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Keto Menu | Sweet Desserts

Keto Menu

Chocolate silk pie$4.95
Yummy chocolate pie, topped with whipped cream sugar free gluten free
Sugar free and gluten free dessert, coffee flavored tiramisu
Fruit tarts$5.05
Sugar free and gluten free tarts with delicious cream and fresh berries
Tres leches$5.05
sugar free, gluyten free, cake soaked in tresleches, , topped with whipped cream and strawberries keto friendly
Peanutbutter Dirt Pie$4.95
A slice for peanut butter lovers. Sugar free and gluten free dessert
Raspberry Vanilla Cake$4.95
Vanilla and raspberry paired together for a great cake sugar free and gluten free
Chocolate Cake$5.45
chocolate lovers will love our chocolate cake, plus is sugar free and gluten free. made with lilly;s chocolate
Dream Pie Cake$4.95
pecan crust , chocolate pudding and topped with whipped cream and chocolate. sugar free and gluten free
Cake Pops$3.55
Cupcakes (Mixed Flavors) (2 Pcs.)$7.45
Cupcakes (Mixed Flavors) (4 Pcs.)$15.05
our keto friendly fudge will satisfy your sweet tooth sugar free gluten free
Blueberry Scones (2 Pcs. Per Bag)$4.05
made with almond flour, blueberry and swerve sugar free gluten free 2 servings!
Cookie Box (14 Pcs.)$17.05
Gourmet cookies, keto friendly: chocolate chips cookies lemon cookies Chocolate cups with walnuts, coconut macarons tagalong bars
Keto Buns (1 Pc.)$2.95
perfect for sandwiches, if you miss bread in your diet, this is a great substitute. made with almond flour, egg whites and husk ph. soft buns gluten free
Garlic Bread$5.55
Chocolate Jars$7.95
Strawberry Shortcake Jar$7.95

Sweet Desserts

French macarons, mixed box flavors, 6 macarons-box * almond, sugar, egg whites
Rice Krispies$3.55
dipped in chocolate and sprinkles on top homemade rice krispies
grab and go desserts. Kid's favorite
Chocolate cake$4.05
Chocolate cake slice only for chocolate lovers
Cake pops$2.20
Delicious desserts, kis favorite
Cupcakes mixed flavor, 6 per box
Dobos cake$4.55
hungarian dobos with burn sugar on top!