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crisp lettuce, tavern sauce
pickles, diced onion, ketchup, yellow mustard... with cheese, add $0.50
Cheese Burger$6.55
tillamook cheddar, lettuce, sauce
Falcon Deluxe$6.55
lettuce, ripe tomato, italian onion, sauce
Falcon Deluxe With Cheese$7.05
sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, tavern sauce
Falcon Classic$7.55
extra sharp white cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, tavern sauce
Double Deluxe With Cheese$8.55
two 1/4 lb. beef patties, aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, smoked pepper mayonnaise
All American Burger$7.70
quarted pound grilled beef patty, tillamook cheddar, purple onion, crisp lettuce leaf, beefsteak tomato and smoky bacon on a toasted roll
Canadian Bacon Burger$7.95
quarter pound beef patty with sauteed mushrooms, sliced canadian bacon, tomato, and swiss cheese
Hamburger Verde$7.70
fire roasted anaheim peppers, aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion
Puyallup Fair Burger$7.05
heap of bourbon carmelized sweet onion, lettuce, tomato... with blue cheese add $0.75


Chips And Salsa$4.45
fresh tomato-chile salsa, crisp corn & flour tortilla
Colossal Onion Rings$5.30
crunchy cornmeal-chile dusted italian onion. buttermilk-horseradish dipping sauce. (fried in non-hydrogenated canola oil)
Chickpea And Tahini Hummus$3.20
warm pita, olive oil, cured black olives, feta cheese
Hot, Crisp Fries$4.05
sprinkled with grated parmesan, drive-in sauce (simplot non-hydrogenated fries)
Quesadilla Chile$6.05
fire roasted chilies, house cheddar blend, lime crema, fresh salsa ....with marinated chicken add $1.50
Spicy Tavern Wings$6.20
you call it... spicy with bleu cheese, bbq with ranch, or teriyaki with ginger curry


Crispy Prawns$8.55
ancho chile-masa dusted shrimp, classic cocktail sauce, fries
Finger Steaks & Fries$8.30
falcon bbq sauce coleslaw
Fish And Chips$8.05
alaska cod, lightly crusted with seasoned corn flour, lemon, lime tartar, malt vinegar


Seasonal Selection
ask your server for today's selection. ....with delsa's ice cream add $1.00


Ginger & Curry Greek Salad$7.45
crisped young greens and romaine, spiced nuts, sun-dried cranberries, slices fresh pears, feta cheese, diced mango, ginger root-curry vinaigrette
Falcon Chef Salad$7.45
iced celery, tomato wedge, hard cooked egg, fresh roasted julienne turkey & ham, pimento olives, crispy mixed greens, old-fashioned french dressing
Traditional Steakhouse Blue Cheese$7.70
chilled mixed greens tossed with our beer-blue cheese dressing, topped with crumbled blue veined cheese, hanging tender steak, garlic croutons
Tossed Brown Derby Cobb$7.80
cheese, ripe tomato, hard-cooked egg, hass avocado, bacon, julienne turkey breast, crisp greens, old-fashioned french dressing
Caesar Cardini's Salad$6.55
the falcon's rendition of this classic salad. grated pecorino romano and parmesan cheese blend, lemon wedge, homemade croutons. anchovy upon request ...with salmon, add $3.25 ...with marinated chicken, add $2.25 ...with seasoned steak, add $3.25
Tomato & Cucumber Salad With Feta$7.30
greek oregano vinaigrette, cured olives, feta cheese, crispy romaine, toasted hazelnuts
Soup And Salad$5.20
served with grilled bread. ask server for details


Hot Pressed Sandwich Cubano$8.55
rum marinated pork butt, smoked ham, pickle, provolone cheese, chile spiked mayonnaise
New York Special$7.70
half corned beef & half pastrami layered together, served warm on rye with grainy wine mustard
Leg Of Lamb Au Jus$7.80
marinated char-grilled lamb, french roll with feta cheese
Salmon Sandwich$8.45
fresh salmon, smoky mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion
Steak Sandwich$8.55
ribeye steak, smoked pepper mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and italian onion
Marinated Portobello Sandwich$7.70
fire grilled jumbo mushroom & charred green chilies, cheddar, crisp leaf lettuce, tomato, smoky mayonnaise, warm french roll
Smoked Ham & Emmentaler Swiss$7.20
we hand carve from bone-in leg, grilled on sourdough, tomato, mayonnaise. half sandwich with soup or salad $6.50
House Roasted Corned Beef Reuben$7.80
snake river farm's kobe brisket steamed sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing, swiss, caraway rye. half sandwich with soup or salad $6.50
Grilled Tuna On Rye Or Sourdough$7.55
delicious lemon tuna salad, melted cheddar cheese. half sandwich with soup or salad $6.50
Marinated Chicken$7.80
grilled breast of chicken, fire roasted chile, whole milk mozzarella, seeded roll, lettuce, tomato, smoky mayonnaise
Grilled Cheese & Chorizo$6.95
whole milk mozzarella, garlic chorizo sausage, smoked pepper mayonnaise, grilled sourdough. half sandwich with soup or salad $6.50
Warm Pastrami On Rye$7.55
whole grain mustard, seattle's great click & froyd pastrami. half sandwich with soup or salad $6.50
Bacon Lettuce Tomato$7.30
mass pepper bacon, thick slice tomato, mayonnaise, crisp lettuce, toasted sourdough ...with avocado, sun-dried tomato, & smoked chile mayonnaise add $0.75. half sandwich with soup or salad $6.50
Corned Beef Sandwich$7.30
warm beef brisket, seeded rye, whole grain dijon, side of cucumber pickle. half sandwich with soup or salad $6.50
Falcon's Clubhouse$7.55
house roasted breast of turkey, crisp lettuce leaf, sliced beefsteak tomato, smoky bacon, toasted sourdough, ...with avocado add $0.75. half sandwich with soup or salad $6.50
Swiss Meatloaf$7.05
combined tender beef & lamb meats, melted swiss, whole grain mustard, grilled sourdough; tomato side. half sandwich with soup or salad $6.50
Turkey & Sherried Mushroom$7.30
melted swiss, mayonnaise, toasted sourdough. half sandwich with soup or salad $6.50
Pita & Crispy Fish$6.70
cucumber and russian yogurt dressing, tomato, onion, crisp lettuce
King Of Deli's$7.70
corned beef pastrami, 1000 island dressing, coleslaw, warm rye