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Classic D-lite Menu

Classic D-Lite Menu
cups: small, medium, large. cones: sugar, cake, waffile, dipped waffle. custom blends: large, pint, quart. toppings: reg. topping, tasti dip, fruit topping, topping to go.

Smoothie D-Lite Menu

Smoothie D-Lite Menu
smoothies: acai, goji, pomegranate, mangosteen ( 16 fl. oz, 24 fl. oz.). shakes: tasti shake, acai, goji, pomegranate, mangosteen ( 16 fl. oz, 24 fl. oz.). sundaes: hot fudge caramel, strawberry.

D-Lite To Go Menu - Cakes & Pies

Medium Round Cake
serves up to 10.
Large Round Cake
serves up to 14.
Larger Cakes
available upon request.
Special Occasion Cakes
Tasti Pie
serves up to 8

D-Lite To Go Menu - Tasti Treats Tasti Saucer Frozen Dip

Tasti Treats Tasti Saucer Frozen Dip
single with topping, six pack with topping, tasti bar.
Take Home
pint, quart, topping to go.


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