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Salt And Pepper Calamari$7.94
Lemon aioli and herb tomato sauce
Crab Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp$14.04
Bacon wrapped with pomegranate BBQ sauce & baby arugula tossed with blue cheese dressing
Crispy Conch Fritters$7.94
Key lime sauce, fresh lemon and cocktail sauce
Baked Blue Crab Dip$8.94
Blue crab claw meat, horseradish, cheese & grilled bread
Crispy Rock Shrimp$11.04
Potato fried rock shrimp tossed in yuzu aioli, over a bed of kimchi slaw
Steamed PEI Mussels$10.04
Braised fennel and tomatoes with saffron aioli & grilled bread
Panko Fried Green Tomatoes$8.94
Pimento goat cheese, white balsamic reduction & tomato jam

Soups & Salads

She Crab Soup$8.04
Sweet blue crab, sherry & crème fraiche
Conch Chowder$8.04
Fresh conch, cassava & bacon in a rich tomato & shellfish broth
Baby Lettuce Salad$7.94
Julienne vegetables, sweet curried pecans, fresh mango & white balsamic vinaigrette. Add goat cheese $0.99
Fresh Noodle Salad$9.04
Rice vermicelli, shaved carrot, cucumber, chopped romaine hearts, cilantro, mint & roasted peanuts dressed with a citrus dressing
Warm Shrimp & Sesame Salad$13.04
Ginger garlic seared shrimp, mesclun mix, grape tomatoes & cucumber finished with citrus sherry vinaigrette & toasted sesame seeds
Caesar Salad$6.94
Romaine hearts, tomato, shaved Parmesan, anchovies & grilled croutons
Caribbean Cobb Salad$12.04
Pulled jerk chicken over crisp lettuce with avocado, bacon, cucumbers, boiled egg & blue cheese tossed with green goddess dressing
Avocado Salad$8.94
Cucumber, tomato, lime juice, red bell pepper, red onion & cilantro served with crispy romaine hearts

Shellfish, Raw Bar & Ceviche

Oysters on the Half Shell
Daily selection of oysters served with cocktail, mignonette & fresh horseradish
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail$14.04
Local old bay boiled shrimp served with cocktail sauce made table side with fresh horseradish & lemon shaved ice
Oysters Tiradito
3 raw oysters topped with fresh diced tuna, ponzu sauce, japanese caviar and house made srirachia
Traditional Ceviche$13.04
Fresh bay scallops, local shrimp, lime, chilies, cilantro, red onion & plantain chips
Yellow Tail Ceviche$12.94
Scallion, coconut milk, lime, soy, fresh chilies & lotus root chips
Octopus Ceviche$11.04
A spicy mix of fresh octopus, tomatoes, herbs & chilies served with crispy corn tortillas
Rock Shrimp Ceviche$11.04
Rock shrimp marinated with chilies, cucumber, avocado, citrus juices & tequila garnished with fresh cilantro & tortilla chips
Ceviche Sampler$13.04
Choice of any three

Daily Fish

Daily Fish
Sauces: remoulade, tartar, key lime beurre blanc, basil pesto butter, roasted garlic herb butter, pineapple chili salsa, tropical salsa, chimichuri, a daily selection of fresh fish, your choice of grilled, pan seared or blackened prepared with the daily vegetable & parmesan smashed potatoes


Baja Fish Tacos$8.04
Grilled mahi mahi in flour tortillas, avocado, citrus jicama slaw & tropical salsa
Buffalo Shrimp Tacos$9.94
Bacon blue cheese cole slaw
Ginger Marinated Steak Tacos$10.04
Grilled ribeye, kimchi slaw grilled pineapple & Japanese aioli
Jerk Chicken Taco$6.94
Arugula, pineapple salsa & chili lime sour cream
Taco Sliders$7.94
Choose 3 mini tacos of any style

Fried Seafood

Local Shrimp$18.04
Flounder Filet$21.94
Select Oysters$16.94

Sushi - Specialty Items

The Islander Roll$18.94
Crispy rock shrimp, sriracha cream cheese, cucumber & scallion topped with fresh tuna, soy cured salmon & yellowtail
Spicy Yellowtail Roll$13.04
Avocado, scallion & cucumber rolled in masago & black sesame with cilantro ponzu dipping sauce finished with thinly sliced chili peppers
Rainbow Roll$17.04
California roll topped with tuna, salmon, eel, sesame seeds & eel sauce
Tuna Tartar$10.94
Battleship style with masago, soy & chili oil with a fresh cucumber & seaweed salad
Southern Vegetarian$12.04
Fried green tomatoes, wasabi goat cheese, scallions topped with pimentos & fresh basil finished with eel sauce, benne seeds and white balsamic reduction
Sashimi Salad$16.04
Fresh tuna, salmon & yellowtail dressed with a ginger soy dressing served on a bed of carrot, daikon radish, arugula & cucumber
Jumbo Crab Roll$15.04
Tempura fried crab cake futo maki style with asparagus & cucumber topped with a spicy crab & yuzu aioli


Spicy Tuna$8.94
Fresh tuna, cucumber, and scallion with a sweat thai chili sauce
Fresh blue crab claw, avocado, masago, and cucumber
Eel & Avocado$9.94
BBQ fresh water eel, avocado, asparagus, and cucumber finished with toasted sesame seeds and eel sauce
Soy Cured Salmon$8.04
Avocado, asparagus, shaved red onion & ponzu sauce
Asparagus, avocado, carrot & scallion served with a small arugula salad tossed with daikon, ginger dressing & toasted sesame seeds


Maguro (Tuna)$5.94
Sake (Salmon)$6.04
Unagi (BBQ Fresh Water Eel)$6.94
Hamachi (Yellowtail)$6.04
Beef Tataki$5.94
Torch seared with miso mustard & sweet soy glaze


Soy cured salmon with masago, yuzu glaze, cucumber, seaweed salad & avocado
Avocado, spicy aioli, seaweed salad, scallions & masago
Sliced asparagus, avocado, sweet soy glaze, cucumber & toasted sesame
Shrimp & Crab$14.04
Crispy fried rock shrimp, lump blue crab, seaweed salad, spicy yuzu aioli & toasted sesame seeds
Grilled & marinated poke style with chilies & sesame seeds, wakame salad finished with scallions & black sesame

Baked Oysters

Coast Oyster Rockefeller$11.94
Baked with spinach, bacon, parmesan cheese & panko bread crumbs
Fresh oysters baked with blue crab, mushrooms & Parmesan cheese
Horseradish BBQ$11.94
Fresh oysters baked with bacon, horseradish BBQ sauce & parmesan bread crumbs

Islander Specialties

Crispy Fried Whole Flounder$28.04
Cilantro jalapeno aioli, jicama slaw & hand cut fries
Cassava Crusted Grouper$26.94
Butternut squash ragout, sweet curried pecans & kaffir lime buerre blanc
Shrimp & Stoneground Grits$19.94
Bell peppers, sweet onions, parmesan bacon grits & gravy with house made tasso ham
Seafood Gumbo Sautee$24.94
Shrimp, oysters, mussels & house made andouille sausage, stewed okra & tomatoes over saffron rice pilaf
Herb Seared Salmon$20.94
Pan seared with fresh herbs, asparagus & smashed red potatoes with a warm bacon and crab hollandaise
Crispy Jerk Chicken$17.94
Roasted ashley farms half chicken, duchess cassava, sauteed spinach & guava BBQ glaze
Carolina Crab Cakes$25.94
Simply baked with lemon & old bay served with hand cut fries, slaw & remoulade sauce
Grilled Ribeye$28.04
Creamy parmesan spinach, hand cut fries & chimichurri
Grilled Pork Chop$19.04
12 oz. double cut chop, rum brined with island herbs & spices, pumpkin gnocchi, grilled okra finished with a sweet rum & pineapple glaze
Island Burger$9.94
Blackened or grilled 10 oz. ground in house, kaiser bun, lettuce, tomato, red onion & hand cut fries


Stoneground Grits$3.04
Grilled Asparagus$3.94
Blue Cheese Bacon Coleslaw$5.04
Stewed Okra$4.94
Pommes Frites$4.04
Made famous by 39 rue de jean
Sauteed Garlic Spinach$4.04
Saffron Rice Pilaf$4.04
Smashed Parmesan Potatoes$3.94