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Hors D'oeuvres

Oysters Hors D'oeuvres$3.05
Clams Hors D'oeuvres$2.05
Cucumber ice.
Lobster Roll Hors D'oeuvres$15.95
Potato chips and chili sauce.
Peel and Eat Shrimp Hors D'oeuvres$7.95
1/4 1b. old bay, cocktail sauce, horseradish.
Raw Bar Platter Hors D'oeuvres$65.05
Two Tiered Hors D'oeuvres$84.95
A La Royale Hors D'oeuvres$150.05
Oysters, clams, shrimp, and other fruits of the sea.
Caviar Service Hors D'oeuvres$75.05
Loz ossetra, traditional garnish, Belgian waffle.
Charcuterie De La Maison$9.95
Inquire for daily selection ; à la carte.
Cheese Board Hors D'oeuvres$22.05
A selection o f 5 with accompaniments. A la carte for an additional charge.
Ploughman's Platter Hors D'oeuvres$38.95
An assortment of charcuterie and cheeses.
Melted Raclette Hors D'oeuvres$14.95
Cornichon, fingerling, venison "grisons".

Small Plates

Pumpkin Soup$18.05
caramelized onion, comte, cream.
Gem Lettuce Salad$12.95
Bleu cheese, herbed buttermilk, crouton.
Honey Roast Pear$14.05
Stracciatella, radicchio, walnut.
Charred Octopus$16.05
Romesco, lima bean, green sauce.
Foie De Lotte$18.05
buttered toast, furikake.
Fatted Duck Liver Parfait$17.95
Truffle, fig, brioche.
Porcini, fontina, savoy.
Beef Tartare$18.05
Pont Neuf potato, curried ketchup.
Wild Mushroom Risotto$27.95
White truffle.


Roast Guinea Hen$33.95
Brussels sprout, sausage, chestnut.
Chanterelle, lobster butter, fennel.
Filet Mignon 80z$32.95
Madeira sauce, marrow bone, pommes frites.
Filet Mignon 80z$38.05
Madeira sauce, marrow bone, tartiflette.
Cote De Boeuf: 34oz, Dry Aged, Bone in Ribeye$90.05
Roquefort butter, Pommes Parisienne, creamed greens.


Kohlrabi Sides$9.05
Lemon, caper.
Cauliflower Gratin Sides$8.95
Coli Sides$8.95
Bagna cauda, breadcrumb.
Jetma Cabbage Sides$8.95
Smoked shrimp, chili.
Bread Sides$4.95
Cultured butter, caraway.
Hushpuppies Sides$5.95
Maple butter.
Rocket Salad Sides$9.05
Pommes Frites Sides$4.05