Stevi B’s is a chain of buffet-style pizza restaurants that offer some truly exceptional prices for hungry customers. Not only will you find a wide range of classic pizzas, but there’s also a fresh salad bar, tasty pastas, and even a dessert bar for when you are finish with your main courses!

The prices at Stevi B’s are ridiculously affordable. Not many buffet restaurants will charge so little for limitless pizza, so be sure to take advantage of this whenever you can! Better still, there is a range of special deals that are ideal for kids, making it a family-friendly restaurant that is worth checking out.

Adult Buffet$6.49
Kids 10 & Under$3.99
Kids Night
4pm - 9pm
Kids 3 & Under Free w/
Paying Adult
Senior Buffet
55 & over
Senior Night
55 & Up
Carry Out
6 Slices w/
Pasta or Salad
Beverage - Adult$.199
Beverage - Kids$1.59

Stevi B’s Prices

Stevi B’s prices for an adult buffet are some of the most competitive on the market. An adult buffet costs just $6.49 per person, which is a remarkably low figure considering how much pizza you can eat with that!

Most pizzerias will charge more for their smallest pizza, so it’s clear just how great Stevi B’s prices are! Pizza-lovers will seriously want to take advantage of these, as you will struggle to find better rates elsewhere.

Plus, this grants access to an amazing selection of pizzas, some of which are rather unique. For instance, you can grab a slice of Greek pizza, Cheeseburger pizza, and even taco-inspired pizza, ensuring Stevi B’s has some unique offerings along with their traditional pizzas!

Another great thing about Stevi B’s pizza prices is how family-friendly they are. For example, children under 10 years of age and under can enjoy a buffet for only $3.99! AS if that wasn’t impressive, there is also a special promotion on Wednesdays at Stevi B’s, where kids 10 and under eat for only $0.99!

Seniors can also benefit from the awesome prices at Stevi B’s, with a full buffet available for only $5! Head over on a Monday and you will be there for Senior Night, where it will cost just $3.99 for as much pizza as you can eat!

Of course, if you are looking for some food on the go, Stevi B’s has some great prices for takeout. Customers can enjoy 6 slices of pizza, with either pasta or salad for just $5.99!