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Pizza Pretzels$5.80
Mama mia! Pizza flavored dough filled with tomato sauce and cheese, topped with Romano and Parmesan cheeses.
Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzels$5.80
Move over cheese cake. Sweet dough with sweet cream cheese filling.
Gator Bites$9.80
Take a walk on the wild side with this special treat from the bayou. Some of the best tail you'll ever get. Served with our ronald sauce on the side.
JalapenO-N-Cheese Pretzels$5.70
Savor this South-of-the-border delicacy! Jalapeno dough with pepper jack cheese filling, topped with monterey jack cheese.
Shrimp Bombers$8.80
There aren't many things more glorious then those perfect little mouthfuls of deliciousness know as shrimp bombers. Gulf shrimp filled with creamy spinach, artichoke and mozzarello cheese fried to a golden brown.
Spinach & Artichoke Dip$7.80
A cheesy, creamy blend of spinach and artichokes in alfredo sauce; served with chips and side of salsa.
Pulled Pork Sliders$8.70
3 of our special pork roast, slow cooked until its fork tender, piled with slaw and sweet baby rays Barbeque sauce.
Ultimate Nachos$9.70
Crispy warm tortilla chips loaded with chicken or beef, nacho cheese, fresh veggies, sour cream and salsa.
Tavern Appetizer Sampler$9.80
Hot wings, quesadilla rolls, crawfish sausage and shrimp bombers.
Crawfish Sausage Appetizer$7.80
It's back, by popular demand! Our famous crawfish stuffed sausage grilled, sliced and garnished with pretzel sticks to make it easier to dip in our spicy creole mustard! Barbeque sauce.
Chips & Salsa$5.70
A heaping bowl full of our cool, chunky salsa served with crispy tortilla chips.
Mozzarella Sticks$7.70
Fresh cut mozzarella sticks, breadedand fried golden, served with marinara sauce.
Quesadilla Rolls$8.70
Tortillas stuffed with chicken and cheese then deep fried.


Grilled Tuna Steak Salad$8.70
8 Ounces fresh yellow fin tuna grilled to perfection; served on top a bed of cold, crisp lettuce with fresh veggies.
Chicken Caesar Salad$8.70
Grilled chicken breast on a bed of crisp, cold romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheeseand caesar dressing.
Shrimp Salad$9.70
Fried shrimp on a bed of crisp lettuce, garnished with fresh veggies and your choice of dressing.
Tavern's Famous Steak Salad$8.70
Tender steak seasoned and sauteed with fresh onions on top a bed of cold crisp romaine lettuce with fresh bacon, bleu cheese crumbles and tomatoes served with our homemade sriracha remoulade dressing! Topped with cheddar and croutons.
Grilled Chicken Salad$8.70
Seasoned and grilled white meat chicken on top of a bed of crisp, cold lettuce, fresh veggies, shredded cheddar and homestyle croutons.

Tavern'S Famous Hot Wings

Louisiana Style$10.80
Deep fried and tossed in your choice of sauce.

On The Side

Cole Slaw$3.70
House Side Salad$3.80
Tater Tots$3.80
Loaded Cheese Fries$7.70
Onion Rings$3.70
French Fries$2.80


Combination Tacos$8.70
Two warm tortillas filled with beef or chicken; served with sour cream and a side of chips and salsa.
Tavern Big Ole Ribeye$14.70
A 16 Ounces ribeye seasoned and grilled to perfection; served with our loaded baked potato salad.
Grilled Tuna Steak$8.80
8 Ounces yellow fin tuna grilled to your liking, glazed with our teriyaki marinade and topped with a grilled pineapple ring.
Tavern Filet Mignon$14.70
8 Ounces filet grilled to perfection served with loaded baked potato salad.


Cordon Blue Sandwich$8.80
Grilled chicken, ham, swiss cheeseand honey mustard.
Philly Steak Sandwich$8.70
Our tasty classic philly with onions, peppers and cheese that will melt in your mouth.
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$8.70
Grilled chicken smothered in our mouth-watering buffalo sauce, melted cheddar on a sesame seed bun.
Club Sandwich$8.70
Ham, turkey, bacon, swiss, lettuceand tomatoes on white or wheat bread.
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$8.70
Tender chicken lightly coated in Parmesan breadcrumbs, roasted peppers, tomato sauceand melted cheese on freshly grilled French bread.
Grilled Tuna Steak Sandwich$8.70
8 Ounces fresh yellow fin tuna grilled to perfection; served with our warm Dijon horseradish sauce.
Tavern Bltc$7.70
Crispy bacon, fresh veggies with swiss cheese on white or wheat bread.
Tavern BBQ Chicken Sandwich$8.70
Chicken diced and grilled to perfection with sauteed onions, green peppers and melted cheddar. Topped with our own sweet baby ray Barbeque sauce - ride it cowboy.