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Soul Foods

Stuffed Tilapia$15.94
Lump crabmeat green peppers.
Chicken Wings (Mozzarella Fries)$14.69
Chicken Wings (Macaroni and Cheese)$15.44
Chicken Wings (Rice)$15.54
Chicken Wings (Cheese Steak Fries)$15.94
Chicken Wings (Fries)$15.94
Chicken Wings (Shrimp with Fries)$18.04
Chicken Wings (Tays Junk Fries)$20.04
Whiting (Mozzarella Fries)$13.79
Whiting (Macaroni and Cheese)$14.44
Whiting (Rice)$14.54
Whiting (Cheese Steak Fries)$15.04
Whiting (Fries)$14.94
Whiting (Shrimp with Fries)$17.04
Whiting (Tays Junk Fries)$18.94
Bbq Beef Short Ribs$15.04
Curry Chicken$11.04
With rice.
Salmon Over Rice (Mozzarella Fries)$16.79
Over rice.
Salmon Over Rice (Macaroni and Cheese)$17.54
Over rice.
Salmon Over Rice (Rice)$17.44
Over rice.
Salmon Over Rice (Cheese Steak Fries)$17.94
Over rice.
Salmon Over Rice (Fries)$18.04
Over rice.
Salmon Over Rice (Shrimp with Fries)$24.95
Over rice.
Salmon Over Rice (Tays Junk Fries)$21.94
Over rice.
Bbq Turkey Wings (Mozzarella Fries)$15.79
Bbq Turkey Wings (Macaroni and Cheese)$16.44
Bbq Turkey Wings (Rice)$16.44
Bbq Turkey Wings (Cheese Steak Fries)$17.04
Bbq Turkey Wings (Fries)$17.04
Bbq Turkey Wings (Shrimp with Fries)$18.94
Bbq Turkey Wings (Tays Junk Fries)$20.94
Chicken or shrimp.
Crabby Patties$15.94
Crab cakes, lump crab meatand green pepper.
Fried Jumbo Shrimp$10.05
Chicken Breast Sandwich$4.95
Salmon Cheese Steaks (Mozzarella Fries)$12.70
Salmon Cheese Steaks (Macaroni and Cheese)$13.45
Salmon Cheese Steaks (Rice)$13.55
Salmon Cheese Steaks (Cheese Steak Fries)$13.95
Salmon Cheese Steaks (Fries)$14.05
Salmon Cheese Steaks (Shrimp with Fries)$15.95
Salmon Cheese Steaks (Tays Junk Fries)$18.05
2 Snow Crab Clusters$24.95
Steamed with garlic butter and old bay seasoning.
1 Lb of Mussels , 6 Pieces of Shrimp & Corn on the Cob$15.05
Garlic butter and old bay seasoning.
Baked Stuffed Salmon$26.05
Lump crabmeat.
Salmon Shrimp Alfredo$20.05
Stuffed Salmon Alfredo with Shrimp$36.04
Fettuccine pasta with shrimp and salmon stuffed with real lump crabmeat.


Soul Food Platter$20.05
Any 2 soul food platters.
Shrimp with Fries$5.95
6 pieces shrimp.
Cheese Steak with Fries & Can of Soda$5.45
Cheese Burger with Fries & Can of Soda$5.55
Chicken Fingers with Fries & Can of Soda$5.55
Four pieces chicken fingers.
Buffalo Wings with Fries & Can of Soda$5.94
Eight pieces.
Fried Fish Sandwich$4.05
Fried Salmon Sandwich$6.95


Beef Burger$4.05
Cheese Burger Beef$4.55
Burger Deluxe$4.05
Deluxe Burger Platter$7.00
Lettuce, tomatoesand French fries.
Salmon Burger (Mozzarella Fries)$9.80
Salmon Burger (Macaroni and Cheese)$10.55
Salmon Burger (Rice)$10.45
Salmon Burger (Cheese Steak Fries)$10.95
Salmon Burger (Fries)$10.95
Salmon Burger (Shrimp with Fries)$13.05
Salmon Burger (Tays Junk Fries)$14.95
Surf Burger$7.05
With shrimp.


Cheese Steak$7.30
Chicken Steak$6.95
Chicken Cheese Steak$7.55
Cheese Steak with Shrimp$9.55

Finger Food

Buffalo Wings (Mozzarella Fries)$10.55
Buffalo Wings (Macaroni and Cheese)$11.30
Buffalo Wings (Rice)$11.20
Buffalo Wings (Cheese Steak Fries)$11.70
Buffalo Wings (Fries)$11.70
Buffalo Wings (Shrimp with Fries)$13.80
Buffalo Wings (Tays Junk Fries)$15.70
Chicken Fingers$3.45
Wings (Mozzarella Fries)$6.30
Wings (Macaroni and Cheese)$6.95
Wings (Rice)$6.95
Wings (Cheese Steak Fries)$7.55
Wings (Fries)$7.55
Wings (Shrimp with Fries)$9.55
Wings (Tays Junk Fries)$11.45
Salmon Bites$8.55
Golden fried chunks of salmon w - fries.


Mozzarella Fries$2.80
Cheese Steak Fries$3.95
Tays Junk Fries$7.95
Chicken, peppers hot and sweet, crabmeat and colby jack cheese.


Macaroni & Cheese$3.55
Candy Yam$3.55
Cob Corn$3.45
String Beans$3.45
Corn Bread$0.95
Potato Salad$3.55
Seafood Salad$5.05


Banana Pudding$3.95


Kool Aid$2.05