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I. Thai Egg Rolls$5.04
3 pieces. Cabbage, carrots, chicken and glass noodles sweet and sour sauce.
2. Vegetarian Egg Rolls$5.04
3 pieces. Cabbage, carrots and glass noodles sweet and sour sauce.
3. Fresh Spring rolls$6.04
2 pieces. Cabbage, carrots, chicken and glass noodles sweet and sour sauce.
4. Vegetarian Spring Roll$5.04
2 pieces. Rice, noodles, fried tofu, lettuce, cucumber, basil leaves sweet and sour sauce.
5. Cheese Rolls$6.94
5 pieces.
6. Pot Stickers$6.94
Chicken ans vegetables.


22. Pon Taek$12.04
Seafood, lemongrass, citrus leaf, chili and mushrooms.
23. Coconut Chicken Soup$7.94
Galanga, citrus leaves, lemongrass and coconut milk.


16. Yellow Curry$8.04
Potato, chicken or beef, and white onion.
17. Panang Red Beef Curry$8.04
18. Red Curry$7.94
Basil, chicken or beef.

Stir Fried

7. Mixed Vegetables$7.94
8. Cashew Chicken$7.94
9. Chicken Basil$8.04

Specil Dish

19. Volcano Chicken$8.04
Mediiim hot. Carrots, onions, broccoli and sweet and sour sauce.


10. Pad Thai Noodles$8.04
Rice noodles, chicken or beef, bean sprout, egg, green onion, and ground peanuts.
11. Pad-See-Ewe$8.04
Chicken or beef, broccoli, egg, rice noodles.
12. Pad-Kee-Mao$7.94
Chicken, ground chili, egg, and basil leaves.
13. Vegetable and Chicken Chow Mein$7.94
Chicken, bean sprouts, cabbage and onion.
14. Sapparo Chicken Noodle Soup$7.94
15. Pad Woon Sen Chicken$7.94
Mung bean noodles, cabbage and onion.

Fried Rice

20. Thai Fried Rice with Chicken$8.04
21. Pineapple Fried Rice$10.04
Pineapple, Raisins, cashew nuts, white onion Turmeric.


Steamed Rice$2.45
Bahn Mee Vietnamese Sandwich$3.70


Ruam Mitt$3.05
Sweet fruit mixed. Palm seed, jack fruit, jelly and water chestnut.


Bottled Drinks$2.04