Mix and Match Bulk Candy $3.70+

Dirty Brown Bastard $3.70+
It?s getting down and dirty, rolling around in fabulous chocolate decadence! Chocolate covered gummy bears, double dipped milk chocolate covered peanuts, dark chocolate covered raisins, and milk chocolate covered peanut brittle.
You Can Suck It $3.70+
Candy that?s full of flavor, lasts a long time, and is sweet sucking fun! Hard Fruit candies, Runts, Jolly Ranchers, Sweetart bears, Lego candy Blox, and Nerds.
Did You Blow It? $3.70+
It?s gum, more gum, more gum, and then more gum! Nerd filled gumballs, Tear Jerker sour guts gumballs, fruit shaker gumballs, and watermelon gumballs.
Ooey, Gooey, Rich and Chewy $3.70+
Chewy, full of great fruit flavors and colors, and a good tease to tantalize your taste buds! Fruit Sour balls, Skittles, jelly beans, fruity flavored Tootsie Rolls and Jelly Belly chewy soda bottles.
Gummy Galore $3.70+
This is pure gummy goodness. Keep it simple and be a gummy purist! Gummy Bears, gummy teeth, gummy frogs, gummy whales, XXL gummy bananas, Angry Bird gummies.
Campus Favs $3.70+
Sour Patch watermelon, Sour Belts, gummy peach hearts, gummy neon crawlers, chocolate peanut brittle and chocolate covered gummy bears.
Ya Darn Sour Puss! $3.70+
Sour cola bottles, sour gummy octopi, sour cherries, sour triple layer bears, sour patch watermelon, and sour rainbow belts.
Oh Fudge! $3.20+
Milk chocolate, milk chocolate peanut butter, mint chocolate chip, and other seasonal flavors.
Chocoholics Anonymous $3.70+
Milk-, dark-, white- chocolate malt balls, dark chocolate covered graham crackers, chocolate Sixlets and double-dipped milk chocolate covered peanuts.