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Crispy corn chips topped with nachos cheese sauce jalapenos
Bean Dip$5.95
Refied beans topped with zesty red sauce melted cheese served with crispy corn chips
Nachos Supreme$8.05
Crispy corn chips loaded with nachos cheese refied bean lettuce tomato and red onion, sour cream salsa
Chips & Salsa$3.95
Crispy corn chips with home made salsa
Queso Dip$7.05
Mildly spiced melted mexican cheese served with corn chips

Pub Starters

Chicken Quesadillas$6.95
A large flour tortillas grilled and filled with a melted 3 cheese blend and served with lettuce tomato and salsa sour cream on the side
Toasted garlic rounds with blended cheese and fresh tomato basil drizzle
Onion Rings$4.95
onion rings coated in light glour breading and fried until crispy
Chicken Wings$6.95
Choice of plain mild, hot or BBQ served with ranch bleu cheese ir BBQ
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail$11.05
5 Jumbo shrimp served with lemon cocktail sauce add shrimp 2 each
White Cheese Curds$6.05
Real wisconsin white cheddar curds coated in a home style breading and fried until golden served with ranch or marinara
Chicken Tenders$6.05
Breaded chicken breast strips served with ranch bleu cheese or BBQ sauce
Brew House Combo$8.05
Breaded cream cheese poppers beer battered mozzarella sticks rings mushrooms shrimp and crispy chicken strips


Bridge Salad$3.95
Our House salad is served with lettuce tomato cucumber, red onion green peppers, croutons and pepperoncini peppers
4th Street Club Salad$7.95
Heaping fresh greens crispy bacon, sliced turkey breast cheese tomato and red onions
Buffalo Chicken Salad$2.95
Crispy chicken tenders dipped in spicy franks red hot and served over a bed of shredded lettuce fresh veggies and our 3 cheese blend
Beer battered Shrimp Salad$7.95
Beer battered shrimp served over a bed of lettuce fresh veggies and our 3 cheese blend
Tipping Taco Salad$8.05
A crispy shell brimming with fresh shredded lettuce seasoned taco meat shredded cheese tomato onion and black olives with sour cream and salsa on the side

Homemade Soup of the Day

Cup of Soup$2.30
Bowl of Soup$3.45


The Admiral$20.05
Delicious 8oz. garlic stuffed center cut sirloin topped with a savory jack daniel bourbon sauce
Bleu Cheese Stuffed$19.95
8 oz. center cut siloin stuffed with bleu cheese and topped with a light butter cream sauce. Add sauteed mushrooms and onion $3000
Pub Style Fillet$19.95
Amazing 6 oz. fillet mignon grilled to perfecton and served on a bed of bacon and mushrooms and toppedwith haystack onion and a glazed mushrooms sauce
Center cut Sirloin$17.05
Our signature 8 oz. sirloin grilled to your likingserved with toast
Broasted Chicken Dinner - 3 Pcs$7.95
Tender and juicy broasted chicken
Broasted Chicken Dinner - 4 Pcs$10.05
Tender and juicy broasted chicken
Pork Chops$10.05
A large and juicy breaded or char broiled bone in pork chop topped off with our apple glaze
The steak lovers steak a sell marbled and juicy 12 oz. riby grilled to your liking and served with toast
Fillet Mignon$19.95
BBQ Ribs$13.05
Our slow roasted fall off the bone pork ribs in a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce


The Caribbean$11.95
Smoked sausage grilled chicken bell pepper and onions tossed in linguini with our flavorful caribbean sauce
Lasagna Rolls$11.05
3 lasagna shells topped with ricotta cheese marianara our 3 cheese blend
Chicken Marsala$13.05
Seasoned chicken breast sauteed in our mushrooms and rich marsala wine cream sauce over linguini noodles
Classic Fettuccine Alfredo$9.95
parmesan cheese garlic butter and cream over fettucini noodles
Cheese Parmesan$13.05
Hand breaded chicken breast with marinara and our 3 cheese blend served over linguini noodles
Seafood Manicotti$14.05
3 pasta shells stuffed with ricotta cheese and covered with a creamy seafood alfredo sauce
Greek Shrimp$16.05
Jumbo shrimp blended with red onion and green and black olives sauteed in olives oil and topped with feta cheese over linguini noodles
Lemon Pepper Chicken$11.95
Sauteed chicken breast with lemon pepper seasoning lemon butter sauce served over linguini noodles

Dinner Menu

Taco Platter$7.95
2 large soft shell tacos filled with lettuce tomato cheese
3 Rolled corn tortillas served with a zesty red sauce cheese
A large flour tortilla filled with lettuce tomato garnished with sour cream salsa
Smothered Burritos$8.95
A large flour tortillas filled with beans topped with a red sauce cheese lettuce tomato garnished with sour sour cream
2 flat corn tortillas topped with bean lettuce tomatoes cheese
A large flour tortillas grilled and filled with bean cheese garnished with lettuce and tomato
A large flour tortillas filed with meat cheese rolled fried and served with lettuce tomato sour cream salsa
Taco Salad$7.95
A crisp shell brimming with fresh lettuce seasoned taco meat cheese tomato onion and black olives with sour cream salsa on the side


Beer Battered Shrimp Basket$8.05
Traditional, breaded shrimp fried to a golden broken and served with cocktail sauce
Broasted Chicken Basket$6.30
Broasted chicken served with fried and pickle spear


Turkey Pesto Wrap$8.05
Shaved turkey leaf lettuce pesto basil sauce tomato and swiss cheese wrapped in a tomato basil tortillas
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$9.05
Soft tomato basil filled with chicken spicy buffalo sauce tomato leaf lettuce ranch and our 3 cheese blend
Garden of Eve Veggie Wrap$7.05
Fresh leaf lettuce red onion tomato green peppers and our 3 cheese blend all in a tomato basil tortillas with ranch dressings
Prime Rib Wrap$9.05
Savory shaved prime rib swiss cheese, mushrooms and onion all corralled in a tomato basil tortillas
Turkey Bacon Avocado Wrap$7.95
Shaved turkey avocado bacon leaf, lettuce peppers jack cheese tomato and red onion tossed in a creamy chipotle and wrapped in a tomato basil tortillas


Texas Burger$8.05
A western classic topped bacon melted cheddar cheese jalapenos and BBQ sauce on thick texas toasted
Avocado Burger$8.95
An amazing combination of avocado, bacon lettuce pepper jack cheese tomato red onion creamy chipotle on ab butter toasted telera bun
Blue Burger$8.05
Flavorful rich fusion of crumbled bleu cheese red onion served on a telera bun
Chipotle Burger$8.05
Melted peppers jack cheese bacon lettuce tomato haystack onion creamy chipotle on a butter toasted telera bun
Captain Burger$7.05
British style black angus burger topped with lettuce tomato pickle and garnished with a cucumber dill sauce on a telera bun
Jack Daniels Burger$7.95
Black angus burger topped with lettuce tomato haystack onion and covered our jack daniels bourbon sauce on a telera bun

Home Made Pizza

BBQ Chicken$12.45
BBQ chicken red onion mushrooms
Meat Lovers$13.55
bacon pepperoni sausage ham
Mediterranean Veggie$13.05
Feta cheese, black olives green peppers tomato over a home made white pesto sauce
Taco Special$12.95
Taco sauce beef onion mozzarella cheddar cheese baked and than topped with lettuce tomato black olives crushed tortilla chips
Chicken Alfredo$13.05
Grilled chicken mushrooms garlic basil over alfredo sauce
Pineapple, canadian bacon green pepper
Super Deluxe$13.95
pepperoni sausage black olive green olive onion green peppers tomato mushrooms


Poormans Lobster$12.05
Seasoned atlantic broiled haddock fillets served with lemon and melted butter
Jumbo Shrimp$20.05
Five of our fresh jumbo shrimp deep fried broiled or sauteed in a delicate garlic butter sauce
Lady o the Lake$16.95
8 ounce of lightly breaded lake perch dep fried and served with our home made tartar sauce
Captains Salmon$16.95
Our fresh atlantic salmon fillets is grilled to flacky perfection and topped with our cucumber dill sauce of maple glaze and served over a bed of rice
Shish kabobs$18.05
Charbroiled kabobs with 8 ounce of center cut sirloin and seasoned vegetable over a bed or rice

Broasted Chicken

8 Pcs Bucket$9.95
12 pcs Bucket$13.95
16 Pcs Bucket$18.05
20 pcs Bucket$21.95

Friday Night Fish Fry

Deep Fried Haddock$10.05
Porman Lobster$10.95
Deep Fried Lake Perch$15.95
Grilled Alaskan Salmon$13.95
Canadian Walleye$16.05
Jumbo Shrimp (5)$19.05
Deep fried broiled or sauteed in garlic butter
Fish n Chips Basket$7.05
Includ french fries and coleslaw

Specialty Sandwiches

Bridge Dip$8.55
Thin slice of shaved rib dipped in au jus and served on a hoagie bun with side of au jus dipping. Add sauteed mushrooms and swiss cheese $2.00
Reuben Rachel$7.95
Corned beef a shaved turkey breast served with swiss cheese sauerkraut and 1000 island dressings on rye
The Big Fish$8.05
Large breaded hoddock fillet on a grilled hoagie with lettuce tartar sauce and cheddar cheese
Triple Stack Club$6.95
Choice of bacon or sliced turkey breast with fresh lettuce tomato and mayo on of toast
8 oz. Steak Sandwiches$8.95
8oz. ribeye with mushrooms onion american cheese served on a hoagie bun with a side of au jus
Deluxe Hot Ham n Swiss$7.05
Freshlyshaved ham melted swiss with lettuce tomato and horseradishsauce on texas toast
Turkey Pesto$8.05
Shaved turkey breast lettuce, pesto basil sauce tomato and swiss cheese served on a telera bun
Buffalo Chicken$8.05
Chicken breast toast in our house buffalo sauce and topped with lettuce tomato and swiss cheese on a telerawith lettuce tomato swiss cheese on a telera bun choiceor bleu cheese on the side
Santa fe Chicken$8.05
Grilled chicken breast topped with red onion lettuce tomato, pepper jack cheese and creamy chipotle on a telera bun
Prime Philly 3 Cheese$9.45
Savory shaved prime rib melted 3 cheese blend bell peppers and onion on a hoagie bun
Melted Canoe$7.95
Marrying our hearty meatball with marinara bell peppers onion 3 cheese on a hoagie bun
Mega Melt$8.95
Baocn shaved hot ham and tukey topped with lettuce tomato onion and melted swiss cheese on texas toast


Orange Juice$1.95
Iced Tea$1.95
Grapefruit Juice$2.05
Tomato Juice$1.95
Hot Chocolate$1.95
Root Beer$1.95
Can Soda$1.80
Chocolate Shake$4.55
Root Beer Float$3.55