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Naturales (Naturals) | Horneados (Baked) | Empanizados (Breaded) | Marisco Fresco (Fresh Seafood) | Bebidas (Drinks)

Naturales (Naturals)

Inside: shrimp. Outside: avocado an sesame seeds. On top: tampico sauce topped with breaded shrimp.
Inside: shrimp. Outside: mixture of defiende chillies. On top: special shrimp aguachile.
California Roll$7.05
Inside: shrimp and crab. Outside: sesame seed.

Horneados (Baked)

Inside: beef an bacon. Outside: spicy melted cheese.
Inside: shrimp. Outside: avocado. On top: octopus and spicy chopped shrimp and anguila sauce.
Picante Camaron$8.95
Inside: shrimp. Outside: chopped shrimp with cheese cream.
Inside: beef and chipotle. Outside: melted cheese with bacon dressing with our special sauce.

Empanizados (Breaded)

Inside: weathered shrimp. Outside: crab with breaded shrimp and anguila sauce.
Cielo, Mar y Tierra$7.05
Inside: beef, chicken, and shrimp.
Inside: chicken and bacon. Outside: melted cheese.
3 Quesos$8.05
Inside: shrimp an beef. Outside: cheese cream, chihuahua cheese and americano.

Marisco Fresco (Fresh Seafood)

Shrimp, special shrimp aguachile, lemon, onion, coriander, different sauces and hot shrimp juice.
Callitos de Lobina$11.95
With onion, Chile serrano and different sauces.

Bebidas (Drinks)

Te - Tea$1.95
Agua Natural Water$0.95
Refresco Soda$1.55