Fried Chicken$12.05
Waffle, bacon butter, raisin chili maple syrup
Hanger Steak$14.05
2 Eggs, bearnaise, duck fat fried potato cake, toast
Buttermilk Biscuit$11.95
Sausage pattie, 2 eggs, crimini gravy, rosemary cheddar
Duck Leg Confit Hash$12.95
Red chilies, 2 eggs, stone mustard cream, toast
Neil's Brekkie: Corned Beef$16.05
Duck fat fried potato cake, bacon-braised collard greens, fried egg, stone mustard cream, rosemary cheddar, worcestershire sauce
Buttermilk ¼ Fried Chicken$17.95
Bacon-braised collard greens, duck fat fried potato cake, crimini gravy
Burger N Bun$12.95
Melted onions, rosemary cheddar, lettuce, tomato, fries, house ketchup
Portobello n Bun$10.05
Melted onions, rosemary cheddar, lettuce, tomato, fries, house ketchup add bacon $2.00
Sf's Sandwich: Open Faced$11.05
Corned beef, rye toast, spinach, stone mustard cream, fried egg
Butter Lettuce$11.05
Radish, parsley, feta, hazelnuts, meyer lemon vinaigrette, toast
Baby Spinach$13.05
Poached egg, bacon, blue caveman, mustard dressing, pickled veg
Shrimp Po Boy: Cornmeal Dusted Shrimp$14.05
Lettuce, tomato, chipotle lime aioli, hoagie roll
Flat-Iron Steak Sandwich$14.05
Melted onions, smoked blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, hoagie roll
Blt: Applewood Bacon$9.95
Tomatoes, lettuce, garlic aioli, sourdough add a fried egg $1.00
Soup N Salad Bowl Of Soup$8.95
Half butter lettuce salad, toast


Duck Fat Fried Potato Cake$3.05
2 Eggs$2.05
2 Piece Bacon$3.05
4 Piece Bacon$4.95
Sausage Pattie$3.05
Toast, Sourdough Or Rye$2.05
Buttermilk Fried Chicken$6.05
Cornmeal Shrimp (5)$10.05
Fruit Bowl$5.95
BBQ Beans$6.05
Goats Cheese fries$4.95
Bacon Collard Greens$5.95
House Made Ketchup$1.05
House Made Worcestershire$2.05
Crimini Gravy$2.95
Buttermilk Biscuit$3.05

Brunch Drinks

Iced Teas$2.95
Noble coffee$2.45
Hot Teas$2.55


Yesterdays Soup$5.95
In House Charcuterie Board: Rabbit Rillette$15.05
Chicken liver parfait, bacon, duck prosciutto, salami, pickles, mustard, sunstone crackers
Radicchio Wedge$10.05
Pancetta wafer, blue cave man, jalapeno ranch, croutons
Heirloom Tomatoes$9.95
Watermelon, pickled rind, feta, balsamic, basil
House Bacon Beignets$8.95
Maple chive creme fraiche
Grilled Romaine$9.95
White anchovies, crostini, shaved parmesan, roasted garlic dressing
Roasted Bone Marrow$10.05
Parsley, capers, house-pickles, charred sourdough
Butter Lettuce$8.05
Radish, parsley, feta, candied hazelnuts, meyer lemon vinaigrette
Selection Of Regional Cheeses$15.05


Sunstone Cracked Black Pepper Baguette$2.55
Butter, pink salt
Butter, pink salt$3.95
House Pickles$4.95
Warm Greek Olives$6.05
Smoked blue cheese, preserved meyer lemon


Twice Baked Goats Cheese Souffle$17.05
Red beets, roasted wild garlic cream, salad, crostini
Char-Grilled Hanger Steak$18.95
Watercress, bearnaise or green peppercorn. With fries
With Bacon Braised Collard Greens$21.05
Duck Leg Confit Cassoulet$17.95
Merguez sausage, pancetta, baby lima beans, fried sage
Cider-Braised Pork Belly$25.05
Bacon-braised collard greens, mash potato, grilled peach
Char-Grilled Albacore$23.95
Smoked fingerlings, nicoise dressing, pickled quail egg, green beans, basil oil
Beer Battered Cod$15.95
Fries, tartare sauce, parsley chips
Buttermilk ¼ Fried Chicken$16.05
Mash, chives, crimini gravy
Burger N Bun$13.05
Melted onions, rosemary cheddar, fries, house ketchup. Add house bacon $2.00


Double R Ranch 10oz NY Strip$25.95
Painted Hills 8oz filet$34.95
Willow Witt Brined 10oz Pork Chop$25.05
Umpqua Valley 14oz Lamb Porterhouse$27.05
Draper Valley Poach N Roast 1/2 Chicken$15.95


Green Peppercorn$2.05
Red Wine Reduction$1.95
Smoked Blue Cheese$1.95
Red wine shallot, butter
House-Made Worcestershire Sauce$1.95
Crimini Gravy$2.95


Goats cheese, parsley
Shallot garlic confit, red chili flake
Big Elbow Macaroni$6.95
Rosemary cheddar cheese sauce, breadcrumbs
Creamed Spinach$4.95
Shaved parmesan
Bacon BBQ Beans$5.95
Bacon-Braised Collard Greens$5.95


Cheese Board$14.95
Humboldt fog goats, blue cave man rogue creamery, raw milk sharp cheddar rogue creamery, yellow buck camembert petaluma, cal.,aged gouda salem, oregon,trimmings
Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee$5.95
Dark Chocolate Torte$7.05
Candied hazelnuts, caramel sauce
Deep Dish Pecan Pie$8.05
Treacle sauce
Coffee Chocolate Mousse$5.95
Amaretto cream, lady fingers
In House Ice-Cream Or Sorbet$5.05
Mad Cuvee Royal Tokaji 2008$6.95
Taylor Fladgate Tawney Port 2009$8.05
Fonseca Terra Bella Organic Port$8.05