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Taste Of Flava's Specials

Your choice or grilled or baked served over rice.
Steak & Shrimp$17.95
Served over rice.
Served over rice.
Served over rice.
Served over rice.
Chicken & Shrimp$14.95
Served over rice.
Tasty's Bang Bang Chicken$7.95
Lamb & Shrimp$19.95
Served over rice.
Surf & Turf Basket$32.05
Grilled salmon, steak and shrimp served with corn potatoes and broccoli.
Seafood Ziti$21.05
Chicken & Steak$19.95
Served over rice.

Princess's Signature Wings

Mystery Wings$5.05
Sweet and Sassy Ciroc Wings$6.05
Lemon Pepper Wings$4.95
Sweet Ginger Wings$5.05
Buffalo Wings$5.05
Crazy Buffalo Wing$5.05
Malibu Black Wings$5.95
Thai Wings$6.05
Herbs and spices.
Honey Mustard Wings$4.95
Plain Fried Wings$4.95
Mango Wings$6.05
Sweet Chili Wings$4.95
Teriyaki Wings$5.05

Rasheeda's Taste From The Sea

Grilled Shrimp$7.95
Honey Garlic Shrimp$7.95
Steamed Shrimp$10.05
Buffalo Shrimp$7.95
Ciroc Shrimp$8.95
Hennessy Shrimp$9.05
Plain Fried Shrimp$7.05
Honey BBQ Shrimp$8.05
Catfish Sandwich$9.95
Teriyaki Shrimp$7.95
Thai Shrimp$8.05
Fried Tilapia$6.95
Sticky Shrimps$7.95
Lobster Tail$15.05
Catfish Nuggets$9.95
Fried Whiting Sandwich$4.95

Seafood Baskets

Crab Legs$17.95
Covered with corn, potatoes and broccoli.
Steamed Shrimp$14.95
Covered with corn, potatoes and broccoli.
Crab Legs & Shrimp$24.95
Covered with corn, potatoes and broccoli.

A Taste From Africa

Rice and Beans$12.95
Served with fish and stew and a side of fried plantains.
Fried Yams & Fried Turkey or Fish$11.05
Your choice of black or red pepper.
Red Beans and Plantains$10.05
Jollof Rice with Dibi$13.05
Fried Yams with Fried Turkey$13.05
Boiled Yams with Spinach Stew$11.05
Banku with Okro$12.95
Fish & Kenkey$12.95
Fresh whole tilapia seasoned grilled or fried with your choice of black or red pepper.
Served with fish or dibi.
Fish & Attieke$15.95
Fresh whole tilapia seasoned grilled or fried served with attieke and fried plantains.
Red Snapper$15.95
Jolly Rice with Fish$12.95
Your choice of baked or fried fish with a side of fried plantains.
Fried plantains with dibi.
Attieke with Dibi$12.95
Fried Plantains with Dibi$12.95
Banku with Fried Fish$13.05
Also available in baked.
Order of Dibi$11.05
Fufu with Light Soup$12.95
Suya Meat$10.05

Chloe's Country Dinners

Joey's Classic Grilled Salmon Dinner$16.05
Fresh seasoned salmon and grilled or fried with 2 classic sides.
Chicken & Shrimp Dinner$20.95
Served with 2 sides.
Nii's Favorites Baked Chicken Tights Dinner$11.95
Chicken covered and glazed in our signature sauce served with 2 special sides (also available in fried).
Toya's Fried Whiting$10.95
3pc fried whiting served 2 sides.
Gigi's Oxtail Dinner$15.05
Oxtail Marinated in our Signature Sauce served with 2 Sides (Only served during dinner)
Steak Dinner$13.95
Served with 2 sides.
Fatimah's Dinner$22.05
2pc Catfish and 6pc Shrimp Dinner served with 2 Sided
Kwame's Best Turkey Wing Dinner$13.95
Tender Braised Turkey Wing Marinated in our Signature Sauce served Fried or Baked with 2 Sides
Payoute's Combo$13.05
6pc shrimp covered in our signature garlic sauce served over jasmine white rice.
Steak & Shrimp Dinner$18.95
Served with 2 sides
Sowah's Shrimp Dinner$12.95
6pc fried shrimp dinner served with 2 sides.
Jerk Chicken Dinner$14.05
Served with 2 sides.
Ciroc Chicken Dinner$22.05
Served with 2 sides
Steak, Chicken and Shrimp Dinner$25.95
Served with 2 sides.
Kevin's Fried Catfish$15.95
Fried catfish served with 2 sides.
Auntie Naa's Tender BBQ Beef Ribs$15.05
Beef Ribs marinated in our Signature Barbeque Sauce served your 2 Classic Sides
MS. Betty's Special Fish Dinner$14.95
Fresh whole tilapia seasoned grilled or fried served with 2 special sides.
Joey's Classic Tilapia Dinner$14.05
Fresh seasoned tilapia grilled or fried with 2 classic sides.
Grilled Chicken Dinner$11.95
Served with 2 sides

Faheem's Diet Delight

Grilled Chicken Salad$8.05
Grilled Tilapia Salad$10.05
Served with 2pc of tilapia.
Grilled Shrimp Salad$12.95
Served with 7pc of shrimp.
Grilled Salmon Salad$11.95

Faheem's Wraps

Grilled Salmon Wrap$9.95
Served with sweet potato fries.
Grilled Chicken Wrap$9.05
Served with sweet potato fries.
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap$6.95

Our Signature Sides

String Beans$2.95
Jollof Rice$4.95
Signature Rice$3.05
Fried Plantains$3.05
Coconut Rice$2.95
Southern Greens$2.95
White Rice$3.05
Mashed Potatoes$2.95
Country Sweet Candy Yams$2.95
Signature Cabbage$2.95
French Fries$1.95
Fried Yams$5.05
Sweet Potato Fries$3.05
Potato Salad$3.05
Tasty Steamed Broccoli$3.05
Country Macaroni & Cheese$3.05
Country Cole Slaw$3.05
Yellow Rice$2.95
Seafood Rice$6.95


Red Velvet$3.95
Strawberry Cake$3.05
Blue Velvet$3.95
Fatu's Cake$2.95
Banana Cake$2.95
Chocolate Cake$2.95
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake$4.05

Smoothies And Shakes

Pina Colada$5.05
Coconut, pineapple and vanilla ice cream.
Pink Lemonade Cooler$4.05
Bango Blast$4.95
Bananas, mangoes and vanilla ice cream.
Lava Colada$5.05
Strawberry, coconut, pineapple and vanilla ice cream.
Just Peachy$5.05
Peach and vanilla ice cream.
Banana Split$5.05
Strawberry, banana and chocolate ice cream.
Jolly Rancher Cooler$4.05
Jolly Rancher Lemonade$3.95
Cocoberry Flip$4.95
Coconut, pineapple, vanilla ice cream and raspberry.

Hot Drinks

Hot Tea$3.05
Ginger Tea$2.95
Black Seed Tea$3.95


Ice Tea (Sweetened)$1.95
Jolly Rancher Lemonade$2.05
Infused Water$2.05
Green Apple Blast Lemonade$1.95
Crosstown Lemonade$1.95
Fresh Uptown Lemonade$2.05
Available in pink.
Sweet Ginger Lemonade$2.05