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Mini Manapua$16.05
Crispy ssamjang tossed pork belly, sweet pickled jalapeno peppers, carrots, onion and fresh daikon served with pickled beet whole grain mustard yogurt
Roasted Bone Marrow$13.95
Served with raspberry molasses, slow cooked tomatoes and grilled country french bread
Roasted and caramelized with white wine, whipped herbed goat cheese, al forno, served with ciabatta crostini
Hamakua Ali I Mushrooms$16.05
Seared with maui onion sesame oil, aromatics, pipinola shoots and pistachio vinaigrette
Pub House Fries$12.95
Hand cut potatoes, smoked gouda cheese sauce, jalapeno aioli, crispy bacon, house bread and butter pickles and caramelized onion
Steamed Manila Clams$20.95
Served in a sweet and spicy, cherry tomato sake buerre blanc


Spinach Salad$15.95
Served with roasted grapes, honey chevre goat cheese and candied pecans with macadamia nut vinaigrette.
Pub Salad$14.95
Waimea mixed greens and arugula with gorgonzola italian blue cheese, crispy pears and candied walnuts with raspberry vinaigrette
Winter Salad$16.95
Arugula and parsley with dried sweet cranberries, caramelized onion, roasted local pumpkin and candied pecans served with bacon vinaigrette
Crabbie Piggie$20.95
Local greens, crab, cherry tomatoes, avocado, pickled radish and crispy bacon dressed with wasabi aioli

Main Menu

Fried Chicken$28.95
Drizzled with big island honey co. Mac-nut honey and served with fresh biscuits and pork gravy
Local Fresh Catch$31.05
Seared and served with waipio valley hoio fern shoot salad and crispy okinawa purple potatoes
Hilos maebo noodles with shrimp dumplings, crispy house cured Pancetta, kimchee, peas shoots, grated daikon and shrimp chili dust served in our house broth
BBQ Baby Back Ribs$28.95
Aside kale sauteed with house cured pancetta and pickled jalapenos. Served with fried 3fp bread & butter pickles
Double Cut Pork Chop$39.05
Lemon & orange brined chop, served with guiness mustard and an apple, caramelized onion & blue cheese tart
Pork Shank$34.05
Thyme & rosemary shank served with roasted garlic and pickled jalapeno mashed potatoes with pork gravy
16 oz New York Steak$48.95
Bone-in kansas city cut served with fried brussel Sprouts, pickled onions and smoked kiawe sea salt
Acorn Squash$25.95
Whole roasted and stuffed with sautéed local root vegetables, sesame, ginger white beans and quinoa. Served with curried coconut gravy & Shaved coconut
Pub Burger$20.95
1 /2 pound burger topped with nakamoto farm lettuce, Roasted tomatoes, caramelized onion jam, cheddar, bacon, house bread & Butter pickle & house aioli with crispy onions on a mamane bakery sweet Bun. Served with hand cut garlic fries
Lamb Porterhouse$30.95
12 oz Sweet cabernet brined with pickled beet puree, Basil pesto and served with crispy hand-cut sugar rosemary fries
3fp Breakfast$25.05
Crispy house pork belly, creamy polenta, honey?lemon Arugula, sweet roasted apple/tomato conserves and a 63 egg


3FP House Head Cheese$5.05
Garlic Salami$5.05
Salami Toscana$5.05
Dried Chorizo$4.95
3FP Chicken Liver Pate$5.05

Sides- Cheese

Honey Chevre$5.05
Goat Cheese
Parmigianio Reggiano$5.05
English Bleu

Sides- Pickles and Preserves

Angry Strawberry Jam$4.05
Yuzu Marmalade$4.05
House Bread & Butter Pickles$4.05
Pickled Cherry Tomatoes$4.05
Pickled Beets$4.05
Pub Pickled Onions$4.05


Warm Biscuits with Pork Gravy$6.95
Waipio Valley Hoio Fern Shoot Salad$6.95
Crispy Okinawa Purple Potatoes$5.05
Sauteed Kale with House Cured Pancetta$5.95
3FP Bread & Butter Pickles$5.95
Hand-cut Garlic Fries$5.05
Fried Brussel Sprouts$6.95
Pickled Onion$6.95
Smoked Kiawe Sea Salt$6.95
Apple, Caramelized Onion & Bleu Cheese Tart$7.95
Roasted Garlic and Pickled Jalapeno Mashed Potatoes with Pork Gravy$6.05


Kona Coffee Pot de Creme$9.05
Served with hazelnut whipped cream & candied bacon
Served with warm pineapple caramel sauce, whipped cream and strawberry coulis
3FP Parfait$11.95
Layered with sweet , spiced yogurt, house baked hilo honey company macnut honey granola, kiwi, citrus and chocolate mousse
Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich$10.95
Lapperts Hawaiian Premium Ice Cream$7.95
Hawaiian vanilla, chocolate or caramel turtle
Lapperts Hawaiian Island Sorbet$7.05
Served with passion fruit


Crabbie Piggie Salad$20.95
Fresh local mixed greens, crabmeat, avocado. crispy bacon and creamy wasabi dressing
Pub Salad$15.05
Local mixed Greens, candied walnuts, fresh pears and gorgonzola with raspberry viaigrette
3FP Ceasar Salad$12.05
Crispy romaine with caesar dressing, grated reggiano, bacon, hard boiled egg and housemade achovy croutons. Add shrimp $8.00, add chickken breast $7.00
Caprese Salad$13.95
Fresh mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, kamuela basil and balsamic reduction


Pork Belly$15.05
On a sweet bun with roasted tomatoes, arugula and crispy sweet onions
Pub Burger$16.05
Served with blue cheese or cheddar and bacon
Bacon, local lettuce, house pickled tomatoes on mamane bakery sourdough
Hot Pastrami$15.95
Served with sauerkraut, swiss with whole grain mustard aioli on marbled rye
Steak Sandwich$21.05
Served with blue cheese, swiss or cheddar, caramelized onion, garlic aioli, lettuce and tomato
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich$14.95
Served with goat cheese, pears and raspberry aioli
Grilled Mahi Sandwich$15.05
Served with basil aioli, lettuce onion and tomato
Flat Bread Pizza$13.95
Fresh and hot, flat bread pizza. Choice of: Pepperoni, hawaiin or goat cheese and fig
Housemade Pork Sausage Burger$15.05
Served with fresh ricotta, pickled fennel and arugula, served on sweet bread bun

Little Bites

Cheese, caramelized onion and arugula
Warm Olives$6.05
Orange and thyme marinated olives
BBQ pulled pork, mustard aioli and pickles
Tossed in spicy kim chee sauce
Crispy fried with served with lemon aioli
Avocado Hummus$9.95
Served with crudities and house season tortilla Chips
Crispy Chicken Wings$10.05
Dipped in spicy korean glaze
Soup of the Day$4.95

Bigger Bites

Ploughmans Lunch$15.95
Ham, cheeses, bread, eggs, pickles, fig jam, veggies; pub style
Fish and Chips$15.95
Beer battered and served with housemade tartar sauce
Bourbon BBQ shrimp$15.95
Served with portuguese sweet bread rolls
Spaghetti Aglio Olio$13.05
Olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs. Add chicken breast $7.00 Shrimp $8.00
Grilled Cheese of The Day$15.05
Ask your server for todays selection ,served with soup